ESPT6 Barcelona: Meanwhile in another High Roller


Another good day for Lodden (pictured at the EPT11 Grand Final)

By now you know the drill, there's lots of tournaments taking place here in Barcelona and in most of them the numbers are off the charts and subsequently the prize pools are too. So we're going to skip all the bumpf and get straight down to brass tacks. The ESPT6 Barcelona €2,000 High Roller is massive. 1,055 players entered and 151 get paid. Tomorrow - or more likely at some point this week - the winner will be given a trophy and €372,500 whilst anyone who squeaks into the money will earn €3,600.

A short time ago Day 1 drew to a close after 15 forty-minute levels were completed. When the clock was paused and the last few hands declared 198 players were still in, allowing for a few last hand hail mary's going awry we can expect 190 or so players to come back tomorrow at 12.30 local time.

Leading the pack when time ticked down was Francisco Oliveira who'd amassed a gargantuan 504,000. That meant that barring any last minute doubles ups he finished well clear of Joao Baumgarten who had 395,000. The Brazilian led a chasing pack of big stacks that included: Fergal Cawley (360,000), Henning Wendlandt (355,000), Romain Paon (300,000) and Ondrej Goetz (270,000).


Boeree will be back tomorrow

Team PokerStars Pro and Online was well represented today and it looks as if at least three of their number have advanced to Day 2.Chief amongst them is Johnny Lodden, the Norwegian has a penchant for running up big stacks and got his hands on another today as he was sitting behind a stack of around 265,000 when play wound down. He'll be joined tomorrow by Liv Boeree (128,000) and ElkY (120,000).


It wasn't to be for the world champion

In a field as big as this there were, naturally, many notables and a number of them will return tomorrow to try and add another cash to their ledger. They include: Ryan Reiss (90,000), Benny Spindler (50,000), Craig McCorkell (230,000), Andrey Shatilov (110,000), Tom Hall (150,000), Adam Owen (215,000) and Shyam Srinivasan (90,000).

However, the likes of Robin Ylitalo, Dany Parlafes, Rasmus Agerskov, Luciana Manolea, Jean Montury, Sam Grafton and Martin Jacobson must turn their attention to other events tomorrow.

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Barcelona