Estrellas Ibiza: Day 3, Level 19 - 25 (blinds 15,000-30,000, 3,000 ante)


2.05pm: Play ends as Pastor bubbles the final table
Juan Manuel Pastor needed to find one more double-up to make the final table but he couldn't win the latest race the way he won so many during the day.

The action folded to him in the cut-off and he open pushed for a little less than 300,000. Jeff Zsolt Soros was in the big blind and called to set up the final showdown of the day.

Pastor: 6♣6♥
Jeff Zsolt Soros: A♠T♥

The board ran T♠3♣8♦J♥3♦ to make Soros a two-pair.


Pastor in his final moments

The final eight players will return tomorrow at 3pm and we will play until our champion is crowned. A wrap of today's play will be up shortly.

1.55am: The current state of affairs
Seat 1. Manuel Martinez - 782,000 chips
Seat 2. Juan Manuel Pastor - 294,000 chips
Seat 3. Raul Paez - 508,000 chips
Seat 4. Alvaro Santamaria - 1,476,000 chips
Seat 5. Jeff Zsolt Soros - 1,322,000 chips
Seat 6. Alvaro Marino - 226,000 chips
Seat 7. Carlos Simon Martinez - 733,000 chips
Seat 8. Javier Tazon - 352,000 chips
Seat 9. Grzegorz Gosk - 534,000 chips


The final nine

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000 -30,000, 3,000 ante

1.44am: Break down
The players have gone on a ten-minute break. Let's hope they come back with some renewed vigour and gamble.

1.35am: Post flop action!
Sorry to get your hopes up with that title as the post flop action in this hand was as passive as can be.

The action folded to Raul Paez in the small blind and he completed, with Alvaro Santamaria checking behind. The two went on to check the 3♣K♦Q♠Q♥J♠ board all the way down. Santamaria tabled king-four and took the pot as his opponent folded.

1.25am: Payouts reminder
Seeing as there's not going on at the table, here's a reminder of the last few exits and how much they got paid. The full list can be found on the prize pool and payouts page.

10th. David Miguel Canvajal, Spain, €4,850
11th. Emilio Dominguez, Spain, €4,850
12th. Zoltan Szabo, Hungary, €4,850
13th. Juan Carlos Sanchez, Spain, €4,100
14th. Anna Sanchez, Spain, €4,100
15th. Julien Bottollier Depois, France, PokerStars qualifier, €4,100

1.10am: Pastor all-in
Grzegorz Gosk opened to 51,000 before Juan Manuel Pastor moved all-on. The decision was back on the Pole and he did the obligatory tank-fold. And so it goes on.

1am: Little to report
The last 20 minutes has seen a lot of raises but no takers. The players are procrastinating over most decisions and that is understandable as no of them want to make a mistake to bust at this juncture.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000, 3,000

12.40am: Another short stack double
This time it was Team PokerStars Pro Juan Manuel Pastor. He pushed for a little less than 200,000 from the small blind and was called by Raul Paez in the big blind.

Pastor: 2♥2♣
Paez: K♠J♦

The board ran 6♦2♠J♥T♥A♠. Paez flopped top pair but it was no match for Pastor's flopped set.

12.30am: How did he find that hand?
Grzegorz Gosk has doubled-up to around 600,000 when he woke up with queens in the big blind.

The action folded to Javier Tazon in the small blind and he shoved with A♠3♣. Gosk snap called with Q♠Q♥ and the board ran ten-high.

12.15am: Final nine seat draw
This is how the final nine have been drawn on to one table. They will stay in these seats tomorrow, minus the player who busts next.

Seat 1. Manuel Martinez - 1,000,000 chips
Seat 2. Juan Manuel Pastor - 200,000 chips
Seat 3. Raul Paez - 800,000 chips
Seat 4. Alvaro Santamaria - 1,300,000 chips
Seat 5. Jeff Zsolt Soros - 800,000 chips
Seat 6. Alvaro Marino - 300,000 chips
Seat 7. Carlos Simon Martinez - 850,000 chips
Seat 8. Javier Tazon - 600,000 chips
Seat 9. Grzegorz Gosk - 300,000 chips

12.05am: David Miguel Canvajal eliminated in 10th place (€4,850)
Manuel Martinez has doubled-up through David Miguel Canvajal, leaving the latter with less than five big blinds.

Martinez raised to 40,000 and Canvajal peeled from the big blind to see a 8♥K♦4♣ flop. Martinez c-bet for 40,000 and Canvajal check-called.

The turn fell as 9♣ and Martinez bet 41,000 again but this time he was check-raised all-in. He called all-in for his remaining 300,000.

Martinez: K♥J♥
Canvajal: J♣8♠

The river came Q♠ to see the best hand hold.


So close to the final table

A few hands later Martinez shoved his micro stack over the line with Q♥Q♠ and Canvajal (again) called from the big blind with A♥7♠ and spiked an ace on the flop.

