Fabulous Fabio Sperling wins ESPT Valencia

German player Fabio Sperling won the ESPT Valencia this weekend for €77,000 after beating Spanish player Jordi Martínez heads-up.

Sperling, a recent runner-up in the Sunday Million 8th Anniversary bonanza, said, "This is my first cash in a live poker tournament."


Fabio Sperling

Martínez is a Spanish professional poker player who can be found at most major events around the country. His best cash to this point was a 43rd place finish in the WSOP Main Event.

More than 400 players from 30 countries competed in this ESPT5 Valencia. They fought for a prize pool of €414,000. Sperling pocketed a first prize of €77,000. Here are the final table results.

ESPT5 Valencia final table results

1. Fabio Sperling, €77,000.
2. Jordi Martínez, €48,800.
3. Raúl Alonso, €35,300.
4. Vicente Serra, €28,500.
5. Haritz Doyharzábal, €22,600.
6. Amir Farhangi, €17,400.
7. Benjamín García, €12.940.
8. José Martínez, €9,400.

A total of 55 players cashed including Pablo Cusí(54th, €1,950),Yván Dubra(24th, €3,150), Haykel Vidal(16th, €4,350), and Steve Enríquez(12th, €5,450).

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