Eureka3 Bulgaria, Day 1B: An orbit with Simeon Naydenov

It's likely that Bulgarian poker player Simeon Naydenov ticked one off the bucket list this summer as he won a WSOP bracelet. He triumphed in the $1,500 no-limit Hold'em shootout and in the process became Bulgaria's first ever WSOP bracelet winner. I gave him a bit of coverage in this piece about Bulgaria yesterday but figured he deserved more. So he's today's crutch for 'An orbit with...'

This is how his table lined up at the start of the the orbit, for the first eight hands the blinds were 100-200 for the final two they'd ticked up to 150-300. In hand one the button is in seat two.

Seat One: Yavor Tutev, 22,000
Seat Two: Vlad Hrehoriac, 14,500
Seat Three: Alexander Kostylev, 12,500
Seat Four: Jonas Larsson, 15,300
Seat Five: Achillefs Theodosiou, 19,600
Seat Six: Simeon Naydenov, 28,500
Seat Seven: Gonczo Zoltan, 26,000
Seat Eight: Evyatar Cohen, 23,000
Seat Nine: Andrey Chizhman, 18,800
Seat Ten: Atanas Malinov, 12,000

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1A_simeon_naydenov.jpg

WSOP bracelet winner Simeon Naydenov

Hand one: Vlad Hrehoriac raised to 500 on the button, but folded when Alexander Kostylev three-bet to 1,300 from the small blind.

Hand two: Atanas Malinov limped in middle position, Hrehoriac raised to 700 and Malinov made the call. On the Q♣7♦8♦ flop Hrehoriac c-bet 525 and Malinov smooth called. The J♥ fell on the turn, this time Hrehoriac bet 1,500 and again Malinov smooth called.

The K♠ completed the board, it was again checked to Hrehoriac who fired out a bet of 2,500, Malinov responded by moving all-in for 10,475 and after some thought Hrehoriac folded his hand.

Hand three: Again Malinov limped in and again his limp was attacked as Yavor Tutev raised it up to 700, back on Malinov he limp-re-raised, making it 2,100 total and Tutev folded.

Hand four: From middle position Hrehoriac opened to 500 and picked up five callers! On the 7♦Q♠7♠ flop it checked to Jonas Larsson, he bet 1,750 and one by one they folded and he took the pot.

Hand five: Again Malinov limped, Hrehoriac made it 500, Simeon Naydenov smooth called only for Malinov to make it 2,000 for another limp re-raise. This time though his trickery back fired as Hrehoriac moved all-in for 9,500 and both Naydenov and Malinov got out the way.

Hand six: Alexander Kostylev opened to 500 from early middle position, it folded all the way to Andrey Chizhman in the big blind, he raised to 1,400 and it was enough to win the pot as Kostylev gave it up.

Hand seven: Larsson opened to 450, Naydenov flat called only for the aggressive Malinov to squeeze to 2,100. Both players gave him respect though as they mucked their hands.

Hand eight: In the last hand before the break Larsson limped in only for Naydenov to raise it up to 600, back on Larsson he called. On the 7♦Q♦J♠ flop Naydenov c-bet 800 and Larsson made the call. That was all the betting though as the 6♠ turn and 4♠ river were checked through, Naydenov rolled over A♥9♠ for ace high, but Larsson had flopped a pair with K♥J♥ to win the pot.

Hand nine: It was the first hand after the break and as a result only six players were at the table and the big blind was not one of those half dozen. It folded all the way to an in position Andrey Chizhman, he raised to 650 and Yavor Tutev called from the small blind. The 8♥J♥A♠ flop went check/check before a delayed c-bet of 700 from Chizhman on the Q♦ turn earned him the pot.

Hand ten: By now there were eight players at the table and Evyatar Cohen got involved for the first time this orbit by raising it up to 650 but he folded when Alexander Kostylev three-bet to 1,450 from the big blind.

So that concludes our orbit with Simeon Nardenov, our hero didn't play many pots and indeed few hands went to showdown. But that is perhaps a good snap shot of the early stages of a poker tournament. Most hands don't go to showdown there are few all-ins and big pots are rare.

Tournament Update:

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1A_eureka_trophy.jpg

Chip leaders: The top five as level five got underway were: Alon Mor (76,000), Nikolay Petrov (72,000), Erling Ellingsberg (62,000), Liran Machluf (57,400) and Tim Davie (52,000).

Whilst PokerStars Team Online's Dale Philip is not enjoying the best of days...

But at least he's not in the little round-up below...

Eliminations: As the blinds go up the number of exits go up in number. Some of those to have busted in the last hour or so are: Wesley Wiemes, Kaloyan Stoyanov, Victor Vasilev, Vasil Radev, Vladislav Donchev, Charlo Azzopardi, Vladimir Nikiforov, Uri Reichenstein, Edo Naftaly, Minos Charalbous and Christos Hadjisoteriou.

Players are now halfway through level five and 189 of the 221 who started the day are still in.

Photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Eureka Poker Tour