ESPT6 Barcelona: Tracking the big stacks; Garcia grabs lead with 240 left

Dinner break has come and gone for players here on Day 2 of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event. And many who came to play today's Day 2 have gone as well, as the 984 who started the day have now been whittled down to just 240.

We've got counts to share, revealing some serious surges and new names atop the leaderboard as the average stack is now approaching 350,000.


Checking out the chips

We noticed Jose Carlos Garcia, the young player from Poland who final tabled both the LAPT Bahamas event in January (finishing fourth) and the EPT Grand Final in May (finishing fifth) pushing up close to the leaders during the late afternoon.

Then just before the break the player known as "TryToExploit" enjoyed a huge push, moving up to 1.6 million and well clear of the chase pack at the moment. We talked with the 22-year-old in Monaco at a time when he was in "Pole position" there as well.

ESPT_Barcelona-467_Jose Carlos Garcia.jpg

Jose Carlos Garcia

Germany's Kai Kresovic and Ivan Castro Ortega of Spain were both hovering around the 1 million-chip mark as Garcia's nearest challengers, with Eugen Fritzler of Germany sitting close to them with about 950,000.

ESPT_Barcelona-461-Eugene Fritzler.jpg

Eugen Fritzler

Lucas Monnier of France is also right there with that group with about 930,000, followed by Carl William Watts of France with 840,000.

ESPT_Barcelona-465-Carl William Watts.jpg

Carl William Watts

Meanwhile Shahaf Hadaya (805,000), Diogo Cardoso (785,000), Ezequiel Kleinman (780,000), and Edgar Almeida (775,000) are all likewise thriving.

Your top 10 in list form:

Jose Carlos Garcia (Poland) -- 1,600,000
Kai Kresovic (Germany) -- 1,000,000
Ivan Castro Ortega (Spain) -- 1,000,000
Eugen Fritzler (Germany) -- 950,000
Lucas Monnier (France) -- 930,000
Carl William Watts (France) -- 840,000
Shahaf Hadaya (Israel) -- 805,000
Diogo Cardoso (Portugal) -- 785,000
Ezequiel Kleinman (Argentina) -- 780,000
Edgar Almeida (Brazil) -- 775,000

Hovering just below them is start-of-day chip leader Pablo Gordillo who has chipped back up around 750,000.

ESPT_Barcelona-454_Pablo Gordillo.jpg

Pablo Gordillo

Team PokerStars Pro Online member Liliya Novikova -- a leader earlier today -- is still around the 500,000-chip mark, with Team PokerStars Pros Andre Akkari about the same. Their fellow red-spade-sporter Matthias de Meulder is holding on as well with 190,000.

They've now gotten past the min-cashes and the not-quite-min-cashes and the small-but-not-min cashes and the good-but-still-small cashes. But the big, really-big, and super-duper-big scores await those making it much deeper. Stay tuned.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Barcelona