ESPT6 Barcelona: Level 27-30 updates

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9:29 p.m.: Dinner break

The remaining 11 players are now taking a 75-minute dinner break, with Jose Carlos Garcia having built back up to 16 million to move back in front.

Here are the updated chip counts for the remaining players:

Jose Carlos Garcia - 16,005,000
Mario Lopez - 13,045,000
Knut Nystedt - 10,965,000
Eduard Sanchez - 9,005,000
Simon Peter Sennhauser - 7,885,000
Jonn Forst - 7,265,000
Kondah Abdelhadi - 5,501,000
Daniel Selles - 5,530,000
Slav Sariyski - 2,920,000
Esa Karttunen - 2,530,000
David Stocker - 1,225,000

9:24 p.m.: Ruban's aces cracked, finishes 12th

In the next-to-last hand before the dinner break, Ivan Ruban was all in with A♣A♥ versus Knut Nystedt's A♦K♠ and in seemingly good shape to earn a double-up.

He was still ahead after the J♣T♠8♣ flop and 6♦ turn, then the Q♦ landed on the river. "Boom!" said Ruban with a wry grin, taking his bad fortune in good stride as he congratulated Nystedt before walking over to the cashier's desk nearby to collect 12th-place winnings.

ESPT_Barcelona-583_Ivan Ruban.jpg

Ivan Ruban

9:09 p.m.: Padraig O'Neill done in 13th

Jonn Forst opened with a raise then watched Padraig O'Neill reraise all in for about 2 million from the button. The blinds folded, and Forst instantly called, turning over A♥K♠. O'Neill tabled A♠T♥.

The board came 6♠J♥3♠, then 8♠, then 8♣, and O'Neill has been sent out in 13th.

ESPT_Barcelona-579_Padraig O'Neill.jpg

Padraig O'Neill

8:54 p.m.: Christopher Frank out in 14th

The German Christopher Frank has been eliminated in 14th place after committing the last of his chips in a hand versus Mario Lopez.

Frank had J♥9♥ and Lopez A♦K♣, and while the Q♠T♥9♠ flop paired Frank's hand plus gave him a straight draw, the 6♥A♣ runout gave Lopez a better pair of aces.

ESPT_Barcelona-578_Christopher Frank.jpg

Christopher Frank

8:48 p.m.: Garcia knocks out two more - Senft (16th) and Olive (15th)

Jose Carlos Garcia has collected still more chips and a couple more knockouts as the field winnows to just 14 players.

First came a hand that saw Maximillian Senft all in with K♦K♠ against Garcia's A♠J♣. The flop fell 2♣4♦A♥, and suddenly Senft went from well ahead to way behind. The turn was the 8♦ and river the J♠, and Senft is out in 16th.

ESPT_Barcelona-586_Maximillian Senft.jpg

Maximillian Senft

Then another hand soon developed that saw Garcia and Olive battling back and forth on each street to the river as the board came 6♣5♦K♠7♦7♥. That's when Garcia shoved, and after some thought Olive called with the last of his stack.

Alas for the Frenchman, when he saw Garcia table K♥J♠ he pushed his cards face down toward the dealer. They were eventually shown -- J♥J♣ -- and Olive is done in 15th.

ESPT_Barcelona-576_Laurent Olive.jpg

Laurent Olive

Those pots look to have propelled Garcia back up close to the lead that Mario Lopez had been holding for the last stretch.

8:28 p.m.: David Longmate out in 17th

David Longmate was just all in and at risk with his below average stack with A♥8♥ versus Daniel Selles's K♣T♦.

The flop fell 6♠K♠9♦, and Longmate instantly rose from his chair while rapping the felt with his knuckles. The turn was the 2♦ and river the 3♦, and Selles's pair of kings won the pot, sending Longmate out in 17th.

With 16 left they're going to redraw for two tables, so there will be a brief pause. There's about 45 minutes to go in the level, after which players will take a 75-minute dinner break.

ESPT_Barcelona-637_David Longmate.jpg

David Longmate departs in 17th

8:20 p.m.: Jude Ainsworth out in 18th

The knockouts are coming swiflty again, with Jude Ainsworth the one going down this time. The Irishman was all in with Q♥Q♦ against LAPT7 Chile Main Event champion Mario Lopez's A♥Q♣, but an ace on the flop doomed Ainsworth and he's out in 18th.

ESPT_Barcelona-571_Jude Ainsworth.jpg

Jude Ainsworth

8:16 p.m.: Level 30 begins

The blinds are now 60,000/120,000 with a 20,000 ante.

8:12 p.m.: Eugen Fritzler felted in 19th

Another short stack has fallen, as Eugen Fritzler just took A♠K♦ up against Eduard Sanchez, and five cards later -- T♦2♠4♠T♣9♠ -- Fritzler was heading to the cashier's desk to collect 19th-place prize money.

7:54 p.m.: Oleksii Kravchuk cut down in 20th

Oleskii Kravchuk was all in and at risk with 9♣9♥, but alas he'd run into Jose Carlos Garcia's Q♠Q♥. The board rolled out 4♦8♥2♥J♠T♠, and the Ukrainian hit the rail.

