Eureka3 Bulgaria: Day 2, level 13-18 updates (3,000 - 6,000 ante 500)

11.15pm: Day 2 is over
Day 2 has come to an end and just 35 players remain. It's very close at the top and an exciting Day 3 lies ahead as we play down to the final table. Stay right here for a wrap of the day's play, the overnight chip counts and table draw. It looks like Milen Ivanov, with 470,000 has just been pipped to the chip lead.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1A_milen_ivanov.jpg

Milen Ivanov

11.05pm: Last three hands
The clock has been paused and the remaining players will play three more hands before bagging their chips.

11pm: In the money finishes
Here's who's cashed but crashed out of the main event since the bubble burst.

40th. Stoyan Madanzhiev, Bulgaria, Full Tilt Qualifier, €2,320
41st. Ahmet Ahmet, Bulgaria, €2,020
42nd. Georgi Harasimov, Bulgaria, €2,020
43rd. TBC
44th. Alexandar Panov, Bulgaria, €2,020
45th. Matti Hautanen, Finland, PokerStars Player, €2,020
46th. Ievgen Lozinskyi, Ukraine, €2,020
47th. Oleksandr Derevianchenko, Ukraine, PokerStars Qualifier, €2,020
48th. Vladimir Vujosevic, Montenegro, €2,020

10.45pm: Big stacks emerging as end of day draws closer
There are just five tables remaining and just 20 minutes left in the day and a couple of players have just won big pots to edge closer to Piotr Sowinski.

Richard Pfeffer now has around 550,000 after winning a chunky pot against Papantoniou Stylianos just before their table broke. The latter opened to 14,000, Pfeffer three-bet to 32,000 and Stylianos made the call. On the 8♠[10c]Q♠ flop Pfeffer c-bet 27,500 and Stylianos made the call. The 2♦ turn was checked through and the 5♠ completed the board.

First to act Stylianos led for 29,000, Pfeffer thought for some time before raising to 120,000, the Cypriot reacted to this raise by taking his headphones off, standing up and asking if Pfeffer would show if he folded and Pfeffer nodded. A few seconds later Stylianos announced call and showed A♦K♠ for just ace high, Pfeffer showed 6♠4♠ for the rivered flush and he dragged a big pot.

Whilst this hand was playing out - it took some time - Martin Indekgaard - was busy cracking aces with pocket kings to climb to 520,000.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 2_richard_pfeffer.jpg

Richard Pfeffer

10.35pm: Piotr Sowinski wins huge pot to take the chip lead
We have a Pole in pole position as Piotr Sowinski just won a 615,000 chip pot against Ioannis Vogiatzoglou.

The latter opened to 12,000 on the button, Sowinski three-bet to 32,000, Vogiatzoglou four-bet to 65,000, Sowinski moved all-in for 304,500 and Vogiatzoglou quickly called.

Sowinski: Q♣Q♦
Vogiatzoglou: A♦[10d]

The 6♣7♣J♣7♠5♣ board gave Sowinski an unnecessary flush and he now has around 615,000 and has emerged as a late in the day chip leader.

10.25pm: Larsen loving life
Richard Larsen just scored a crucial double up and boy did the Norwegian let everyone know about it. He's wearing a Chelsea shirt and did everything but a Mourinho style knee slide, good job he didn't as this carpet looks the type to burn.

Anyway to the hand in question, he raised to 12,000 from early position, Catalin Dragomir then moved all-in for 132,500 and when it got back to Larsen he announced call. He was the at risk player, all-in for 117,500.

Larsen: J♦J♠
Dragomir: A♥K♥

The 4♥3♦6♦3♣8♠ saw Larsen erupt in delight at his double, whilst Dragomir is down to fumes.

10.15pm: Exits
After the bubble burst the players actually played one more hand before going on break, in that hand two players were eliminated, Vladimir Vujosevic finished 48th and Oleksandr Derevianchenko finished 47th. Both collect €2,020.

10.05pm: Chip leaders as the last level of the night gets underway
There was no chip count of all remaining players during the break but I can tell you that the following players have a lot of chips.

