Estrellas Poker Tour awards close 21 October, vote today!

ps_news_thn.jpgVoting closes for the Estrellas Poker Tour Season 3 awards this week. You have until 21 October to make your votes count by heading on through to the Estrellas Poker Tour awards website . That's just four days of voting left so if you have a penchant for poker on the Iberian Peninsular you should get clicking now.


Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez is up for the 'Players' Choice' award


* Best international performance

Cesar Garcia
(6th in EPT8 Berlin and 5th in EPT8 Deauville)
Daniel Gomez
(8th in the Grand Final EPT8 and 23rd in the 2012 PCA)
Jordi Martinez
(24th in EPT8 Madrid and 43rd in the 2012 WSOP)

* Players' choice

Toni Juan Manuel Dieguez
Tomeu Gomila
Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez
Raul Mestre
Dani Rauta
Álvaro Santamaría

Team PokerStars Pro Juan Manuel Pastor

* Best comeback

Rubén González
(after being left with less than three blind finished second in Valencia)
Pablo Rojas
(trailed heads-up to win in Ibiza)
Juan Miguel Tomé
(survived the bubble with J2 all-in against 66, ended up winning in Madrid)

* Best poker quote

Artur Alabart
Iván Martí Ramón Melendi
Pablo Rojas
Juan Miguel Tomé

And if a bit of a democratic voting isn't your thing and your more a prove-it-to-me kind of player then you can take a look at the ESPT Season 3 leader board winners below.

Estrellas 3 Leaderboard
1. Jaume Niell Alomar, 241.25 points
2. Daniel Rauta, 229.55
3. Maxim Seregin, 203.2
4. Jose Luis Rujas Gil, 192.65
5. Raul Molano Gil, 181.45

Estrellas 3 Best Online Qualifier
1. David Kolmberger, 83.55 points
2. Juan Miguel Tome Perez, 73.55
3. Ruben Gonzalez Porcel, 69.45
4. Mauricio Pazos, 62.2
5. Vicente Delgado Zamorano, 59.6

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