ESPT Madrid playing to €113,000 first prize

estrellas_poker_tour.pngThere can be no doubting the continued success of the PokerStars Estrellas Poker Tour. Yesterday's Day 1B of the Madrid event, the first of Season 3, attracted another huge field of 263 players, 69 of whom qualified on PokerStars. At the end of the night, 118 of them had made it through to join Wednesday's survivors for today's Day 2.

With the first prize being announced as €113,350, and 59 players being paid, the current chip leader is Spanish player Juan Perez Benitocomo with 95,100 chips, followed Pedro Javier Piazuelo Ferrero, who has 89,400. Also still in the hunt is Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez with 47,200.


Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez

One player who should have been out made it through in unlikely circumstances. On a J♦K♠8♠ flop, Mures Jaime was all-in with J♠8♣ but found himself up against a set of kings and a set of jacks. No problem for Mures, however, as the turn was 8♦ and the river... 8♥ to make him quads! He ended the night with 31,200.


Jaime Mures

Day 2 begins at Casino Gran Madrid at 2pm local time today and, if you can read Spanish, or are handy with Google Translate, you can follow the coverage live on our sister Spanish PokerStars Blog.

Meanwhile, here are the Day 1B chips:

Juan Perez Benito Spain 95100
Pedro Javier Piazuelo Ferrero Spain 89400
Larsen Bjarke Riis Denmark 82500
Jose Ureña Moreno Spain 82000
Luis Rufas Acin Spain 80300
Miguel Angel Salinas Garcia Spain 69600
Victor Manuel Hinojosa Luna PokerStars Qualifier Spain 68600
Jose Vazquez Spain 67900
Perico Nuñez De Cela Cortes Spain 66300
Daniel Rauta Romania 65100
Jonathan David Concepcion Tacoronte PokerStars Player Spain 64000
Mateo Sempere Spain 61700
Paulo Jorge Carvalho Duque PokerStars Qualifier Spain 61300
Vital Villarrubia Spain 61200
Antonio Blanco Saiz PokerStars Qualifier Spain 59600
Jose Miguel Espinar Cuenca Spain 59500
Carlos Lopez Neira PokerStars Player Spain 54600
Maciek Rozycki PokerStars Qualifier Poland 53600
Miguel Alonso Fernandez PokerStars Qualifier Spain 52900
Aljoscha Kleve Germany 52400
David Tovar La Sierra PokerStars Qualifier Spain 51100
Ruben Setien Herrera Spain 51000
Antonio Gutierrez Maestro Spain 48900
Sebastian Benz Germany 48800
Rafael Santisteban Blanco Spain 48300
Ana Laura Marquez Esteban Team PokerStars Pro Spain 47200
Cristian Casais Barcia Spain 44900
Aberto David Boal Santos PokerStars Qualifier Spain 44000
Juan Febrer Rosello Spain 42800
Alberto Gomez Gomez PokerStars Player Spain 42100
Rafael Romero Davila PokerStars Qualifier Spain 41500
Lander Lijo Bereciartua PokerStars Qualifier Spain 41000
Jose Luis Perlines Auso Spain 40200
John Gallagher PokerStars Qualifier Ireland 39900
Joan Albert Tortajada Viñes PokerStars Qualifier Spain 39100
Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez Spain 39000
Ricardo Tajada Salcines Spain 38500
Abraham Serrano Gil Spain 37500
Alain Sanzol Martinez De Buja Spain 37000
Gregorio Cibrian Mendinueta PokerStars Qualifier Spain 36800
Juan Miguel Tome Perez PokerStars Qualifier Spain 36700
Xavier Simon Plana PokerStars Qualifier Spain 36200
Leonor Margets Perez Spain 36100
Matias Adrover Parera Spain 35600
