ESPT6 Barcelona: Level 31-33 updates

1:13 a.m.: Slav Sariyski eliminated in ninth

Shortly after Level 33 began, Slav Sariyski open-raised all in for 1,680,000 from middle position, and it folded to Jose Carlos Garcia on the button who asked for a count, then after a short bit of thought called the raise. The blinds folded, and the players tabled their hands:

Sariyski: 4♠4♣
Garcia: 6♥6♠

It was a bad spot for Sariyski, and five cards later -- T♣A♠T♦2♠J♦ -- he was out in ninth.

Players are bagging their chips now. We'll be back in a short while with a recap of this exciting Day 3 that played all of the way down from 98 players to the final eight.


Slav Sariyski

1:07 a.m.: Level 33 begins

The blinds are now 120,000/240,000 with a 30,000 ante.

12:57 p.m.: Last break of the night

Level 32 has come to an end with all nine players still battling. They'll take that 10-minute break now and come back for one final level tonight.

12:49 a.m.: Planning the Day 3 endgame

The tournament director just announced that should they reach the end of Level 32 with nine players still with chips, they'll take a short 10-minute break and come back for one more one-hour level with the plan to stop either with the next elimination or the end of Level 33, whatever comes first.


Nine-handed action

12:37 a.m.: Garcia getting active again

Players are operating cautiously during this Level 32, not wanting to risk missing the final table and a chance for the €491,000 first prize tomorrow's winner will claim. After a long spell of mostly folding while nursing what has now become a short stack, Jose Carlos Garcia has been getting active again, as evidenced by a couple of hands with Mario Lopez.

In the first Lopez raised to 400,000 from middle position, Garcia raised to 800,000 from a couple of seats over, and Lopez called. Both checked the 7♠7♥T♠ flop, then when Lopez led for 350,000 at the J♥ turn, Garcia waited a couple of minutes then pushed all in. Lopez thought about a minute himself before folding.

The next hand saw Lopez raise again to 400,000 and Garcia just call this time. The flop came 3♣4♣T♠, and Lopez check-called Garcia' bet of 725,000. The turn brought the 6♠ and another check from Lopez, and when Garcia bet again, Lopez folded.

Lopez still has about 11.5 million while Garcia has chipped up to about 5 million.

12:13 a.m.: Sariyski shoves get through

Slav Sariyski just open-shoved twice -- once from the button, then from the cutoff -- getting no callers either time. He's up around 4 million now, still among the short stacks with Kondah Abdelhadi and Jose Carlos Garcia. Meanwhile Jonn Forst still leads.

ESPT_Barcelona-651_Jonn Forst.jpg

Jonn Forst

11:57 p.m.: Level 32 begins

The final nine players have all made through the end of the level without too much drama, only Kondah Abdelhadi open-shoving his stack once and getting no action.

The blinds are now 100,000/200,000 with a 30,000 ante.

11:42 p.m.: Updated chip counts; 9 remain

Players are back in their seats and Level 31 continues with about 17 minutes left to go. Here is where the nine are seated along with their stacks to start this not-quite-final final table:

Seat 1: Mario Lopez - 13,710,000
Seat 2: Daniel Selles - 5,925,000
Seat 3: Jose Carlos Garcia - 5,525,000
Seat 4: Eduard Sanchez - 8,905,000
Seat 5: Knut Nystedt - 10,215,000
Seat 6: Simon Peter Sennhauser - 12,630,000
Seat 7: Kondah Abdelhadi - 4,890,000
Seat 8: Jonn Forst - 17,475,000
Seat 9: Slav Sariyski - 2,710,000

11:27 p.m.: Esa Karttunen out in 10th

Esa Karttunen just lost his short stack to go out in 10th after his K♥J♠ couldn't catch up to Jonn Forst's A♦5♦ on a 3♣7♣6♣8♦T♠ board.

Down to nine now, there will be a brief pause to redraw to a single table, and then they'll play down to the offical final table of eight.

