Eureka! New tour headed to Prague

eureka-poker-tour-thumb.jpgAs the story goes, Archimedes stepped into a bath and noticed that for every inch of his foot that went into the water, the water level rose. It was a math thing involving volume, displacement, and such. And so Archimedes was heard to exclaim, "Eureka!" That is apparently translated to something resembling "I have found!" (which most branding executives will tell you doesn't look very good on web banners).

The word "eureka" has since been used as an exclamation point for any startling discovery, one like, say, a brand new PokerStars-sponsored tour in Europe and kicking off in Prague next month.


Eureka! Prague!

The Eureka Poker Tour will be a new series of events in eastern, central and southern Europe. The first season begins in Prague March 17-20. After that, look for other events in Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and a Prague Grand Final in December to coincide with the EPT event.

Like the UK & Ireland Poker Tour before it, the Eureka Poker Tour is expected to open up a major poker tour to most bankrolls. The circuit's main events are an affordable €800, and each stop should have a big schedule of side events.

For a full schedule and details on Prague, head on over to the Eureka Poker Tour home page.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Eureka Poker Tour