Eureka Poker Tour Season One, Prague: Day 3, Level 19 & 20 updates, blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000

eureka-poker-tour-thumb.jpg4.15pm: Break time
The remaining 11 players are now on a 20 minute break. -- NW

4.10pm: Martin Svub eliminated in 12th place (€3,240)
Down to just 106,000 Martin Svub moved all-in with Q♠[10s] and was called by Kim Eduardovich who had pocket jacks. The board of [10d]7♠6♣5♦8♣ gave Svub a sweat but he was knocked out. -- NW

4pm:Chip counts from table one
As previously mentioned there hasn't been a whole lot of action on table one, nonetheless here are the chip counts from that table:

David Torok, 1,050,000
Keith Johnson, 280,000
Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez, 610,500
Zsolt Vasvenszki, 380,000
Kamil Koska 280,000
Jaroslav Urban, 750,000

David Torok, has now taken the chip lead once again. -- NW

3.55pm:Veronika Kokoceva doubles through Martin Svub
From mid position she made it 23,000, Martin Svub three-bet to 61,000, Kokoceva moved all-in for 172,000 total and Svub called.

Svub: [10d][10h]
Kokoceva: A♣K♦

The board of 3♥A♦J♣K♥8♥ saw Kokoceva double up to around 350,000. All the action is currently taking place on table two. Svub is now down to 190,000. -- NW

3.40pm:Veronika Kokoceva makes a big laydown
She raised to 24,000 off a 200,000 stack from early position but folded pocket jacks face up after Ioannis Prokopakis had three-bet to 65,000 from a similar sized stack. -- NW

3.30pm: Cristian Murgoci eliminated in 13th place (€2,890)
The very next hand after doubling up Ioannis Prokopakis, he moved all-in with 7♠6♣ and was called by Pawel Bartosz who had Q♦J♣. The board of K♣Q♥[10s]9♦3♦ gave Bartosz the pot. -- NW

3.25pm: Ioannis Prokopakis doubles through Cristian Murgoci
It was another blind on blind skirmish with Prokopakis's pocket tens holding against Murgoci's K♠9♦, Prokopakis doubled to 220,000, Murgoci dropped to 90,000. -- NW

3.20pm:Veronika Kokoceva doubles through Ioannis Prokopakis

She was down to a 100,000 and it folded to her in the small blind and she moved all-in with A♥K♥ and Ioannis Prokopakis called from the big with K♠8♣, the board of A♠7♠J♣5♣2♥ kept female interest in the tournament alive. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000

3.05pm: Petar Zografov eliminated in 14th place (€2,890)
He was down to 160,000 and got it all-in holding pocket nines against Zsolt Vasvenszki's K-Q. A king on the river sent him to the rail. -- NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_petar_zografov .jpg

Zografov - out in 14th

3pm: Thomas Winder eliminated in 15th place (€2,890)
I missed the hand I'm afraid but Martin Svub is up to around 500,000 suggesting he was the beneficiary of Winder's demise. -- NW

2.50pm: Wojciech Kaminski eliminated in 16th place (€2,540)
He shoved all-in for his last 100,000 holding pocket five and David Torok isolated all-in behind him with pocket jacks. The overpair stayed infront and we're down to 15 players in Prague, it's been a lightning quick start with five players busting in the opening 40 minutes. -- NW

2.45pm: Re-draw throws up a monster
There was a re-draw at 16 players and the final two tables are, let's say a little unbalanced. The three chip leaders: Jaroslav Urban, David Torok and Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez are all on the same table. The full re-draw is below:

Table one:
Wojciech Kaminski 109,500
David Torok, 900,000
Keith Johnson, 150,000
Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez, 522,500
Zsolt Vasvenszki, 220,000
Petar Zografov, 190,000
Kamil Koska 243,000
Jaroslav Urban, 1,010,000

Table two:
Ioannis Prokopakis, 125,500
Cristian Murgoci, 113,500
Martin Svub, 128,500
Pawel Bartosz, 310,000
Kim Eduardovich, 400,000
Petr Kralicek, 113,500
Thomas Winder, 204,500
Veronika Kokoceva, 144,500

News of an elimination coming right up. -- NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_jaroslav_urban.jpg

Jaroslav Urban is the current chip leader

2.35pm: Ján Petráš eliminated in 17th place (€2,540)
Down to just 8,000 he moved all-in and next to act Petar Zografov raised to 20,000 and was called by Kim Eduardovich and Bartosz Odor. On the 4♥8♠4♠ flop Zografov bet 45,000 and both players called. That was all the action there was though as the three active players checked down the Q♦ turn and 6♣ river, Eduardovich's pocket jacks were good enough to claim both pots. -- NW

2.30pm: Martin Strban eliminated in 18th place (€2,540)
From the small blind he moved all-in for around 75,000 with Q♣5♣ and was called by David Torok who had K♦4♦ no help for either on the board and king high held up. -- NW

2.25pm: Petar Zografov doubles through Ján Petráš
In a blind on blind battle Jan Petras moved all-in with A♣6♠ and was called by Petar Zografov who had A♠K♠. Big-slick held to double Zografov up to 190,000, Petras was left with under 10,000. -- NW

2.20pm: Tamas Hermecz eliminated in 19th place (€2,200)

He raised to 21,000, next to act Kim Eduardovich made it 100,000 - effectively setting Hermecz all-in - and he called.

Eduardovich: Q♣Q♦
Hermecz: A♦K♦

It was a classic race, but the queens held up on the 8♥8♣8♠6♣J♣ board. -- NW

2.15pm: Jaroslav Urban breaks the million chip mark
The Czech player was second coming back today and he's now chip leader after eliminating Pavel Berka. With the board reading 5♦2♦[10h]7♣ Berka moved all-in for around 230,000 for just over a pot sized bet with A♦K♣ and Urban called with A♣[10d]. The river was the 9♣ to eliminate Berka in 20th. -- NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_pavel_berka.jpg

Berka - a bluff gone wrong

2pm: Welcome back to the final day
Hello, and welcome back to Prague for day three of the Eureka Poker Tour. A total of 20 players are currently taking their seats, all of them hoping to be crowned the inaugural champion of the Eureka Poker Tour.

Leading the way is David Torok of Hungary he has 805,000 and such is the size of his stack only six of the 20 players currently have an above average stack (246,750). Play is about to start. -- NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_david_torok.jpg

David Torok

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Prague: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Tomas Stacha.

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