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ps_news_thn.jpgThe Estrellas Poker Tour has wrapped up for a year, albeit on a high point rolling into EPT Barcelona, which means that it's time to look back and see who deserves extra plaudits for their performances of power poker. You can go direct to the Estrellas Poker Tour awards website to vote. The ESPT Barcelona main event set a new record in breaking the 1,000 player barrier.


* Best international performance

* Players' choice

* Best comeback

* Best poker quote


Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez is up for the 'Players' Choice' award

And if a bit of a democratic voting isn't your thing and your more a prove-it-to-me kind of player then you can take a look at the ESPT Season 3 leader board winners below.

Estrellas 3 Leaderboard
1. Jaume Niell Alomar, 241.25 points
2. Daniel Rauta, 229.55
3. Maxim Seregin, 203.2
4. Jose Luis Rujas Gil, 192.65
5. Raul Molano Gil, 181.45

Estrellas 3 Best Online Qualifier
1. David Kolmberger, 83.55 points
2. Juan Miguel Tome Perez, 73.55
3. Ruben Gonzalez Porcel, 69.45
4. Mauricio Pazos, 62.2
5. Vicente Delgado Zamorano, 59.6

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