Eureka Poker Tour Bulgaria: Day 3 Level 20, 21, 22 & 23 updates (blinds 10,000-20,000 ante 2,000)


7.05pm: Break time
The players are now on a 15 minute break. You'll find level 24 updates in a new post. -- NW

7pm: Rakic rakes big pot
I only saw the river action but with a complete board of A♦6♥K♥Q♥[10d] Georgi Harasimov bet 135,000 into a pot of around 260,000 and Milan Rakic made the call, Harasimov showed 5♣5♠ whilst Rakic showed A♠J♥ for a straight. -- NW

6.40pm: Georgi Harasimov doubles through Stefan Ciuca
From the button Stefan Ciuca raised to 50,000 and Georgi Harasimov defended from the big blind. The flop fell 3♦8♠7♦ and Harasimov check-raised all-in for 493,000 and Ciuca made the call:

Cicua: 9♣9♥ - for the overpair
Harasimov: K♦8♦ - for top pair and a flush draw

It was a huge flip and the turn was the 4♥ keeping Cicua in the lead, but the river was the A♦ and Harasimov doubled up to over a million whilst Cicua is down to around 300,000. -- NW

6.30pm: The payouts

Here's a reminder of what they're still playing for:

1st. €55,145

2nd. €34,900
3rd. €19,400
4th. €15,150
5th. €12,000
6th. €9,800

And here's what's been awarded so far today:

7th. Pitic Radu, Romania, €7,850
8th. Christian Penchev, Bulgaria, €6,200
9th. Igor Golubovic, Denmark, PokerStars qualifier, €4,600
10th. Miroslav Rizov, Bulgaria, €3,050
11th. Iani Tulica, Romania, €3,050
12th. Neil Rawnsley, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, €3,050
13th. Hakan Ferdi Chorabai, Romania, €2,750
14th. Petru-Ernest Moraru, Romania, €2,750
15th. Adrian Codila, Romania, €2,750
16th. Vilian Petleshkov, Bulgaria, €2,400

6.20pm: Current chip counts

Here are the chip counts of the six remaining players:

Popescu Gabriel Petrica, Romania, PokerStars Qualifier, 960,000
Erol Erfurt, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, 635,000

Milan Rakic, Serbia, 377,000
Stefan Ciuca, Romania, 930,000
Idan Greenberg, Israel, 1,100,000
Georgi Harasimov, Bulgaria, 660,000

There's still a lot of play to be had, even the shortest stack still has 19 big blinds. -- NW

6.10pm: Georgi Harasimov runs a big bluff
From under-the-gun Idan Greenberg opened to 50,000 and next to act Harasimov made the call, everyone else folded and the two of them saw a flop of 2♠5♦[10c].

Both players checked and the 2♦ rolled off on the turn, check from Greenberg, bet of 70,000 from Harasimov, call. The river was the 5♣ and Greenberg checked to Harasimov who moved all-in for 312,000. This sent Greenberg deep into the tank and he eventually announced fold. At this juncture Harasimov stood up and triumphantly tabled K♦J♣ for a gutsy river bluff, Greenberg showed that he had folded [A][Q]. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000 ante 2,000

6pm: Pitic Radu eliminated in 7th place (€7,850)
Down to just three big blinds he moved all-in with A♦7♣ and Idan Greenberg made the call from the small blind with 4♣3♦. The board ran out 3♣Q♦9♣A♠3♣ and nobody seems able to stop the 'Green machine' at the moment. -- NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_pitic radu2.jpg

Pitic Radu - out in seventh

5.50pm: Erol Erfurt doubles through Pitic Radu
From the button Pitic Radu raised to 40,000 and Erol Erfurt moved all-in for 289,000. This sent Radu into the tank and whilst he was thinking Erfurt said: "If you need to think that long you're way behind," immediately after Erfurt said this Radu announced call, to showdown:

Erfurt: A♠Q♠
Radu: K♥Q♣

The German had a dominating hand but the flop of J♥[10s][10h] gave Radu some more outs and Erfurt got up from the table unable to watch his fate. The turn was the 2♠ and the river the 2♥ and Milan Rakic said to Erfurt: "Your good, your good," after that hand Radu was left with just 50,000. -- NW

5.40pm: Christian Penchev eliminated in 8th place (€6,200)
From the button Idan Greenberg raised to 44,000 and Christian Penchev moved all-in for 261,000 from the small blind. After getting a count Greenberg made the call.