Milen Ivanov- 400,000
Richard Pfeffer - 390,000
Goran Mandic - 390,000
Tane Tanevski - 380,000

This is the last level of the night and play will now be eight handed until the end of the tournament.

Defending champion Petar Zografov is still in but he only has 11 big blinds (66,000).

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000 ante 500

9.55pm: Break time
The remaining players are now on a 15 minute break.

9.50pm: Iulia Frolova bubbles Eureka3 Bulgaria main event
After a long period of play in which there were no all-in and calls, there were then two at the same time on different tables (what's Bulgarian for London buses?) this all meant that if both all-in players were eliminated they would split 48th place money.

The first all-in involved the final female in the tournament who was Iulia Frolova. She had blinded all the way down to 16,000 when she finally made her move from under-the-gun. It folded all the way to Alon Mor in the big blind and he made the call.

There was then a pause whilst the hands on the other table played out, one of which saw Ferdi-Hakan Ciorabai move all-in for around 82,000, he received a call from Papantoniou Stylianos.

The first hand to go to showdown was Frolova's, she showed A♥3♦ and was in trouble against Mor's A♦Q♠. The Q♥4♣7♥ flop all but ended it, she picked up a gutshot draw on the 2♠ turn but missed it on the 3♣ river. She was now hoping that Ciorabai would go out too.

The Romanian had A♠K♠ but needed to hit as Stylianos had pocket jacks. But he did connect on the 2♥8♦A♦3♥8♠ board to double up.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 2_iulia_frolova.jpg

Iulia Frolova goes home empty handed

9.40pm: The bubble has burst
We're in the money in Bulgaria, details on the bubble coming right up.

9.15pm: On the bubble
Mityok Erno has just gone out in 50th place, with around 50,000 in the pot pre-flop the rest of his chips, some 65,000 or so went in on the 4♠K♣[10c] flop and he was called by Piotr Sowinski.

Sowinski: A♣Q♣ - nut flush/royal flush draw and a gutshot straight draw
Emo: A♦K♠ - top pair, top kicker

The turn was the 4♣ giving Sowinski the best hand, Emo still had an outdraw to a full house though, but missed it on the 6♦ river.

We're now hand for hand in the main event.

9.10pm: Still 50
There have been no exits, or indeed all-in and calls in the last 15 minutes. The shortest stacks at this stage belong to: Iulia Frolova (32,500), Matti Hautanen (40,000), Vladimir Vujosevic (43,000) and Sergei Popov (45,000).

8.55pm: Final 50!
Just 50 players remain, 48 get paid. It's the bubble bubble. No hand for hand play in effect yet, that'll come in when 49 players remain, but all the all-in and calls will now be announced.

8.50pm: Chip leader takes a hit
It's almost the right of the chip leader to put the pressure on during the bubble and Papantoniou Stylianos just did that, but it didn't work out too well for him.

The Cypriot is another in the long line of, let's call them, table talkers. He's brash and has already been warned once by Tournament Director Thomas Lamatsch to be careful what he says in terms of verbal action that can be binding.

Anyway in this particular pot Stylianos and two other players saw a 2♠3♠3♦ flop, he bet 18,000 and Richard Pfeffer was the only caller. On the 7♦ turn it was checked to Pfeffer he bet 28,000 and Stylianos check-raised to 56,000 total. Tank and then a call from Pfeffer. The 4♥ river was checked through, Stylianos turned over A♣K♣ and said: "It's good right?" It wasn't as Pfeffer had pocket tens.

With that loss, Stylianos also lost the chip lead whilst Pfeffer now has over 340,000.

8.40pm: Latest exits
Falling just short of the cash were: Alberto Fiorilla, Rytis Taujanskas, Andrey Malyshev and Hefler Istvan.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500-5,000 ante 500

8.30pm: Tension rising as bubble gets closer
The bubble really is a completely separate poker tournament, within a poker tournament. Here'a hand that sums up the pressure the thought of going home with nothing rather than a nice payday does to players.

