EPT10 Barcelona: The mighty fall as the ESPT monster plays on

The ESPT Main Event broke records here in Barcelona becoming the last ever 1k event to have been played outside of Las Vegas. It was also, in terms of bums on seats, the largest tournament that PokerStars has ever held live. A massive 1,798 players entered bought, satellited or scrapped their way into the two Day 1As creating a prize pool of close to $1.75m and putting up a $298,000 payout for the winner. That's an astounding amount of money, even in poker terms.


It was looking for some time today that a few names more used to the EPT stage would make the final table, which plays out tomorrow. Russian Dmitry Vitkind, a final tablist at EPT Tallinn, Friend of PokerStars Charlotte van Brabander was so close to a big score, and Jason Lavallee, runner-up to Ludovic Lacay at EPT Sanremo last season, was also denied another shot at a six-figure score. But such is the way of poker. Prestige and publicity count for nothing (beyond, of course, sponsorship deals but that's another matter). Van Brabander was toppled in 44th (€4,780), Vitkind was vanquished in 34th (€5,755) and Lavallee left the building in 25th (€7,900). Even Italian Poker Tour Player of the Year Mustapha Kanit couldn't hold on and bust out in 14th (€14,790).


Charlotte van Brabander

The Spanish PokerStars Blog team have been grafting hard over at the PokerStarsBlog.es site. If you read Spanish or like to just follow the numbers then click on this link here. You can check out the current payouts by clicking here.

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