ESPT_Barcelona-588_Olekskii Kravchuk.jpg

Oleskii Kravchuk

7:52 p.m.: Karttunen collects a double

Esa Karttunen was just all in and at risk with T♥T♠ versus Eduard's Sanchez's A♠K♦. The board came nine-high -- 7♣9♠4♣5♥9♦ -- and Karttunen doubles up though is still on the short side.

7:46 p.m.: Traply trapped, Blain busted; 20 remain

Online star Peter Traply of Hungary has fallen in 22nd, followed shortly thereafter by the Irishman Dermot Blain in 21st.

ESPT_Barcelona-570_Dermot Blain.jpg

Dermot Blain

7:24 p.m.: Ainsworth doubles through Sennhauser

Jude Ainsworth just pushed all in from middle position for about 1.1 million and was called by Simon Peter Sennhauser in the blinds with K♦Q♠. The A♥4♠2♠ flop was a nice one for Ainsworth, and the 4♥ turn and K♣ were just fine as well as he doubles back to about 2.4 million. Sennhauser still has a healthy 5.2 million.

7:15 p.m.: Updated chip counts (22 remain)

Argentina's Mario Lopez is the new leader with 22 players left.

Mario Lopez - 11,140,000
Daniel Selles - 7,450,000
Jose Carlos Garcia - 6,500,000
Kondah Abdelhadi - 5,950,000
Simon Peter Sennhauser - 5,600,000

Ivan Ruban - 5,350,000
Knut Nystedt - 4,400,000
Dermot Blain - 4,350,000
Eduard Sanchez - 4,000,000
Jonn Forst - 3,750,000

Padraig O'Neill - 2,900,000
Christopher Frank - 2,800,000
Esa Karttunen - 2,300,000
Laurent Olive - 2,200,000
Olekskii Kravchuk - 2,150,000

Slav Sariyski - 1,950,000
Maximillian Senft - 1,950,000
David Longmate - 1,700,000
Peter Traply - 1,300,000
Lars Kjestrup - 1,300,000

Jude Ainsworth - 1,040,000
Eugen Fritzler - 1,050,000

ESPT_Barcelona-563_Mario Lopez.jpg

Mario Lopez

7:14 p.m.: Level 29 begins

The blinds are now 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante.

6:56 p.m.: Break time

The 22 remaining players are now on a 20-minute break. They return to play two more one-hour levels, then have a 75-minute dinner break. The plan continues to be to play down to an eight-handed final table tonight.

6:54 p.m.: Solovev, Kelsall fall, 22 remain

As the next break approaches, both Kirill Solovev (24th) and Mark Kelsall (23rd) have been eliminated.

6:51 p.m.: Redraw

With 24 players left, there was a redraw to three tables. Here's how they are seated:

1 - Jonn Forst
2 - Simon Peter Sennhauser
3 - Kondah Abdelhadi
4 - Dermot Blain
5 - Jude Ainsworth
6 - Mario Lopez
7 - Mark Kelsall
8 - Knut Kystedt

1 - Eduard Sanchez
2 - Laurent Olive
3 - Christopher Frank
4 - Padraig O'Neill
5 - Esa Karttunen
6 - Peter Traply
7 - Eugen Fritzler
8 - Lars Kjestrup

1 - Ivan Ruban
2 - Slav Sariyski
3 - Jose Carlos Garcia
4 - Maximillian Senft
5 - Kirill Solovev
6 - Olekskii Kravchuk
7 - Daniel Selles
8 - David Longmate

6:41 p.m.: Luis Cortes done in 25th

A third quick bustout to report, this time concerning Luis Cortes.

Cortes pushed with K♦T♠ from the small blind and was quickly called by Eduard Sanchez with T♦T♥ one seat over. An 8♣6♠4♦4♥9♣ runout was unhelpful for Cortes, who finishes in 25th.

6:29 p.m.: Virgil-Cristian Nicelescu falls in 26th

Virgil-Cristian Nicelescu was just all in and at risk with A♣K♣ versus Simon Peter Sennhauser's 3♥3♣. The community cards came 4♦J♠A♥3♦9♠, giving Sennhauser a set of treys and knocking Nicelescu out in 26th.

6:26 p.m.: Benjamin Garcia out in 27th

After losing most of his stack in a hand versus Slav Sariyski, Benjamin Garcia lost the last of his stack shortly thereafter to Jonn Forst after committing from the small blind with Q♠4♣, getting called by Forst in the big blind with 7♠7♣, then watching a seven flop and nothing helpful come for him. Garcia finishes 27th.

6:17 p.m.: Two pair not enough for Brando, out in 28th

With the board showing K♦T♠3♣J♠ and a pot having already developed between Antonio Brando and Eduard Sanchez, Brando announced he was pushing all in and Sanchez was quick to call, the pair's stacks nearly even.