Ivan Moreno Garcia Spain 34500
Juan De Diego Salcedo Spain 34300
Daniel Coloma Sema Spain 33700
David Algarra PokerStars Qualifier Spain 33400
Carlos Tejado Perez PokerStars Qualifier Spain 33200
Amir Dara Niknejad Uk 32700
Philipp Rohrer PokerStars Qualifier Switzerland 32400
Miguel Angel Barajas Pastor PokerStars Qualifier Spain 32300
Asif Warris PokerStars Qualifier Uk 32000
Jorge Del Arco Cañizares PokerStars Qualifier Spain 31500
Jaime Mures Rodriguez Spain 31200
Marco Antonio Sanchez Sanchez Spain 31100
Cesar Domingo Ordoñez Lopez PokerStars Qualifier Spain 30900
Alfonso Ramos Covarrubias Spain 30800
Eric Santiago Grurich PokerStars Player Argentina 30800
Luis Rojas Martinez Del Marmol PokerStars Qualifier Spain 29900
Sergio Garcia Galdeano PokerStars Qualifier Spain 29200
Jose Maria Solis Marcos Spain 29000
Raul Bello Garcia Spain 28000
Eduardo Guillen PokerStars Qualifier Spain 27600
Bernard Straubinger Austria 27200
Javier Palacios Lopez Spain 26500
Mariusz Ocwieja Poland 25800
Oscar Garcia Pelayo Spain 25300
Javier Gonzalez Spain 25200
Luis Angel Arroyo Martinez Spain 24700
Antonio Andres Saura Pina Spain 24500
Alejandro Yepes Fernandez Spain 24200
Pedro Oliva Martinez Spain 23700
Antonio Gambero Transmonte Spain 22800
Antonio Gomez Gonzalez PokerStars Qualifier Spain 22800
David Kolmberger PokerStars Qualifier Germany 22800
Jose Maria Marfil Ortiz Spain 22500
Pawel Walczak PokerStars Qualifier Poland 22000
Jaume Pous PokerStars Qualifier Spain 21900
Aquilino Lopez Del Rio Spain 21400
Kakwan Lau PokerStars Player Hong Kong 20900
Rafael Aparicio Pico Spain 20900
Pablo Rojas PokerStars Qualifier Spain 20600
Jose Maria Azorin Azorin PokerStars Player Spain 20300
Benjamin Garcia Rivera PokerStars Qualifier Spain 19800
Ismael Arribas Munoz Spain 19800
Lukasz Robert Roczniak PokerStars Qualifier Poland 19800
Manuel Lago De Haro Spain 19300
Maarten Willemsen PokerStars Qualifier Netherlands 19000
David Martinez Galiana PokerStars Qualifier Spain 18900
Hasan Alexander Anter Alexander Sweden 18900
Ruben Saldaña Echevarria Spain 18100
Taras Sotnikov PokerStars Qualifier Spain 16400
Daniel Cascado Silveira PokerStars Player Spain 15500
Jerry Gerardo Spain 14400
Tomas Almazan Tenreiro PokerStars Qualifier Spain 14400
Alexey Sergeevich Pavlenko PokerStars Qualifier Russian Federation 14200
Marcos Roiz Del Cerro Spain 13600
Jose Miguel Delgado Pintado Spain 13500
Sergio Pardo Ramirez Spain 13300
Marciano Rodriquez Cortes Spain 13200
Roman Vecino Fernandez Spain 13100
Adam Tomasz Jaguscik PokerStars Qualifier Poland 12700
Miguel Jesus Moreno Vico Spain 12200
Antonio Maestro Lorenzo PokerStars Qualifier Spain 11900
Esteban Gimenez-Vega Ferramola Spain 11200
Jose Daniel Perez Sanchez Spain 11100
Juan Jose Picazo Folgado Spain 10700
Hugo Uceda Alvarez PokerStars Qualifier Spain 10500
Norberto Rodriguez Latorre Spain 10200
Roberto Fernandez De Frutos Spain 10000
Sara Mariani Poza Spain 9900
Alejandro Lorente Martinez PokerStars Player Spain 9800
Alvaro Marino Nadal Spain 9600
Fco Javier Bravo Hurtado Spain 7700
Javier Etayo PokerStars Player Spain 7700
German Arques Ruiz PokerStars Qualifier Spain 2600
Heseding Hauke Gustav Germany 2500

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Estrellas Poker Tour