Estrellas Ibiza: Day 2, Levels 9 - 12 (blinds 800-1,600, 200 ante)


8.20pm: Break time
Players are on their second 15-minute break of the day. When we come back the action will be in a new post.

8.15pm:Some big stacks
Apart from Raul Paez these are the three of the biggest stacks around the room:

Viktor Celikovsky -- 230,000
David Miguel -- 180,000
Emilio Dominguez -- 150,000

Full official chip counts will be carried out during the break.

8.10pm: Last lady standing
Anna Sanchez is the last lady standing and has been having a good day, despite doubling-up an opponent just now to drop to 85,000.

She raised to7,400 and then called when Pablo Lanaja moved all-in for 26,000 from the next seat with A♦K♠. Sanchez tabled T♠T♦ but lost out on the 4♥A♠8♣K♥4♣ board.


7.50pm: Puigtio back in the mix
It didn't take too long for Aleix Puigtio to get his stack over the line again. He shoved for 23,800 from late position and was called by Elliott James Rosenfeld in the small blind.

Puigtio: K♣J♣
Rosenfeld: A♦Q♥

The board ran 7♦2♥K♦4♠8♥ to pair Puigtio's king. He's well and truly back in the game now but looks exhausted by today's endeavours. Rosenfeld was left short and busted soon after.

7.42pm: Burgeoning Bigeon
Vincent Bigeon fist pumped after doubling-up with J♣J♥ against Julien Bottollier Depois' A♠Q♣.

The Frenchman raised to 4,600 from under-the-gun and called when his German opponent shoved for 24,000 from the big blind. The board ran out 3♦2♥9♣2♦9♠ to the delight of Bigeon.

7.30pm: Dealer roller-coaster
Aleix Puigtio is well known to PokerStars as one of the best dealers at EPT Barcelona. He seems to have picked up a few tricks whilst dealing as he showed yesterday when he led the field for long periods.

He's had a mixed day today. First of all he's had to deal with having Raul Paez two seats to his left. He stack was dwindling until he doubled-up to 58,000 when his black aces held against an opponent's pocket jacks.


Exciting and seemingly stressful ride for Puigtio

A little while later he was crippled down to less than 10,000 when his A♠K♣ was beaten by Juan Jose Carvajal Trinidad's 8♥8♦. The board read 4♠8♣A♥K♥5♠ with most of the money going in on the turn.

His drama wasn't to stop there though. Ivan Perez Mendez was sat to his right and shoved for 10,600 from the cut-off. Puigtio shoved for 9,600 from the button and Raul Paez called from the big blind.

Mendez: A♣A♠
Puigtio: J♦J♥
Paez: 5♣4♣

The board ran J♣Q♦3♦K♠3♠ to see Puiito triple up. Mendez won the miniscule side pot and was eliminated moments later.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, 200 ante

7.15pm: Some level for Paez
Raul Paez told us he has had a great level so far in which he has eliminated three players. He stack now stands at a mammouth 200,000 chips. This player is going to be hard to stop.

7.05pm: Pastor critical
Team PokerStars Pro Juan Manuel Pastor is down to a little more than six big blinds after calling a raise and three barrels from opponent, Frank Tennhardt.

Tennhardt raised from the early position and then bet 3,000, 3,200 and 3,000 on a 2♣5♣9♦2♦Q♠ board. Pastor called all the way and mucked on the river when shown A♥9♥.

6.50pm: Chips updated
The chip count page has been fully updated. Click here to see all the counts.

The top five counts at the break were:

Raul Paez Corral Spain 125,000
Joel Torres Jimenez Spain 120,000
Julen Lijo Spain 111,000
Karoly Zoltan Varkonyi Russian Federation 110,000
Dirk Mattheüs Van Twisk Netherlands 105,000
Muca Ruschan France 100,000


Top of the lot

6.40pm: Just quad aces then
Alvaro Santamaria is top of the Estrellas TLB at the moment but is now short-stacked after running into quad aces.

He was heads-up with Ivan Fraile Santolino and they had made it all the way to the river and the pot had swelled to around 30,000. The board read A♦K♠2♦A♣8♦ and Santolino moved all-in for his last 21,000. Santamaria called but mucked upon seeing his opponent's A♥A♠.

6.20pm: The following players never made it to level 11
Manuel Labandeira Moran
Antonio Gonzalez Miranda
Eduardo Catoira Lorenzo
Alejandro Pineiro Barcelo
Isac Berglund
Marcel Müller
Jonas Becker
Elias Gutierrez Hernández
Ricardo Escobar Pin
Jose Vila Gazquez
Mateo Riera Saavedra
Patrick Schneider
Roger Haffter
Jose David Amilleta Borao
Mickael Catalan
Oscar A Romero
Gerardo Segui De La Paz
Henrik Kask
Christopher Czilinsky
L.A. Arroyo Martinez
Jesus Maceira
Manuel Arangadi Martinez
David Do Nascimento
Carlos De La Lastra
Tillmann Raschke
Ivan Muro Lacasa

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200, 200 ante

6.04pm: Break time
Two levels down already and time for a 15-minute break.