Brando showed K♠T♥ for two pair, but Sanchez had turned a straight with Q♥9♥. The chips were counted down and it was determined Sanchez had Brando covered by just a little, meaning Brando is out in 28th. Meanwhile Sanchez is back up to about 4.3 million.

ESPT_Barcelona-553_Eduard Sanchez.jpg

Eduard Sanchez

6:02 p.m.: Savinelli sunk

Shortly after Mykhaylyuta's exit, Carlo Savinelli lost his short stack as well to be sent to the cashier's desk. There are now 28 players remaining.

5:55 p.m.: Mykhaylyuta falls to Sennhauser

Simon Peter Sennhauser opened with a raise of 180,000 from under the gun, and the table folded around to Albert Mykhaylyuta in the big blind. Mykhaylyuta considered for a few beats, then called the bet, leaving himself about 375,000 behind.

The flop came 6♥T♣9♥, and without too much hesitation Mykhaylyuta put the last of his chips in the middle. Sennhauser called immediately.

Mykhaylyuta showed K♣T♥ for top pair of tens, but Sennhauser had that beat with J♠J♣. The turn was the 8♣ and river the J♥, and Mykhaylyuta is out in 30th.

5:48 p.m.: Jean busts to Blain

Mikael Jean has fallen in 31st place after committing the last of his short stack with A♦Q♥ versus the K♠Q♠ of Dermot Blain.

The board ran out 8♥K♣3♠6♥T♦, that king pairing Blain and ending Jean's run. Blain now has about 2.9 million.

5:42 p.m: Level 28 begins

With 31 players remaining, Level 28 starts with blinds at 40,000/80,000 and the ante still 10,000.

5:32 p.m.: Down to 31

Add Antonina Anapolska (34th), Daniele Primerano (33rd), and Guillermo Torrens Ballabriga (32nd) to the list of the eliminated.

5:17 p.m.: Three more fall; 34 left

The blinds are getting bigger, and the short stacks are falling as a result. Mathieu Rabalison (37th), Konstantinos Stratopoulos (36th), and Sam Chartier (35th) are the most recent to hit the rail.

NEIL7739_EPT12BAR_Philippe_D'Auteuil_Sam_Chartier_Neil Stoddart copy.jpg

Sam Chartier, visiting the Super High Roller nearby

4:57 p.m: Updated chip counts (37 remain)

Jose Carlos Garcia (Poland) -- 7,840,000
Jonn Forst (Germany) -- 6,570,000
Mario Lopez (Argentina) -- 6,465,000
Kondah Abdelhadi (Morocco) -- 5,470,000
Maximillian Senft (Austria) -- 5,000,000
Daniel Selles (Spain) -- 4,975,000
Eduard Sanchez (Spain) -- 3,800,000
Ivan Ruban (Russia) -- 3,500,000
Antonio Brando (Italy) -- 2,905,000
Christopher Frank (Germany) -- 2,700,000

Dermot Blain (Ireland) -- 2,525,000
Antonina Anapolska (Ukraine) -- 2,340,000
Jude Ainsworth (Ireland) -- 2,300,000
Knut Nystedt (Norway) -- 2,200,000
Eugen Fritzler (Germany) -- 2,000,000
Simon Peter Sennhauser (Switzerland) -- 2,000,000
Mikael Jean (Lebanon) -- 1,825,000
Joao Barbosoa (Portugal) -- 1,570,000
Oleksii Kravchuk (Ukraine) -- 1,465,000
Guillermo Torrens Ballabriga (Spain) -- 1,425,000
Fernando Heredia (Spain) -- 1,405,000

Peter Trapley (Hungary) -- 1,345,000
David Longmate (United Kingdom) -- 1,315,000
Lars Kjestrup (Sweden) -- 1,200,000
Mark Kelsall (United Kingdom) -- 1,125,000
Laurent Olive (France) -- 1,100,000
Slav Sariyski (Bulgaria) -- 1,080,000
Kirill Solovev (Russia) -- 1,060,000
Benjamin Garcia (Spain) -- 1,025,000
Virgil-Cristian Nicelescu (Romania) -- 980,000

Carlo Savinelli (Italy) -- 900,000
Sam Chartier (Canada) -- 750,000
Lucas Monnier (France) -- 655,000
Albert Mykhaylyuta (Ukraine) -- 575,000
Esa Karttunen (Finland) -- 475,000
Daniele Primerano (Italy) -- 375,000
Konstantinos Stratopoulos (Greece) -- 250,000

4:42 p.m.: Level 27 begins

There are 37 players left as Level 27 starts, with the blinds now 30,000/60,000 with a 10,000 ante. Jose Carlos Garcia (7.84 million), Jonn Forst (6.575 million), and Mario Lopez (6.465 million) are the current leaders.

ESPT_Barcelona-556_Jose Carlos Garcia-a.jpg

Jose Carlos Garcia

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Key ESPT Barcelona Main Event Facts:
- The tournament is scheduled to play down to an eight-handed final table today
- 3,292 players entered the event (a record), with the total prize pool €3,193,240
- Click here for a full list of chip counts among the 98 players starting Day 3
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