Estrellas Ibiza: Day 3, Level 16 cont. - 18 (blinds 3,000-6,000, 500 ante)


7pm: Break it up
The remaining 23 players are on another 15-minute break. Make that 22 players as Juan Carlos Sanchez's stack has just been pushed over to Carlos Simon.

6.55pm: Aspas out of gas
Alvaro Aspas is the latest faller. He raised from the cut-off and then four-bet all-in when Grzegorz Gosk three-bet from the big blind. The Pole called to create a showdown.

Aspas: A♥T♦
Gosk: A♣K♣

The board ran 7♦7♣8♣2♠A♣ meaning Gosk's king kicker still played.

6.40pm: Some more payouts
31st. Mossin El Yakoubi, Netherlands, €1,860
32nd. Jose Javier Patiño González, Spain, PokerStars qualifier, €1,860
33rd. Robert Jarczynski, Poland, €1,860
34th. Roman Igorevich Dolgorukov, Russian Federation, PokerStars qualifier, €1,860
35th. Alberto Blasi Llado, Spain, PokerStars qualifier, €1,860

36th. Johan Lendenius, Sweden, €1,860
37th. Marcin Cichocki, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, €1,675
38th. Patrick Valenta, Germany, PokerStars player, €1,675

39th. Luis Ortega Pineda, Spain , €1,675
40th. Dmitry Rumyantsen, Russian Federation, €1,675
41st. Eric Palleja Ortiz, Spain, €1,675

6.30pm: Santamaria gets what he wants on the flop
When you defend your big blind with 8♦7♠, you're pretty happy to see a 8♠7♠J♣ flop fall. Alvaro Santamaria did just that when Dimitrios Mertzanis raised. He then went on to check-raise the Greek all-in, who called with pocket queens. The board ran out 3♥9♠ and Santamaria is up to 440,000 chips.

6.10pm: More for Pastor
Juan Mauel Pastor is on a roll today and has managed to find another double-up. The Team PokerStars Pro three-bet all-in for 91,000 with Q♠Q♥ after Jose Manuel Domingo had raised to 11,000 with A♠qd]. Domingo called but another queen fell on the flop to make it safe for Pastor.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000, 500 ante

6pm: One time chip fails for Jarczynski
A 400,000-chip pot played out on table six that saw the elimination Johan Lendenius and the crippling of Robert Jarczynski.


Carlos Simon

Lendenius was very short and in the big blind and he called all-in when it was on him. Before that, a pre-flop raising war occurred between Jarczynski (UTG) and Carlos Simon (SB). Before we knew it, all three players' cards were on their backs.

Jarczynski: A♥K♥
Simon: A♠A♠
Lendenius: 6♣5♠

The board ran T♥Q♥5♣4♦K♠.

Jarczynski was frantically calling, "One time", but it failed to work for him. He must've used his chips ealier in the tournament. He was left with 8,500 and followed Lendenius out of the door soon after. Martinez is up to more than 400,000 chips.

5.42pm: Some payouts for you
42nd. Viktor Celikovsky, Czech Republic, PokerStars qualifier, €1,675
43rd. Jose Maria Solis Marcos, Spain, €1,675
44th. Eric Palleja Ortiz, Spain, €1,675
45th. Sergi Mateo Larraz, Spain, PokerStars qualifier, €1,675
46th. Muca Ruschan, France, €1,490
47th. Carlos Calahorra Fernandez, Spain, PokerStars player, €,1,490
48th. Alejo Briones Sigales, Spain, €1,490
49th. Miguel Angel Lopez Diaz, Spain, PokerStars qualifier €1,490
50th. Barend Simon De Jong, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, €1,490

5.35pm: Ortega busts as De Jong nearly triples
A three-way hand played out that almost saw a double elimination but ended with Barend Simon De Jong getting lucky to virtually triple-up.

The hand started with an open shove from Luis Ortega for 84,000 and a flat call from the Dutchman. Alvaro Santamaria was sat behind and re-shoved. De Jong only had another 8,000 back and made the automatic call.

Ortega: 7♣8♦
De Jong: A♦J♦
Santamaria: J♣J♥

The board ran 4♠A♣T♣Q♥3♠.

De Jong banged his fist on the table and shouted, "VAMOS. I'm learning Spanish!" before raking in the pot.

5.21pm: Chips updated
All the chip counts were updated during the break. Click here for the full list. Here are your top five:

Name Country Chips
Manuel Martinez Spain 450,000
Raul Paez Corral Spain 310,000
Alvaro Santamaria Velasco Spain 300,000
Javier Ventura Zamudio Spain 270,000
Adrian Cardona Spain 220,000

5.17pm: Final 50 in the side event
The €300 side event is in to day 2. We mention this because Dan Edler is chip leader. He, like us, is amazed to even have more than his starting stack. A few too many Jagger-bombs last night mean his head is not in the best place to maintain that lead. Best of luck to him though from the PokerStars blog.

5.10pm: Solis busts in blind battle
Jose Maria Solis is the first player out after the break. He moved all-in for about 65,000 after Julien Bottollier Depois had raised from the small blind. Call.

Solis: A♦3♦
Depois: A♣J♣

The board ran Q♠K♥5♥Q♥7♦ and Solis shook a few hands and made his exit.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500-5,000

4.45pm: Break time
There is a 15-minute break while the black 100 denomination chips after taken out of play.

