ESPT6 Barcelona: FPS Monaco champ Supper hungry for another EPT win

Nearly four months ago, 993 entered the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final -- the analogue to today's €1K Estrellas Main Event here in Barcelona. After several days just three players remained, with one of them -- the German student, Sebastian Supper -- down to less than five big blinds.

The feasting began soon thereafter for Supper, though, who tripled up, then chipped up further to knock out first one then the other of his opponents to win the event and €177,000 first prize.

Supper was among the more than 500 players here for the first levels of the Estrellas Main Event.

ESPT_Barcelona-15_Sebastian Supper.jpg

Sebastian Supper

We caught up with him at the day's first break for a quick chat this warm afternoon while standing underneath the iconic Frank Gehry goldfish sculpture at the foot of the Hotel Arts.

"Fine, fine, fine!" grinned Supper, responding both to our question about how things were for him following his big win in April, and how he was doing today. He recalled how he'd gotten short at that final table, then came back to win, suitably laughing at what is undoubtedly a very pleasant memory.

"I had no time to spend my money," he added with a shrug. "Exams and stuff."

A student of geography and chemistry with plans of becoming a professor, the 29-year-old from Munich only currently plays poker part-time, and since Monaco has only played once in Hamburg.

"But now I have a holiday," he grinned. "Barcelona is a nice city, and my sister is here, too, for a little sight-seeing."

Supper headed back inside the casino, glancing briefly up through the steel-strip lattice of the fish sculpture -- itself a sight worth seeing -- before weaving his way back to the poker room. He returns to a stack of about 35,000, up from the 25,000 with which he and everyone else started the event.

The field here will be considerably more than the almost 1,000 who played the FPS Monaco Main Event -- a lot more work for Supper or whoever ultimately emerges as the winner.

Like the student pursuing a degree, there will be lots of tests and other stuff to overcome before that ultimate goal is achieved.


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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Barcelona