The action was started by Ahmet Ahmet (so good they named him twice?) he raised to 9,500, Ital Levy flat called and Stoyan Madanzhiev then moved all-in for 61,000 total. Back on Ahmet he asked for a count, then cut out the requisite calling chips from his remaining stack. When he did this I could see that he had smack on 80,000 back in total so with the call being for 51,500 of that 80,000 it was a big decision.

So, he took an amount of time befitting such a decision before folding, but before Levy could act Ahmet started berating him! Luckily Levy had headphones on but he took them off, got a count himself and then he also folded. Ahmet said he had pocket tens and Levy gave him some of his own medicine about how he couldn't believe Ahmet had folded pocket tens in that situation.

Regardless play continues and 53 players are left, 48 get paid.

8.20pm: Chip counts
Some more chip counts as the bubble approaches: defending champion Petar Zografov is still in, he has 101,000, Alberto Fiorilla is still on for back to back cashes, if not final tables as he has 51,000. Former chip leader Adam Sipos has slipped to 230,000, although let's not forget that's still above average. Ievgen Lozinskyi is down to 99,000 and Ivo Donev is struggling on just 43,000.

Just 54 players remain.

8.05pm: Exits
Tick, tick, tick towards the bubble we go, but these players will go no further as: Plamen Todorov, Stanislav Parhomenko, Tal Mor, Atanas Kavrakov, Day 1 chip leader Denys Chufarin, Danail Zhelev, Florin Ionut Pandilica, Dumitru-Claudiu Motorga, Arunas Garunkstis and Full TIlt Poker Ambassador Robert Cezarescu are all out. The latter was eliminated by Ioannis Vogiatzoglou.

7.45pm: Chip leaders
The top five as the bubble approaches are as follows:

Papantoniou Stylianos, 365,000
Goran Mandic, 360,000
George Vranas, 359,000
Richard Pfeffer, 340,000
Martin Indekgaard, 301,000

eureka3 bulgaria_day 2_goran_mandic2.jpg

Goran Mandic is still in the top five

7.35pm: Back from the break
The players are now back in their seats, just 59 remain.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,000-4,000 ante 400

6.30pm: Dinner break
The 65 remaining players are now on a one-hour dinner break.

6.15pm: More exits
We're down to the final 68 here in Bulgaria because: Izzat Aisami, Jozsef Hegyi, Gabriel Toader, Ivan Gladyshev, Daniel Todorov, Peter Horvath, Martin Nikolov, Aleksandar Milanov and Erling Ellingsberg are all out.

Remember the top 48 make the money with a min-cash worth €2,020.

6pm: Cezarescu chugging along
Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Robert Cezarescu is the last surviving Ambassador or Team Pro in the tournament, but he's got a face on. A face with a look that says someone stole his lunch money.

That's probably because he's been stuck with a stack of between 18 and 25 thousand for the last couple of hours, it's not fun playing a short stack. But he seems to be playing it well enough, I just saw him shove twice in a row and despite a couple of tank-folds from opponents he got both through to boost his stack from around 18,000 to around 34,000. Almost doubling it without showdown.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 2_robert_cezarescu.jpg

Cezarescu - not happy

5.45pm: More for Mandic as he busts Horecki
Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki is out and his chips have gone to the ever increasing pile in front of Goran Mandic.

The Croat told me that on a flop of J♣J♠3♣ Horecki bet, he raised, Horecki shoved with 7♣6♣ and Mandic called with king-jack. The Pole didn't spike his flush draw and the pot, which was worth only about 70,000 went to Mandic.

Still Horecki is looking on the bright side...

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000 ante 400

5.20pm: Glad it's not all over
There are now 76 players remaining and Ivan Gladyshev is one of them having got a much needed double up. He was all-in for roughly 20,000 with A♦Q♥ and up against Michal Vojtisek's K♠[10s]. The 5♥6♦3♥6♠A♥ board kept him in front and kept him in the hunt.

5.05pm: Exits
The bubble creeps ever closer as just 78 players remain meaning over half will make the money. For the players listed below their next best hope of making the money is to hop into the Mini-Eureka side event that's just started as: Adam Jaguscik, Paul-Lucian Jifcu, David Farkas, Tim Davie, Oliver Dopp and Costin Stavrositu are all out.