4.43pm: Pastor making his move
Juan Manuel Pastor had been chipping up hand-after-hand when no one found a hand to call his shoves with. He managed to double his stack this way before he doubled for real when he finally found a caller.

He shoved with 8♦8♥ and Viktor Celikovsky called him with A♣Q♦. The board ran ten-high and the Team PokerStars Pro is up to 90,000 chips now.


What shall I do with my new found wealth?

4.42pm: Palleja's luck ran out
Eric Palleja has been all-in several times today and had managed to survive, but his luck just ran out. He got it all-in pre-flop with K♣J♣ and was looked up by Daniel Ranta. The board ran J♥6♣6♦Q♠3♦ to pair the Romanian's queen.

4.37pm: Dominating aces no good here
It seems that having the better ace than your opponent is not good for one's health at the moment.

First up, Alvaro Santamaria raise-shoved over the top of Victor Manuel's three-bet with A♥Q♣. Manuel called with A♣K♥. Santamaria said a queen was coming before the board ran out 7♣Q♠7♦8♦Q♥ to make him a full house. That was a bit greedy! He's up to 330,000 now whereas Manuel is down to 85,000.

A few seconds later we heard that Sergi Mateo shoved from under-the-gun with ace-jack and was called by Joao Silva in the big blind with ace-nine. Mateo was soon shaking hands and wishing everyone the best.

4.20pm: Briones busto
Rael Paez just eliminated Alejo Briones but he had to work hard to get it heads-up in a three-way pot.

Briones only had about 20,000 and he was in the big blind. Paez raised from second position and Roman Igorevich Dolgorukov called from the big blind before Briones committed the last of his chips.

Paez checked the 5♦3♦3♣ flop to face a 23,000 bet from the Russian. Paez pondered for a minute and raised it up to 48,000 to force a fold.

Paez: T♣T♠
Briones: A♠4♠

The board ran out 5♠J♣.

Just before this hand Miguel Angel Lopez was also eliminated.

4.05pm: Cards are in the air
There are 40 minutes remaining of level 16 to complete.

As I write this Barend Simon De Jong was getting himself eliminated in front of us, so 49 players remain.

Welcome back to Day 3 of the Estrelles Ibiza. We're all a little tired today after an amazing VIP night at Privilege. Kudos to Natalie Besate for organising a great night for all, and you could tell it was a PokerStars party as the branding was there for the thousands of revelers to see.

It's back to business now. Our final 50 players will take their seats at 4pm and hope to be here at the end of the day. If they make it that far they will have made the final table and we will be playing for as long as it takes to reach that magic number of eight. Manuel Martinez leads the way with a mighty 473,300.

Here's today's seat draw:

Name Country Table Seat
Alvaro Marino Nadal Spain 1 1
Dimitrios Mertzanis Greece 1 2
Barend Simon De Jong Netherlands 1 3
Jose Maria Solis Marcos Spain 1 4
Alvaro Santamaria Velasco Spain 1 5
Victor Manuel Suengas Pomba Spain 1 6
Neil Raine Reino Unido 1 7
Luis Ortega Pineda Spain 1 8
Roman Igorevich Dolgorukov Russian Federation 2 1
Alvaro Aspas Spain 2 2
Alejo Briones Sigales Spain 2 3
Mossin El Yakoubi Netherlands 2 4
Raul Paez Corral Spain 2 5
Adrian Cardona Spain 2 6
Marcin Cichocki Poland 2 7
Grzegorz Gosk Poland 2 8
Iban Rodriguez Gonzalez Spain 3 1
Viktor Celikovsky Czech Republic 3 2
Jose Manuel Domingo Spain 3 3
Jose Javier Patiño González Spain 3 4
Javier Tazon Spain 3 5
Muca Ruschan Francia 3 6
Juan Manuel Pastor Spain 3 7
Anna Sanchez Gonzalez Spain 3 8
Carlos Simon Martinez Spain 4 1
Joao Silva Portugal 4 2
Sergi Mateo Larraz Spain 4 3
Lorezo Sabato Italy 4 4
Zoltan Szabo Hungary 4 5
Juan Carlos Sanchez Alfaro Spain 4 6
Alberto Blasi Llado Spain 4 7
Manuel Martinez Spain 4 8
Emilio Dominguez Spain 5 1
Carlos Calahorra Fernandez De Marcos Spain 5 2
Javier Ventura Zamudio (Jeff Isolt Soros) Spain 5 3
Julien Bottollier Depois Francia 5 4
Pavlenin Dimitry Russian Federation 5 5
Dmitry Rumyantsen Russian Federation 5 6
Sulyok Péter Hungary 5 7
David Miguel Canvajal Spain 5 8
Patrick Valenta Germany 5 9
Johan Lendenius Sweden 6 1
Robert Jarczynski Poland 6 2
Jan Carlo Mussi Italy 6 3
Manuel Jimenez Cecilia Spain 6 4
Salvador Torres Alamin Spain 6 5
Bastian Frederic Fischer Germany 6 6
Miguel Angel Lopez Diaz Spain 6 7
Eric Palleja Ortiz Spain 6 8
Daniel Ranta Romania 6 9


PokerStars Blog reporting team at Estrellas Ibiza: Marc Convey. Photos by Rene Velli

Marc Convey
@PokerStars in Estrellas Poker Tour