Estrellas Ibiza: Martinez marches to big lead as burts bubble ends play


Only the final table on Sunday will end in a more dramatic way than today. Play continued into an unscheduled eighth level of the day as we were only two off the money and it would've been unfair to expect the players to go off and party with bubble play looming for the next day.

We'll get to the bubble hand later, first we need to deal with the end of day chip leader. That honour goes to Manuel Martinez who bagged up 473,300 after he doubled-up in the biggest pot of the tournament, very late on. He slow played kings and let opponent David Miguel try and force him off his hand on a 2♣8♦4♠7♠T♥ board. Miguel only had king-high and watched the half-million-plus pot go the other way as he surrendered his dominant position


Martinez and his millions

Back to the bubble boy. That unfortunate tag went to Dutch player Petrus Cornelius Martinus. He got his chips in with top pair on the flop but ran into the pocket aces of Neil Raine, and they held to the river. Martinus had to work his way to the exit through a crowd of players who were now celebrating their cash, guaranteed to be at least €1,490.


A horrible way for his day to end

Amoungst the players who were celebrating and will be back tomorrow are Juan Manuel Pastor (24,000), Carlos Calahorra (76,000), Grzegorz Gosk (121,500), Raul Paez (257,600), Salvador Torres (201,100) and Zoltan Szabo (193,300).


In past tournaments we've witnessed Christophe and Matthias De Meulder almost track each other's progress, finish with similar stacks at the end of days and bust close to each other. It must be some weird twin thing as the two of them busted within moments of each other today. They both went within the first level; Matthias got himself into a position where he needed to hit but was priced in, and Christophe was unlucky to see his big-slick lose to ace-five.


Working the crowd before busting in near unison

The final table of eight players will play to a winner on Sunday, so that means we need to lose 42 players tomorrow. Play will restart at 4pm, but even at that time there may be some sore heads in the building as the official PokerStars Players party in taking place right now at the world famous Privilege night club.

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PokerStars Blog reporting team at Estrellas Ibiza: Marc Convey. Photos by Rene Velli

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