ESPT_Barcelona-580_Esa Karttunen.jpg

Esa Karttunen

11:14 p.m.: Forst earns huge double through Garcia, claims lead

A huge hand just happened between the German Jonn Forst and the Polish player Jose Carlos Garcia.

The pair battled to the river with the board coming A♣J♣5♣8♠2♥. Forst had begun the hand raising the button and Garcia was playing from the big blind, but Garcia took the lead postflop, then by the river was shoving all in. Forst thought just a couple of beats and then called, tabling A♠8♦ for two pair. Garcia didn't want to show his hand but was made to -- T♠3♣.

Suddenly Forst is up around 17 million and the new chip leader while Garcia plunges to about 4 million.

ESPT_Barcelona-567_Jonn Forst.jpg

Jonn Forst

11:04 p.m.: David Stocker eliminated in 11th

Jose Carlos Garcia raised to 350,000 from the button and David Stocker called from the big blind. The flop came 8♣4♥6♥. Stocker checked, Garcia bet 400,000, Stocker pushed all in for around 2.5 million, and Garcia called.

Stocker had 7♠6♠ for middle pair and a straight draw while Garcia had 9♠8♥ for a better pair of eights. The turn was the K♥, then when the river brought the 5♥ Stocker pounded the table, appearing for a moment he thought he'd won with his straight. Then he saw Garcia's flush and realized he was out in 11th.

Garcia is back to about 14 million after that one.

ESPT_Barcelona-582_ David Stocker.jpg

David Stocker

10:56 p.m.: Sennhauser's big call earns double through Garcia

Jose Carlos Garcia opened with a raise to 340,000 from middle position and Simon Peter Sennhauser defended his small blind with a call. The flop came 9♦T♠3♦. Sennhauswer bet 580,000, Garcia raised to 1.16 million, and Sennhauser called. The turn brought the T♣ and a check-call from Sennhauser of Garcia's bet of 850,000.

The river was the A♥, and when Sennhauser checked, Garcia declared he was all in and after some thought Sennhauser called.

Sennhauser had Q♥T♦ for trip tens, while Garcia's tabled hand was whisked away too quickly to see. That brings Sennhauser up to 12 million or so, Garcia down to 10.5 million, and puts Mario Lopez back in the lead for the moment.

ESPT_Barcelona-568_Simon Peter Sennhauser.jpg

Simon Peter Sennhauser

10:46 p.m.: Stocker's dramatic double

David Stocker was 11th of 11 to begin play after dinner, and soon was open-pushing his short stack of 1.2 million all in and getting called by Simon Peter Sennhauser sitting to his left.

"I think you have me beat," said Stocker before turning over 8♠8♣, but he was racing with Sennhauser's K♥J♥.

The flop came 9♠T♥8♦, giving Stocker a set but Sennhauser a straight draw, and after the Q♦ fell on the turn Sennhauser leaned forward in his seat. He fell back, though, after the Q♥ river that gave Stocker a winning full house, then rapped the table while congratulating his opponent.

Stocker is up to about 2.5 million now while Sennhauser has about 6.6 million.

10:34 p.m.: Level 31 begins; 11 remain

Players are back in their seats after the dinner break as Level 31 begins. The blinds are now 80,000/160,000 with a 20,000 ante.

The young Polish player Jose Carlos Garcia owns the chip lead at present with the Argentinian Mario Lopez in second position. Here are how the stacks look as play resumes:

Jose Carlos Garcia - 16,005,000
Mario Lopez - 13,045,000
Knut Nystedt - 10,975,000
Eduard Sanchez - 9,005,000
Jonn Forst - 7,265,000
Simon Peter Sennhauser - 6,885,000
Kondah Abdelhadi - 5,610,000
Daniel Selles - 5,530,000
Slav Sariyski - 2,920,000
Esa Karttunen - 2,530,000
David Stocker - 1,225,000

The plan is to play until there are three more eliminations and the final eight-handed table is set.


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Key ESPT Barcelona Main Event Facts:
- The tournament is scheduled to play down to an eight-handed final table today
- 3,292 players entered the event (a record), with the total prize pool €3,193,240
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