ESPT6 Barcelona: Sounding like a broken record, looks like a record-breaker

Bryn Kenney just flew into Barcelona today, the timing of his arrival somewhat narrowing his options this Thursday afternoon.

He needed food. That wasn't really an option, actually, but a necessity. But when it came to poker, he did have a choice.

Eyeing the EPT Barcelona 71-event schedule, he knew tomorrow he'd be occupied starting in the late afternoon with the €5K satellite into Saturday's €50K Super High Roller. That meant if he wanted to play in the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event, he'd have to do so today on Day 1B, as tomorrow's third and final Day 1 flight would conflict with the satty.

While having his early dinner, Kenney thought about it. Then he cut dinner short.

ESPT_Barcelona-171_Bryn Kenney.jpg

Bryn Kenney

The pro from California made it to the registration desk just in time, becoming the very last person to register for Day 1B. With late registration closed, the big board tells us 1,122 players came out today -- a better than 28% increase over the 872 who played 1B a year ago. That approaches the 35% Day 1A increase we were talking about at the start of play today, and pushes the overall number of entrants into the event to 1,714.

So far, that is. We know already there are more than 900 registered for tomorrow's final starting flight, which means this year's turnout will exceed that of last year when 2,560 players took part.

We sound like a broken record when we say it looks like they're going to break a record -- again -- at an Estrellas Barcelona Main Event.


More arrive to play the Estrellas

"It's not a reentry?" asked Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier during a break from the €5K 8-game event, marveling at the possibility that the Estrellas field is growing to the point where the idea of a 3,000-player turnout is starting to be bandied about.

Nope, there's no reentering. It's a freezeout. When it comes to the Estrellas Main, everyone who enters is using his or her "one time." "That's incredible," said Mercier, who will have his chance to play tomorrow, if he wishes (although for him that Saturday SHR beckons).

As they move into Level 8, over 750 players remain from the 1,122 who began today. By making his choice to cut his dinner short and join the feeding frenzy, Kenney joined a growing group who together are making history here at the EPT.

Speaking of dinner, the break for Estrellas Main Event players comes after Level 9.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Barcelona