Bubble bursts at Estrellas Poker Tour Ibiza Day 2

ps_news_thn.jpgThe Estrellas Poker Tour continued Friday as the 121 survivors of days 1A and 1B returned for Day 2 of the €1,000+€100 Estrellas Poker Tour Ibiza main event, of whom 37 qualified online with PokerStars. When play concluded for the day, there were 32 players remaining who will return today for Day 3.

The bubble burst and the bubble boy at Estrellas Poker Tour Ibiza was PokerStars Qualifier Jordi Page Cortinas, who finished in 33rd place. The players who are still in play have now guaranteed themselves a pay day of at least €1,700, and the eventual winner will scoop a tasty €65,800 from a total prize pool of €258,240.

Amongst those who exited the tournament were last year's winner in Ibiza, Grzegorz Gosk and, finalist in San Sebastian, Jorge Ufano. Raul Molano Gil (13th in Valencia and 10th in Madrid in 2012) and Emilio Domínguez Muñoz (11th in Ibiza last year) were also sent to rail. However, Team PokerStars Pro Juan Manuel Pastor and Javier Tazón, a finalist in Ibiza last year, did survive the day and will be returning to Casino Ibiza on Saturday to try to reach the final table.

Our current chip leader is Jaume Niell Alomar with 409.000 chips, followed by French Player Amaury Legait, who has 327.700 chips. In third position is Saulius Tuluosa, with 279.900.


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