Eureka Poker Tour Prague: Day 1A, Level 5 & 6 updates, blinds 150-300, 25

eureka-poker-tour-thumb.jpg9.10pm: End of level six
And with the sounding of the klaxon, players are on a 20 minute break. -- NW

9pm: One of the best
Another player from the Czech Republic who's going well today is Ondrej Vinklarek. He's currently playing a stack of around 43,000 and is, according to my sources, one of the best online tournament players in the Czech Republic, one to keep an eye on then. -- NW

8.45pm: Chip counts
I've been slacking off updating the chip counts page. Up at the top of the chip charts are Oldrich Siml and Petar Zografov, with 53,000 and 49,750. A total of 91 players remain from the 160 that started. -- NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 1a_chips_shot.jpg

That's a lot of chips

8.25pm: Oldrich Siml doubles up
There was a large contingent of players and press round his table, usually a sure fire sign that something nasty has occurred. The facts were laid bare on the table; Siml held pocket tens, his opponent, who covered him had pocket kings. The board had been delivered in this order - 3♠9♣4♣6♠[10d] - meaning that Siml had spiked the river to double up and stay alive. His 53,000 stack now puts him amongst the chip leaders and makes him one to watch. -- NW

8.15pm: Patriotism pays off
I first noticed Michal Maryska due to the patriotic baseball cap that he's sporting, the second thing I noticed is that he has a wall of chips in front of him. He's got double the average as he's on around 47,000 and is undoubtedly amongst the chip leaders at this stage.

eureka poker tour prague_day 1a_michal_maryska.jpg

Nice hat = nice stack

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300, ante 25

7.50pm: Falling fast
The cry of 'seat open' has been uttered multiple times during level five. A total of 17 players have perished in the 45 minutes that have elapsed since the start of the level. With antes kicking in next level it's unlikely the action will slow down. Average stack is now 22,222. -- NW

7.40pm: The shipping news
An unknown player open-raised to 750 from the hi-jack, he was flat called by Sergey Orekhov in the small blind, before Severin Schleser moved all-in for 11,000 from the big blind. Both players seemed to share a look that said: "Why so much?" Either way both gave it up and Schleser took the pot. -- NW

7.30pm: Advance to level ten
There had been a little bit of confusion about how many levels were being played today, but the tournament director just confirmed that players will play nine levels in total today. -- NW

7.25pm: Chip counts
I've added a few more names to the chip counts page. One of whom is Pavel Hudecek, who finished second in the PokerStars Prague Open main event in September 2010. It's not been a good couple of levels for Hudecek he was up to over 30,000 at one point but is now down to 8,300. -- NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 1a_pavel_hudecek.jpg

Hudecek - running out of puff?

7.10pm: They're back
Cigarettes have been smoked, bad beat tales exchanged and the remaining 125 players are back at the felt. One player who didn't make it to level five was Radek Smolenak. He' a professional Ice Hockey player currently plying his trade with HC Sparta Praha, having previously played in the USA for Chicago Blackhawks. He went out holding a jack high flush, usually a good hand, but his opponent had a queen high flush. -- NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 1a_radek_smolenak_.jpg

Smolenak - back to chasing pucks, rather than flushes

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Prague:Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Tomas Stacha.

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