4.50pm: More chip counts
They might not be in the top five in chips but these players are definitely near the top when it comes to recognition. Here's how some of the names and notables left in the tournament are fairing: Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki has 80,000, Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Robert Czerescu has 23,000, defending champion Petar Zografov is on 127,000, Plamen Todorov has 130,000, Day 1A chip leader George Vranas as 196,000, he's at the same table as Ivo Donev who's slipped to 76,000 and Eureka3 Croatia fifth place finisher Alberto Fiorilla has 105,000.

4.40pm: Chip leaders
During the break the tournament staff did a full chip count, the leaders at the start of level 14 are:

Adam Sipos - 440,000
Teodor Gheoarca - 302,000
Goran Mandic - 280,000
Ievgen Lozinskyi - 255,000
Ferdi-Hakan Ciorabai - 228,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400 ante 300

4.25pm: Break time
The players are now on a 15 minute break.

4.20pm: Exits
First a couple of exits that I caught live...

Sotir Danailov got his final 40,000 in with A♠T♠ but lost out to Stoyan Madanzhiev's pocket queens. And Darie Vlad's short stack was gobbled up by Piotr Mikolaj Sowinski when the latter's A♠[10c] held against the formers A♣4♠.

Other exits include: Gromas Erlandas, Kamen Marinov, Doron Zvi Lida, Dallas Thornton, Yehezkel Mahlab, Georgi Zhelev, Daniel Williams, Nikolay Ivanov and Jonas Larsson.

4.12pm: Mandic and Horecki clash
Goran Mandic is a player with an impressive resume including deep runs in both the WSOP Main Event and EPT Grand Final. He's up to about 190,000 here, in part to eliminating Bulgarian bracelet winner Simeon Naydenov. He's now seated to the direct left of Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki and the two of them just played an interesting hand.

From under-the-gun Mandic made it 4,200 to go, Alexander Moiseev called from the small blind and Horecki did likewise from the big blind. The 2♣J♠J♣ flop was checked through, Horecki bet 5,600 on the Q♠ turn and Mandic was the only caller. The 7♣ completed the board, Horecki fired again, this time 13,600 and Mandic snap called, Horecki turned over A♣4♣ for the nut flush, but Mandic had pocket twos for a full house.

"So sick I should've gone broke I thought I had the nuts," said Horecki after the hand.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1A_goran_mandic.jpg

Mandic could've stacked Horecki

4.05pm: Chufarin still chipping up
Day 1 chip leader Denys Chufarin is still heading in the right direction and is up to around 190,000.

He just opened to 4,500 from the cut-off and got a call from Marjan Milanovic on the button. It was checked all the way to the river of a 8♣5♦3♠[10d]Q♠ board, at this point Chufarin bet 4,500 and after a bit of a think Milanovic folded. The Ukranian claimed ace-queen as he took the pot.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 2_denys_chufarin.jpg

Denys Chufarin

3.55pm: Plan for the day
I've just been informed by tournament director Thomas Lamatsch that the plan for today is to play nine levels in total, taking us to the end of level 18. The only way that they'll be more play than that is if the tournament is very close to the bubble.

However, Lamatsch is confident that the bubble will have burst by then and with 48 players getting paid and 99 remaining now so am I. I'm going to stick my neck out and predict that just 29 players will make Day 3.

3.40pm: Put a flake in this tournament 99 players left
For the first time on Day 2 the number of players has dropped below 100 as just 99 players remain. The latest exits include: Milos Zerzevski, Fahredin Mustafov, Ginko Vasilev, Itzik Hartz, Zarko Markovic, Jan Zeuschner, Petar Kalev, Jaroslaw Sikora, Nikolay Petrov, Andrey Chizhman and Valentin-Marius Cristea.

3.30pm: Horecki at the double
Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki started the day on 20,600, for a slight profit on his starting stack. It was again a case of slow progress in the opening two levels as he increased his stack marginally to 26,000 but was still very much in the danger zone. However, he's just score a double up with ace-king which made the nut flush against Mati Soo who made a smaller flush. After that hand he's up to around 60,000 and his tournament high point.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 2_marcin_horecki.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Eureka Poker Tour