Eureka3 Bulgaria, Day 2: Cue the carnage

Day 2 is about to get underway here in Varna which means only one thing - a rush to the exits. Boffins at Cambridge and Oxford have yet to figure out just why so many players hit the rail in the opening couple of levels of Day 2 of a tournament. It's always so.

One man who'll be expecting to be keeping his seat warm for more than two levels is overall chip leader Denys Chufarin who has a whopping 152,800 - 152.8 big blinds to be exact. Other players with big stacks include Ivo Donev (121,000) and Day 1A chip leader George Vranas (120,100). Hoping to fly the Red Spade into Day 3 are Team PokerStrars Pro Marcin Horecki (20,600) and PokerStars Team Online's Dale Philip (29,700).

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1B_denys_chufarin.jpg

Chufarin chews on his chips

182 of the 407 players who started this tournament are still in with a shout of claiming a cash prize, the bubble will be reached today with a min-cash worth €2,020 , the full payout structure is as below.

1st. €93,000
2nd. €62,500
3rd. €38,400
4th. €29,800
5th. €22,750
6th. €16,180
7th. €12,160
8th. €9,200
9th-10th. €6,600
11th-12th. €5,560
13th-14th. €4,550
15-16th. €3,540
17th-24th. €3,030
25th-32nd. €2,630
33rd-40th. €2,320
41-48. €2,020

Cards are now in the air here in Varna, as with the first two days expect longer posts for the first few hours and then as the bubble approaches I'll switch to hand for hand coverage.

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Eureka Poker Tour