5.50pm: Danger zone for Rasavi
Sam Rasavi is floating between the 20 and 30 big blind mark and that's one of the most difficult size stacks to play. Should you tighten up or loosen up? What can you raise fold with? The questions go on.

He just raised to 2,300 from early position and was called by the button and the big blind. The flop came down 3♦9♥7♥ flop and a 3,100 c-bet took the pot down. He's currently on 24,00 chips.

5.30pm: It doesn't Paez to bluff Raul
If you are going to try and bluff Raul Paez then make sure you're trying to tell a believable story. Paez and Pedro ingles Garcia tangled in a heads-up pot and the latter tried and failed with a bluff.

There was around 4,500 in the pot and the action had reached the turn where the board read T♠2♦9♦9♠. Paez was in the small blind and led for 2,600 only to be raised up to 7,700 by his opponent. This didn't scare off the little Spaniard and he called to see the 5♥ river where both players checked.

Garcia tabled K♦J♠ for king-high with the nines in board and lost to Paez and his A♥2♥ for two-pair. Paez approaching the 100,000-mark now.

5.15pm: Torres looking for goals
Salvador Torres was chip leader for long periods on Day 1A and that had a lot to do with his uber aggressiveness. He's down a little on chips today but his style is still clear to see.

Simon Zaki opened a pot to 900 from the hijack before Anna Sanchez Gonzalez three-bet to 3,500. Torres was on the button and smelt prey and put in a cold four-bet to 7,700. It did the trick as both opponents folded. That put him back up to 63,000.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000

5pm: Pastor scared off on the river
We don't see Juan Manuel Pastor play that many hands so when we see one, we report it.

He raised to 1,700 and was called in two spots on the way to a 7♦4♥6♦ flop. All three players checked to the 2♥ turn where Carlos Simon Martinez tank-led for 3,700 from the small blind. The Team PokerStars Pro was the only caller to the A♣ river. Martinez thought for a minute and led for 4,900. Pastor gave it some though but folded.

4.55pm: Flying out of the door
It's always the way at the beginning of the second day of a tournament to lose a lot of players. Many players come back with renewed energy and this translates into an increased level of aggression. Those we have lost so far in the first level of the day include:

Pentek Zsolt
Isaac Aboutboul Jacques
Pablo Chapapria Garcia
Christopher Nelson
Lucas Blanco Oliver
Guillermo Garcia Garcia
Jesus Garcia Monterde
Sergio Jose Marti
Alex Ferguson
Sarah Schwär
Danny Hayward
Daniel Ekstam
Pedro Piazuelo Fuster
Jorge Duarte Carvalho
Miguel Riera Suarez
Jonathan David Rees
Dionisio Diaz Robles
Clovis Moya
Buss Walter
Miguel Angel Martin Garcia
Jairo Garcia Serrano
Santiago Torres
Julian Harvey
Steffen Carl
Luke James Hunt
Miguel Angel Castells

4.40pm: Followed by the other twin
It didn't take long for Christophe De Meulder to follow his twin out of the door, and he was a lot more unlucky than Matthias.

He told us that he lost a 70,000 pot with A♠K♠ to an opponent holding A♣[5]. The board ran out [t][2][3][9][8] with four clubs.

The twins on a walking tour this morning

4.30pm: One twin down
Team PokerStars Pro Matthias De Meulder is out. He popped by to tell us about his exit. He said he raised with jack-ten and the big blind defended to see a [9][7][5] flop. The big blind led and De Meulder raise-called off his 17,000 stack. The big blind had king-nine and faded the Belgian's over cards, gutshot and back door flush outs.

4.20pm: So long, Neil
Neil Rawnsley passed the the press desk and said, "So long, farewell."

He failed to to continue the way he finished off last last. He told us he got it in with ace-king but couldn't catch-up against an opponent's pocket jacks.


Rawnsley in happier times

4.05pm: We're underway
Play is underway and tournament director Toby Stone said we have have to play seven levels today, but no more.

Welcome back for Day 2
For a lot of players the real tournament starts here. All the remaining players in the Estrellas Ibiza event are all in the same room for the first time. At any time one can look around the room and see exactly who their opposition is.

Grzegorz Gosk and Carlos Calahorra are the only players starting with six-figure stacks and are over 35,00 ahead of Milbutas Vytautas in third. For a full rundown of the chips click here. Team PokerStars Pros Matthias and Christophe De Meulder are still in the field along with Juan Manuel Pastor, but all three still have work to do.

Play is due to start at 4pm the plan today is to play six one-hour levels, and then head off for the official PokeStars party at the world famous Privilege nightclub. That should see us have enough time to break through the bubble and for a reminder of all the payouts click here. Today's seat draw can be found by clicking here.

estrellas.Ibiza.Grzegorz.Gosk -298.jpg

Grzegorz Gosk is leading the way

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Estrellas Ibiza: Marc Convey. Photos by Rene Velli

Marc Convey
@PokerStars in Estrellas Poker Tour