ESPT6 Barcelona: On those late to the scene

Day 1C of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event continues, with players continuing to arrive to play this last Day 1 flight before the opportunity to be part of this record-breaking event is no more.

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OMG this field is huge

Most poker tournaments follow a familiar narrative pattern, the leisurely beginning, accelerating middle, and climactic end all being more or less inherent to the form.

So, too, do tournament series such as the ones the European Poker Tour puts on throughout the year follow a kind of slowly building sequence, starting with satellites and side events, then rising toward the crescendo of high rollers and the Main.

It's still the first week of EPT Barcelona, although by now we're edged right up against the €50K Super High Roller (Event #19) that starts tomorrow with the first of two Day 1 flights of the €5K Main (Event #29) happening on Monday.

As those marquee events near, more media start to arrive to fill the press room -- another familiar pattern. Those of us who have been around from the start welcome these latecomers and the chance to reunite with colleagues who are friends. We also answer readily their questions about what's been happening thus far.

Today we're explaining to them the phenomenon of the Estrellas Main Event and its ever-expanding field. It's a scene we've been gathering details about for three days now, monitoring player arrivals, the building of big stacks, the eliminations, and more.


It's a complicated plot... lots of characters coming and going

Like local law enforcement, we've been working on the case for a while. We are long way from solving it, of course, but the evidence we've gathered so far has helped us form some theories about what's to come. So when the others come in -- like so many federal agents, lately called to the scene -- we feel like we know a little more about what's going on than they do. At least for now.

There's a similar dynamic happening here during Day 1C of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event, where waves of late registrants and a huge number of alternates are coming in belatedly to see what the rumpus is all about.

Many of the under-the-wire players have come after hearing the news about the €1K event's enormous field size -- 1,714 during the first two events, and over 1,500 today (with the final total still rising).


An alternates' version of what's going on

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree is among those getting seated late, having landed in Barcelona only hours ago.

She's at her table now, playing catch-up and trying to reconstruct the story so far. And figure out where it's headed next.

She's not alone.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Barcelona