Eureka3 Bulgaria, Day 2: Over before it's even begun

As alluded to in today's introductory post the start of Day 2 often sees a rash of exits as players who have tightened up to make Day 2 are left short on chips and need to get their hands on some. Often it goes wrong and they find themselves with zero.

Whilst 10 big blinds is seen as the traditional one move shove or fold stack, anything 20 big blinds or under can probably be considered on the short side given that there's also a running ante. That meant that at the start of play 37 players were in the danger zone - that's over 20% of the field. A further 11 players had less than 25,000 in chips meaning one failed raise could see them firmly in the danger zone.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 2_chip_shot.jpg

Stack'em high

So it's not surprising that in the first level over 30 players have been eliminated and even a work shy blogger like myself couldn't fail to catch a couple of those.

Last year Nagy Barnabas made the final table here in Varna, eventually finishing eighth for €7,600 but the Hungarian will not be repeating that run this year. He started the day with 19,200 and got that in with A♣Q♠ against the K♠J♠ of Marjan Milanovic. The 5♣K♦9♦3♦7♥ board ruled in the Serbian's favour.

The most spectacular all-in and call I saw involved Richard Pfeffer and Atanas Ardashev. A pre-flop raising war saw all the chips go in with Ardashev at risk for right around 54,000. He had aces and was in good shape against Pfeffer's pocket kings. But a Q♥K♣6♥Q♠7♣ board gave the monster pot to Pfeffer, who got incredibly lucky given that Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki said he folded a king.

Of course not all all-ins end badly for the short stack - otherwise tournaments would be a lot shorter than they are - Alen Bilic, who's Bosnia And Herzegowina's only representative in this tournament found a double when his A♠Q♥ spiked an ace to out race Osi Oliver Mihaly's pocket nines.

Tournament update:

The following players are now propping up a beach bar somewhere near the casino as they've all been eliminated: Martin Simeonov, Atanas Ardashev, Tadas Gromas, Nandor Solyom, Simon Jones, Vasil Medarov, Pawel Lach, Yuriy Filippov, Stoyan Boyadzhiev, Yaniv Peretz, Diyan Stanev, Ital Levy, Andreas Dagkas, Ivan Ivanov, Nagy Barnabas, Ivan Zuna, Tihomir Natskov, Valentai Attila, Anton Abela, Marcu Alexandru, Dmitriy Radchenko, Nir Levy, Milen Karaivanov, Bastian Fischer, Nikolay Losev, Mikael Larsson, Gonczo Zoltan, Orxan Allahverdiyev, Paolo Compagno, PokerStars Team Online's Dale Philip, Gabriel Dragomir, Aleksandar Boskovic, Dimitar Hristov, Maor Yossi Feldinger and Ted Stolzenbach.

You might have noticed Dale Philips name in the list above, this is how he went out.

Players are now into level 11 and blinds are 600 - 1,200 ante 200 and 139 players remain.

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Eureka Poker Tour