11.57pm: Pastor's situation goes from bad to worse
Juan Manuel Pastor came back for this level with 15 big blinds but now he has less. He raised to 51,000 but folded when Jeff Zsolt Soros three-bet to 130,000. He's down to about 245,000 now.

11.45pm: Final 10 chip counts
Name Country Chips
Alvaro Santamaria Spain 1,235,000
Carlos Simon Martinez Spain 935,000
Javier Tazon Spain 930,000
Jeff Zsolt Soros Spain 800,000
David Miguel Spain 620,000
Alvaro Marino Spain 400,000
Raul Paez Corral Spain 375,000
Manuel Martinez Spain 340,000
Juan Manuel Pastor Spain 300,000
Grzegorz Gosk Poland 285,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante

11.28pm Break time
We hope this will be the last 15-minute break of the day.

11.20pm: Emilio Dominguez eliminated in 11th place (€4,850)
There had to be a countdown when Emilio Dominguez and Javier Tazon tangled in a huge pre-flop showdown.

Tazon made it 34,000 to go from first position and then moved all-in for 487,000 when Dominguez three-bet to 90,000. Dominguez called all-in for 470,000 and off to the races they went.

Tazon: T♦T♣
Dominguez: A♣K♠

The board ran 5♠9♦4♥T♥Q♠ to settle it


Scrub this and write your caption here instead

Dominguez on the left, Tazon on the right

10.55pm: Zoltan Szabo eliminated in 12th place (€4,850)
Zoltan Szabo has departed after getting his chips in versus David Miguel only to find himself dominated.

Miguel raised and called when the Hungarian shoved from the button.

Miguel: A♣Q♠
Szabo: J♠Q♦

The board ran J♦5♣A♠8♠T♠. Miguel thought his luck was in when the jack was the first card to appear but the ace was hiding just underneath.


Someone messed with the Zoltan

10.40pm: Never count this man out
Juan Manuel Pastor has doubled once more. He shoved for 146,000 from the cut-off with 8♥8♦ and Emilio Dominguez called in the big blind with A♥Q♥ and the board ran J♠7♥3♦8♣9♠ to make him a set.

10.35pm: Pastor triples
Juan Manuel Pastor had blinded down to 54,000 when he found a spot to get his chips in.

Raul Paez raised to 26,000 before the Team PokerStars Pro shoved from the button. Jeff Zsolt Soros was in the big blind and called, as did Paez. The two then checked the K♠2♠K♥9♣Q♦ board all the way down.

Pastor: A♠9♥
Paez: 5♠6♠
Soros: A♦4♦

Pastor scooped the lot to move up to a ten big blind stack. He still has a lot of work to do.


Fist pump of joy

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000, 200 ante

10.20pm: Juan Carlos Sanchez eliminated in 13th place (€4,100)
Alvaro Santamaria flopped a flush with A♥Q♥ for the second time today to eliminate Juan Carlos Sanchez and extend his lead at the top with more than a million chips. Sanchez was unlucky as he held A♣K♠ and all the chips went in pre-flop. He was sorry to see the flop fall T♥9♥4♥.

10.10pm: Anna Sanchez eliminated in 14th place (€4,100)
The last lady in the field, Anna Sanchez has been eliminated by Jeff Zsolt Soros. A player raised to 25,000 from under-the-gun before Soros three-bet to 55,000. Sanchez then put in a cold four-bet to 200,000 and called all-in when Soros pushed. The third party folded in between.

Sanchez: A♠K♥
Soros: A♦A♥

The board ran 2♠Q♥8♣T♣6♠ to end her dreams


Anna Sanchez

10pm: Julien Bottollier Depois eliminated in 15th place (€4,100)
A cold deck was out in force to take care of French pro Julien Bottollier Depois. He opened to 25,000 and then moved all-in with aces when Carlos Simon Martinez three-bet to 76,000. Martinez called with kings and found a third one on the flop.

9.50pm: Top five counts
Click on the chip count page to check the latest counts. Here are the top five:

Name Country Chips
Alvaro Santamaria Spain 980,000
Raul Paez Corral Spain 720,000
Jeff Zsolt Soros Spain 580,000
Emilio Dominguez Spain 570,000
David Miguel Spain 550,000

9.40pm: Last Brit not standing
The man who burst the bubble and the last British player is out. Neil Raine was down to a little more than 100,000 when he open shoved from the button with A♦Q♣. He was unlucky that Alvaro Santamaria was sat in the big blind withA♦Q♣. The board ran 2♦8♥3♠5♥K♥. Santamaria is up to a little less than one million chips now.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000, 2,000 ante

9.15pm: Break time
One more 15-minute break.

9.13pm: Torres shown the red card
Salvador Torres had shoved over the top of Emilio Dominguez three times in the last couple of orbits but when he tried it for the fourth time he was called and unluckily eliminated.

Dominquez raised from the button and called when Torres shoved for around 130,000 from the small blind.

