Estrellas Ibiza: Gosk glides to Day 1A chip lead


The final event of the Estrellas Poker Tour descended on Ibiza for the first time this week to see out Season 2 in style. A total of 215 players crammed into the Casino Ibiza and by the end of the eight levels of play, 104 players remained. Grzegorz Gosk from Poland bagged up the most with 118,600, more than ten times his starting stack.

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Gosk in Pole position

The quiet thoughtful player seemed to grow his stack steadily throughout the last couple of levels before a very interesting final hand of the night. He raised to 850 from under-the-gun and was only called by Karoly Zoltan Varkonyi in the big blind. The Pole bet the flop before his opponent led for 3,500 on the turn and 10,000 on the river. Gosk quickly called the turn but reluctantly called the river. The final board read 2♣A♥9♠2♥K♥. The Russian, who we'll talk about more later, could only show 5♥3♦ and lost out to Gosk's A♠T♠.

Gosk took over the lead later on but for long periods that mantle was carried by the aggressive Santiago Torres. He worked his way up to around the 100,000-chip mark and bagged up 74,600. This could, and maybe should have been a lot less though but for a brilliant fold at the very end of the day. He was heads-up to the river where the final board read [8][8][j][4][a] and there was some action on the river. Torres open folded pocket fours and was shown quad eights by his opponent. He said to us afterwards that he put his opponent on pocket jacks, but either way the fold was impressive, especially after nearly eight hours of poker.


Torres had the raise and the fold button at his disposal today

Other notable players that made it through the day included Team PokerStars Pro Christophe De Meulder (23,400), Jose Patiño who's still in touch for the TLB (71,000), Alvaro Marino who won the Season 1 TLB (47,400) and Sam Rasavi who won UKIPT Cork (30,600).

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An up and down day for De Meulder.

Of course there were many that didn't make it through and normally we'd feel some pity for them (maybe) but not here. Why you say? That's because we're in Ibiza and there are parties to be had as the summer fades on this Balearic Isle. Fabian Deimann, Antonio Dieguez, Mikel Allende, Nacho "Krusty" Guerra and Juan Maceiras can all be found in the clubs of the island rather than in the casino


One too many all-ins for Macieras

The Team PokerStars Pro exited with a smile on his face after he was eliminated by Karoly Zoltan Varkonyi who called his light four-bet shove with eight-six and spiked an eight on the river. It was the table to be at and it helped out Polish friend emerge as chips leader.

Tomorrow play will start for Day 1B at 4pm once more, and is already sold out so we expect a total field in excess of 430 players. Those due to play include Team PokerStars Pros Matthias De Meulder, Anna Marquez, Nacho Barbero and Leo Fernandez.

Please joins us back here then and if you want to catch up on today's action please click on the links below. The full overnight chip count can be found on the chip counts page here.

Estrella Ibiza levels 1-4.
Estrella Ibiza levels 5-8.

You can also find all all the coverage in the tour's native tongue here.


Local sculpture in Ibiza town

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Estrellas Ibiza: Marc Convey. Photos by Rene Velli

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