Eureka3 Bulgaria, Day 1B: Varna through a lens part two

Today the Eureka Poker Tour went Parasailing. To be more precise the photographer and tournament director went Parasailing and some of the shots that our snapper Tomas Stacha managed to get are simply fantastic. Not only that there were many brilliant photos from yesterday and the early stages of the day that I've not been able to use. So, it's time for a montage. Everybody loves a montage. And if you don't you should.

First the poker...

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1A_pot_celebration.jpg

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1B_in_the_zone.jpg

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1A_poker_clothing.jpg

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1B_sonja_kovac.jpg

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1A_peace_sign.jpg

And now the non poker shots...

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1B_algirdas_Saveikis.jpg

Last year's runner-up Algirdas Saveikis

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1B_casino.jpg

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1A_casino_2.jpg

Tournament Update:

Chip counts: During the break tournament staff are going to do counts of the biggest stacks, but here are the counts of the notables, there may be some crossover. Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki has 36,000. He's being very chatty at the table. The former skier is a two-time MicroMillions leader board winner, he's letting someone have a go this time obviously. PokerStars Team Online's Dale Philip is on 14,500. "I won a standard flip to double up," he told me.

Dan Williams, who's come all the way from Canada to play in this event is up to 28,000 he's two to the right of Neil Raine who's up to 66,000. Irishman Phil Baker is on 17,000, Simeon Naydenov has slipped to 18,000, Tim Davis is going strong on 64,000, Ted Stolzenbach is hanging tough with 19,000, Nagy Barnabas is up to 22,000 and Sonja Kovac is on 13,000. Meanwhile Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Andras Nemeth is out.

Eliminations: Olaru Narcis-Cristian, Antonios Triantafyllakis, Hrvoje Cupic, Yordan Mitrentsov, Dejan Vlaovic, James Sathiakiri, Peter Roussev, Tamas Barbarics, Emil Gramatikov, Bert Nijman, Ishai Pirkes, Valeriy Gromov, Nikolay Yosifov, Gergo Herczeg, Gavrila Mihai and Popescu Gabriel-Petrica have all been eliminated. Just 171 of the 221 runners remain.

Players are now on a one hour dinner break.

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Eureka Poker Tour