Penchev: 6♣6♠
Greenberg: A♣Q♥

The flop was 8♥[10s]Q♦ and the chip leader took the lead in the hand. The turn was the A♥ and the [10h] completed the board and Greenberg extended his chip lead still further. -- NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_christian penchev.jpg

8th place finisher Christian Penchev

5.30pm: Erfurt gets a shove through
PokerStars qualifier Erol Erfurt just picked up some valuable chips. From middle position Pitic Radu limped for 16,000 and Erfurt shoved all-in from the button for 245,000. It folded back to Radu who asked for a count, gave Erfurt a good staredown and then folded. -- NW

5.20pm: Final table is go
The players are back in their seats and the final table is underway. -- NW

5.10pm: Final table re-draw
When the players combined at one table there was a re-draw, here's how the final table shapes up.

Final Table:
Popescu Gabriel Petrica, Romania, PokerStars Qualifier, 659,000
Erol Erfurt, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, 277,000

Milan Rakic, Serbia, 622,000
Stefan Ciuca, Romania, 805,000
Idan Greenberg, Israel, 1,051,000
Christian Penchev, Bulgaria, 251,000
Georgi Harasimov, Bulgaria, 420,000
Pitic Radu, Romania, 393,000

Idan Greenberg still leads the way and has broken the million chip barrier. -- NW

4.45pm: Igor Golubovic eliminated in 9th place (€4,600)
Well it didn't take long to go from nine to eight. From middle position Stefan Ciuca opened to 47,000, Igor Golubovic moved all-in for 286,000 from the cut-off and when it folded back to Ciuca he called.

Golubovic: Q♣Q♦
Ciuca: A♠Q♠

The Dane was in a dominating position but the board of 4♥6♣A♥3♣J♣ saw Ciuca go from worst to first and there will now be a short break before the final table of eight starts. -- NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_igor golubovic.jpg

Igor Golubovic

4.40pm: Play back underway
The final nine are in their seats and cards are in the air once more. -- NW

4.30pm: Miroslav Rizov eliminated in 10th place (€3,050)
From the cut-off Igor Golubovic moved all-in for around 180,000 and then from the small blind Miroslav Risov called all-in for his last 134,000. Showdown:

Risov: A♥K♠
Golubovic: A♣6♥

The board ran out Q♥[10h]4♠6♦7♦ and there will now be a short break whilst tournament staff do a re-draw and the final nine players combine at one table. However we still need to lose one more player before the official final table of eight is set. -- NW

Thumbnail image for eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_miroslav risov.jpg

Miroslav Rizov

4.20pm: Iani Tulica eliminated in 11th place (€3,050)
From the small blind Iani Tulica moved all-in for around 250,000 with pocket jacks only for Idan Greenberg to wake up with pocket queens in the big blind. A blank board means we are down to 10. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000

4.15pm: Neil Rawnsley eliminated in 12th place (€3,050)
Down to just 135,000 Neil Rawnsley moved all-in for 135,000 with Q♥J♥ over the top of a 30,000 raise from Pitic Radu who called with 9♦8♦. The board was K♣2♦3♣9♥4♥ and Rawnsley was sent to the rail. -- NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_pitic radu.jpg

Radu is on the rampage

4.10pm: Hakan Ferdi Chorabai eliminated in 13th place (€2,750)
At almost the same time as Petru-Ernest Moraru's tournament was unraveling on Table 2 a similar fate befell Hakan Ferdi Chorabai on Table 1. First he got unlucky when Pitic Radu doubled through him with A♣6♣ against his A♠Q♣, six on the river for a 400k pot.

This left him with around 64,000 and they went in the next hand with 9♣8♣ but Popescu Gabriel Petrica had pocket tens which held. -- NW

4pm: Petru-Ernest Moraru eliminated in 14th place (€2,750)
It was two hands in a row that did for the Romanian. In the first Igor Golubovic shoved for 134,000 with pocket eights and Petru-Ernest Moraru made the call with A♦K♦, a board of 6♠7♠2♠[10h][10c] left him with just 12,000.

This went in blind next hand and both blinds called. The board ran out K♠7♦K♥5♠4♣ and Stefan Ciuca flipped K♣3♥, Moraru slowly turned over first the 6♣ and then the Q♦ before heading to the cashiers cage. -- NW

3.50pm: Stefan Ciuca doubles through Igor Golubovic
From early position Stefan Ciuca made it 26,000 to play, Igor Golubovic three-bet to 61,000, Ciuca moved all-in for 226,000 and after getting a count Golubovic called.

