Eureka Czech Republic: A new season curtain raiser

Morning all and welcome to the sunny but snowy Czech Republic for the start of the third season of the Eureka Poker Tour.

After two highly successful seasons snaking through Central and Southern Europe, plus the Balkan and Baltic regions (during which time this tour coined its own geographical nomenclature: the "Eureka Zone") we are back and in another new stop: the town of Rozvadov. We are a few kilometres into the Czech Republic from the German border, where you can pretty much talk any language and be understood.

The language of money speaks loudest, of course, and we have a remarkable €500,000 guaranteed prize pool this week, the first time a guarantee has been attached to an event on this tour. The Main Event is a €1,000 buy in affair, meaning we are expecting at least 500 players over the two opening days.


The calm before the storm

At other locations, including those much more widely known than Rozvadov, a tournament of this size would present problems of space, particularly on Day 2 when the field merges. But the King's Casino, our home for the week, is one of the largest card rooms in Europe. There are tables stretching as far as the eye can see, and into several corners in different areas. We will endeavour to bring all the action from across the floor.

Registration is open for four levels, so the number of players will gradually increase throughout the opening stages. Players receive 20,000 in tournament chips and blinds start at 25-50, so eliminations should be slower than registrations at the very beginning. (Full structure information is available on the Eureka Poker Tour structure page.)

Our first point of order will be to get the tournament under way on time -- at noon -- and then take a look at the identity of some of the players. We expect many faces we have never seen before, but also a healthy smattering of some of the game's best known players. We will introduce the line-up imminently.

Stick with us. We play Day 1A today, Day 1B on Thursday and then Day 2 on Friday. We get to the business end on Saturday and Sunday. Links to chip counts and all the crucial tournament info is in the widget on the right-hand side of this page. (I pledge to make sure it is no more than one hour out of date at any time.)

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Eureka Poker Tour