Torres: A♠Q♥
Dominquez: A♣J♥

The board ran 3♠2♠J♠7♥2♣. Torres was all smiles when he won hands throughout the tournament and he still manged a smile in defeat. The main event is a two table affair now as just 16 players remain.

9.10pm: Paez flush with chips
Raul Paez, who's been slipping under our radar so far today, is up to 750,000 after flopping a flush.


Paez got paid

He defended his big blind after Jeff Zsolt Soros min raised from the button. The flop was 4♣T♣6♣ and Paez check-raised up to 29,500 after Soros c-bet small (10,500). The turn came K♠ and Paez led for 48,000. Tank call. The river was 7♥ and Soros called a 120,000 bet but mucked upon seeing Paez's 7♣8♣. He dropped to 600,000 chips.

8.50pm: Szabo's aces cracked
Zoltan Szabo played aces slow and sweet but had them cracked by Juan Carlos Sanchez.

Neil Raine opened from under-the-gun and the Hungarian just flat called before Sanchez shoved for 130,000 from the big blind. The Brit folded but Szabo snap called.

Szabo: A♣A♦
Sanchez: K♦Q♣

The board ran K♥2♦2♣K♣3♣ to make the Spaniard a full house.

8.33pm: Gosk hungry for Soros' chips
Jeff Zsolt Soros fired two barrels at former chip leader Grzegorz Gosk but the Pole was waiting with two-pair and picked him off.

Gosk raised from the button and Soros peeled before both checked the Q♣T♥Q♦ flop. The turn came 3♥ and Soros led for 27,000. Call. The final card fell as 6♠ as Gosk snap called Soros' 57,000 bet and tabled T♣3♠. Soros said, "Nice hand" and mucked.


Gosk gunning for chips

8.20pm: Pastor gets one through
Juan Mauel Pastor managed to maneuver Alavaro Santiago off top pair with an all-in push. The latter raised from under-the-gun and the Team PokerStars Pro defended to see a T♦5♣6♠ flop. Both players checked before Pastor check-raised his opponent's 21,000 turn bet up to 200,000 when the A♣ fell. Santiago tapped the table and showed A♥ as he folded.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000, 500 ante

8pm: TLB winner has been decided
This last event of the Estrellas Poker Tour was special for two players. Alvaro Santamaria and Jose Javier Patino had hopes to overtake Fabian Deimann's lead on the Estrellas TLB. Why? Simple, because there was a huge first prize for the winner: a sponsorship to play the whole 3rd season of the Estrellas Poker Tour. Today, when we arrived at the Casino Ibiza, Patino and Santamaria were only ones with options, and with chips, the latter being on the top after winning the High Roller event a few days ago and Deimann busted during day one of the Main Event.

alvaro.santamaria. estrelles.ibiza-729.jpg

Freerolling in Season 3

The goal was difficult for Patino, as he needed a 5th place or better in the Main Event to claim the TLB prize. That was not going to happen as his three-bet all-in with eights from the big blind went wrong as the button, and initial raiser, was waiting for him with kings. On the other side, Santamaria experienced a great momentum during these first levels of the afternoon and he's running very good. Oh! And now he's also the mathematical champion of the TLB, so we will see him on every single Estrellas event next season. Congrats, Alvaro.

Thanks to Ivan, our Spanish blogger, for bringing us this information.

7.45pm: Show me the money
24th. Joao Silva, Portugal, €2,420
25th. Jose Manuel Domingo, Spain, €2,053
26th. Alvaro Aspas, Spain, €2,053
27th. Victor Manuel Suengas Pomba, Spain, €2,053

28th. Sulyok Péter, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier, €1,860
29th. Iban Rodriguez Gonzalez, Spain, PokerStars qualifier, €1,860
30th. Dimitrios Mertzanis, Greece, PokerStars qualifier, €1,860

7.37pm: Three out this level
Three players have busted already so far this level.

Lorezo Sabato busted in 22nd when he ran ace-ten into pocket queens.

Bastian Frederic Fischer was eliminated in 21st when his badly timed push with eight-nine ran into the pocket kings of Carlos Simon, who's running hot today.

Manuel Jimenez went in 20th when he was flopped dead by Alvaro Santamaria. He pushed with J♣T♣ and Santamaria called with A♥Q♥ and flopped a flush.

7.25pm: Chip counts
The chips have been updated over on the chip count page. Here are the top five:

Name Country Chips
Jeff Zsolt Soros Spain 855,000
Manuel Martinez Spain 660,000
Carlos Simon Martinez Spain 600,000
Alvaro Santamaria Velasco Spain 470,000
Grzegorz Gosk Poland 460,000

7.15: Twelve to go
There are 22 players remaining so that means we only have to lose 12 more before we're done for the night. Jeff Zsolt Soros is leading the way with more than 800,000 chips, followed by Manuel Martinez (pictured) with around 660,000.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4,000-8,000, 500 ante


PokerStars Blog reporting team at Estrellas Ibiza: Marc Convey. Photos by Rene Velli

Marc Convey
@PokerStars in Estrellas Poker Tour