Eureka Poker Tour Season One, Prague: Day 2, Level 17 & 18 updates, blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 500

eureka-poker-tour-thumb.jpg1.35am:Top five stacks
Here are the top five chip stacks:

David Torok, Hungary , 800500
Jaroslav Urban, Czech Republic, 629000
Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez, Spain, PokerStars quailfier, 522500
Pawel Burka, Czech Republic, 380500
Pawel Bartosz, Poland, 311000

The top three are someway clear of the two Pawel's, and those three traded the chip lead back and forth for the last two hours, until Torok took charge in the final 30 minutes. To see the chip counts of all the remaining players click here. And if you'd like to see the in the money finishers thus far click here -- NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 2_jaroslav_urban3.jpg

Jaroslav Urban - third in chips going into the final day

1am:Play is done
Play is done for the day, players are bagging and tagging their chips. A full wrap and chip counts coming soon. -- NW

12.50am: Last five hands
The players will now play five more hands before the day is done. A total of 20 players remain. -- NW

12.45am: Torok eliminates Kadziela
Over on table three David Torok and Michal Kadziela had continued their running battle and been raising and re-raising each other for fun.

It seemed like just another pot when Kadziela raised in late position to 13,500 and Torok three-bet to 34,500 from the small blind, so far, so standard. Then Kadziela put in a four-bet to 80,000 and Torok wasted little time in moving all-in. This sent Kadziela into a head spin and he counted out his remaining stack (180,000) before calling the all-in.

Torok: 7♦7♠
Kadziela: A♣J♣

The board of 4♥[10c]8♥2♥K♦ saw Torok's hand hold up, he is now the clear chip leader with around 800,000. -- NW

12.30am: Torok tearing it up
Table three definitely has the youngest average age of the three remaining table and a hand just played out between a couple of 'the 'kidz' helping hold up that fact.

From the hi-jack Michal Kadziela made it 13,000, David Torok then three-bet to 31,000 from the button, Kadziela then four-bet to 80,000 (from a stack of 340,000) but folded after Torok moved all-in. -- NW

12.15am: Two double ups
First Tamas Hermecz just doubled through Keith Johnson, holding pocket kings against Johnson's A♥9♥ to go from 50,000 to 100,000.

Then Kamil Koska's A♥K♣ held up against Gianfranco Ironico's A♠Q♥ to boost him to around 220,000. However, Ironico was down to dust and eliminated soon after by Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez. -- NW

12am: Urban eliminates Garcell
Michael Garcell was all-in for 101,500 pre-flop holding A♦9♠ and was in trouble against Jaroslav Urban who had A♥J♠. The board of 2♦[10d][10h]J♥2♥ was no help and he was eliminated in 25th place. Urban is up to around 520,000 and the chip leader Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez has just been moved two seats to Urban's left as four tables have become three. -- NW

11.55pm: Top five stacks!
During the break I went round the room getting chip counts of the players left in, here are the top five stacks:

Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez, Spain, PokerStars qualifier, 520,000
David Torok, Hungary, 480,500
Jaroslav Urban, Czech Repiublic, 410,000
Pavel Berka, Czech Republic, 349,000
Michal Kadziela, Poland, 339,000

With the elimination of one more player we'll be down to the final three tables. -- NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 2_antonio_dieguez_rodriguez2.jpg

Rodriguez leads the field going into the last level of today

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000, ante 500

11.35pm: End of the level
The remaining 25 players are no their final break of the day, they'll return in 20 minutes and play one more level. -- NW

11.30pm: Eduardovich extracts value
Kim Eduardovich just made a nice value bet on the river and got paid off by Keith Johnson. With the board reading J♣[10s]J♦J♠4♠ he bet 22,000 into a pot of 53,000 holding pocket kings and Johnson, after a couple of minutes in the tank made the call, but mucked upon seeing the cowboys. After that hand Eduardovich is up ot 225,000, Johnson has slipped to 250,000. -- NW

11.20pm: Just quads
The bubble burster - Calin Furdui - has just been eliminated. He opened to 13,500 from the small blind and was set in by Pavel Berka from the big blind, Furdui made the call, all-in for roughly 160,000.

Berka: 4♦4♣
Furdui: 9♣9♥

The dealer burned and turned and right in the window was the 4♥ the rest of the board was A♦Q♠5♣4♠ and Berka made quads to eliminate Furdui. -- NW

11.05pm: Will you show?
I joined the action to see a flop of J♠6♣[10c] there was about 48,000 in the pot and Martin Strban had bet 32,000 only for Zsolt Vasvenszki to make it 70,000 total.

The former now spent a couple of minutes mulling over his options before moving all-in for 178,600 total. "Will you show if I fold?" asked Vasvenszki, and Strban nodded and showed Q♥J♥ after Vasvenszki had folded. "Nice bluff," he said to Strban. -- NW

10.55pm: Top five stacks
Here by my reckoning are the top five stacks with 27 players remaining.

David Torok, Hungary, 520,000
Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez, Spain, PokerStars qualifier, 490,000
Jaroslav Urban, Czech Repiublic, 420,000
Michal Kadziela, Poland, 340,000
Keith Johnson, United Kingdom, 330,000. -- NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 2_david_torok.jpg

David Torok - chip leader

10.35pm: Urban wins a huge pot
There was a large crowd around table one, I sensed a big pot happening and sure enough there was, Jaroslav Urban and Calin Furdui the two who were involved. There was roughly 100,000 in the pot and the board was 9♠Q♠5♠8♠ and Urban had check-raised Furdui from 45,000 to 100,000 and Furdui was tanking.

Eventually he made the call, to the river they went, which was the 5♦. Urban slid out a bet of 75,00 and Furdui, who had about 120,000 left, looked exasperated and eventually folded K♠[10s] face up, Urban showed A♠[10d] and he now has around 470,000 and is right up with the chip leaders with 28 players left. -- NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 2_jaroslav_urban2.jpg

Urban - one of the chip leaders

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Prague: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Tomas Stacha.

Nick Wright
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