Ciuca: A♦A♥
Golubovic: A♠K♠

The board ran out 2♠3♥3♣4♣7♣ to double up Cicua. -- NW

3.40pm: Adrian Codila eliminated in 15th place (€2,750)
Milan Rakic is running hot, he has doubled up once and eliminated two players thus far today. He just eliminated Andrian Codila when his pocket aces got action from the latter's pocket queens. The board ran out 6♦3♥2♣5♣7♥ to eliminate Codila in 15th place, Rakic meanwhile has 730,000 and the chip lead. As a result of that elimination Hakan Ferdi Chorabai has been moved to table one. -- NW

3.30pm: Erol Erfut doubles through Petru-Ernest Moraru
The German made it 30,000 on the button from a stack of 134,000 and snap called when big blind Petru-Ernest Moraru set him all-in. On their backs:

Moraru: A♠6♣
Erfut: A♦A♥

The board ran out 2♦J♥4♠8♣2♠ and Erfut stayed alive. -- NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_erol erfurt.jpg

Erol Erfurt

3.20pm: Chip counts
Players are back in their seats for level 21, here are the chip counts:

Table 1:

Milan Rakic, Serbia 400,000
Pitic Radu, Romania, 220,000
Neil Rawnsley, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 245,000
Iani Tulica, Romania, 382,000
Adrian Codila, Romania, 210,000
Idan Greenberg, Israel, 680,000
Popescu Gabriel Petrica, Romania, PokerStars Qualifier, 350,000

Table 2:

Georgi Harasimov, Bulgaria, 310,000
Stefan Ciuca, Romania, 230,000
Erol Erfurt, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, 140,000
Igor Golubovic, Denmark, PokerStars Qualifier, 400,000

Petru-Ernest Moraru, Romania, 220,000
Christian Penchev, Bulgaria, 220,000
Hakan Ferdi Chorabai, Romania, 210,000
Miroslav Rizov, Bulgaria, 70,000

It's Idan Grenberg who still leads whilst Miroslav Rizov is the shortest stack. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000

3pm: Break time
The players are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

3pm: Vilian Petleshkov eliminated in 16th place (€2,400)
He'd already scored two double up today's but couldn't manage a third. The Bulgarian got it in with A♥K♣ only to run into Milan Rakic's pocket aces. The board ran out 8♣Q♦4♣[10s]3♣ and we lose the first player today. -- NW

2.50pm: Vilian Petleshkov doubles through Iani Tulica
Vilian Petleshkov had lost some ground and slipped back to 66,000 and Q♠[10s] was enough of a hand for him to move all-in over the top of a 23,000 raise from Iani Tulica who had [9][7] and called. His hand stayed in front on a blank board to boost his stack once more. -- NW

2.35pm: Vilian Petleshkov triples up
Vilian Petleshkov was all-in for 38,500 and found two callers in the shape of Iani Tulica and Idan Greenberg. Those two checked all the way to the river on a 9♥4♦3♠A♠J♣ board before Greenberg bet 20,000 and Tulica called. Showdown:

Petleshkov: A♣9♦ for aces up
Greenberg: A♥[10h] for a pair of aces
Tulica: A♦4♠ - for a worse aces up but good enough for the side pot. -- NW

2.25pm: Milan Rakic doubles through Idan Greenberg
From middle position Idan Greenberg made it 23,000 with A♣T♣ and called when Milan Rakic moved all-in for 145,000. He was behind Rakic's pocket queens though and it stayed that way on the T♠3♦3♥7♥3♠ board and the overnight chip leader took a knock. -- NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_milan rakic.jpg

Milan Rakic

2.15pm: Petru-Ernest Moraru doubles through Igor Golubovic
After Igor Golubovic had opened with pocket jacks, Petru-Ernest Moraru moved all-in with K♥Q♥ for his last 127,000 and Golubovic called. The latter flopped a set of jacks but it was the J♥ and Moraru made runner-runner flush and is up to 250,000.

2pm: Cards in the air
Play has started bang on time here in Bulgaria. -- NW

1.50pm: Re-draw, final day set to start
Before the start of play there's been a re-draw of the final 16 players. With blinds starting at 5,000 - 10,000, ante 1,000 and the average stack being 288,750 here's how the sweet sixteen shape up.

Table 1:

Milan Rakic, Serbia ,125,500
Pitic Radu, Romania, 266,000
Neil Rawnsley, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 270,500
Iani Tulica, Romania, 515,000
Vilian Petleshkov, Bulgaria, 81,500
Adrian Codila, Romania, 256,000
Idan Greenberg, Israel, 689,000
Popescu Gabriel Petrica, Romania, PokerStars Qualifier, 375,500

(total chips at table: 2,579,000)

Table 2:

Georgi Harasimov, Bulgaria, 403,000
Stefan Ciuca, Romania, 280,500
Erol Erfurt, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, 251,500
Igor Golubovic, Denmark, PokerStars Qualifier, 405,500

Petru-Ernest Moraru, Romania, 127,000
Christian Penchev, Bulgaria, 179,000
Hakan Ferdi Chorabai, Romania, 217,000
Miroslav Rizov, Bulgaria, 78,500

(total chips at table: 1,942,000)

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 3_antonio dieguez rodriguez.jpg

Who will be the next Eureka Poker Tour winner?

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