Eureka3 Bulgaria: Day 3, level 19-22 updates (8,000 - 16,000 ante 2,000)

4.41pm: Break time
Just six players down in the past two hours, time then for the 13 remaining players to take a 15 minute break. The last hand before the break Piotr Sowinski was eliminated. You'll find level 23 updates in a new post.

4.40pm: Another double for Richard Larsen
Richard Larsen is back in the relative comfort zone of 20 big blinds after doubling through Tane Tanevski.

The latter opened to 32,000 from the cut-off and called it off when Larsen moved all-in for 173,000 from the big blind.

Larsen: K♥Q♥
Tanevski: K♠8♠

The 2♥4♦A♥J♦7♥ board means Larsen now has around 384,000.

4.35pm: Marjan Milanovic doubles through Tane Tanevski
With a Q♥6♥5♣5♦ board on the felt Tane Tanevski check-called a bet of 60,000 from Marian Milanovic to create a pot of around 180,000. The A♠ fell on the river and Tanevski simply open shoved, setting Milanovic all-in for his last 130,000. After about 20 seconds though Milanovic announced call and showed A♥Q♦ and Tanevski mucked his hand.

After that chip swing Milanovic is up to around 430,000 whilst Tanevski drops to 535,000.

4.25pm: Larsen doubles; Pfeffer shoves
Richard Larsen has completed stage one of his recovery by getting a double up. He was all-in for 57,000 with [10h]6♥ and in trouble against Stefan Ivanov's A♥5♣. But he connected rather better with the 7♦9♣2♦[10s]3♥ board than Ivanov and stayed alive.

Meanwhile on the other table, Richard Pfeffer, who was chip leader at the start of the day and has simply maintained his stack, opened on the button to 32,000. From the small blind Liran Machluf made it 78,000 total. After a tank fold from Georgios Phiniotis in the big blind, Pfeffer moved all-in for 436,000 total and Machluf folded his hand.

4.15pm: Donev doubles up
A huge double up for Ivo Donev just now and he couldn't quite believe how he got it.

I missed the pre-flop action but on a [10d]2♠4♥ flop Donev led, Richard Larsen re-raised to around 160,000, Donev shoved for 356,000 total and after some thought Larsen called it off.

Larsen: 7♥2♣
Donev: A♠A♦

Larsen had got funky with the old seven-deuce and Donev had, at the same time, found the best hand in poker. And it held up on the Q♣ turn and 9♠ river. After that hand Donev is up to around 800,000 whilst Larsen is down to just 65,000.

4.05pm: Ital Levy eliminated in 15th place (€3,540)
Another one of the chip leaders at the last break is out as Ital Levy just hit the rail. he three-bet all-in for around 200,000 with K♠J♠ and Tane Tanevski made the call with A♥Q♠. The better hand held up on the 9♠Q♥3♣8♣3♥ board and Tanevski is up to 920,000 having seemingly lost some chips.

Both his drop in chips and Levy's drop in chips can be explained by the fact that Stefan Ivanov has 1,035,000.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 3_ital_levy.jpg

Levy has lost the last of his chips

3.55pm: Big double up for Liran Machluf
No sooner had Piotr Sowinski got his hand on a chip leading stack then he was losing it to Liran Machluf.

On the 4♥7♠9♥ flop Sowinski bet 77,000, Machluf moved all-in for around 400,000 and Sowinski made the call.

Sowinski: K♥5♥
Machluf: 7♥7♣

The Israeli was well in front but had to fade the flush draw, which he did as the 3♣ and Q♦ completed the board.

He's now up to around 930,000, whilst Sowinski is down to 850,000.

3.45pm: Teodor Gheoarca eliminated in 16th place (€3,540)
From having double average and being in second place to out in the space of minutes. Poker it's a cruel game.

That's the fate that's just befallen Teodor Gheoarca, he lost a 1,400,000 chip pot to Piotr Sowinski with pocket queens against ace-king, the Pole spiking an ace on the river.

His shrapnel then went in with 6♣2♣ and he ran into the aces of Michal Vojtisek and although he turned a pair he couldn't river two-pair or trips and, just like that, he was out.

Sowinski meanwhile is now the clear chip leader.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 3_teodor_gheoarca.jpg

Gheoarca lost a massive flip for the chip lead

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000 ante 2,000

3.30pm: Final two tables
Here's how the final two tables line-up...

Table 1:
Teodor Gheoarca Romania PokerStars Qualifier 810,000
Richard Pfeffer Hungary 490,000
Liran Machluf Israel PokerStars Qualifier 153,000
Georgios Phiniotis Cyprus 284,000
Piotr Mikolaj Sowinski Poland 700,000
Alexander Moiseev Russia PokerStars Qualifier 400,000
Michal Vojtisek Czech Republic PokerStars Qualifier 565,000

Papantoniou Stylianos Cyprus 425,000

Table two
Stefan Ivanov Bulgaria 540,000
Alon Mor Israel PokerStars Qualifier 390,000
Ivo Donev Bulgaria/Austria 330,000
Tane Tanevski Macedonia 860,000
Bogdan Kovacevic Serbia PokerStars Player 360,000
Marjan Milanovic Serbia PokerStars Qualifier 115,000

Ital Levy Israel 600,000
Richard Larsen Norway PokerStars Qualifier 470,000

3.20pm: Othonas Katakis eliminated in 17th place (€3,030)
No details I'm afraid but the final 16 players are no redrawing at the final two tables so there's a short lull in the action.

3.10pm: Petar Zogrofov eliminated in 18th place (€3,030)
And the title defence is over...

Down to just four big blinds Petar Zografov moved in with K♦Q♦ but found a caller in the shape of Stefan Ivanov who had A♠7♦. There was no help for Zografov on the board, indeed Ivanov even turned an ace. But it's another very deep run from Zografov on the Eureka Poker Tour.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 3_petar_zografov.jpg

Zografov - grinded a short stack to 18th place

3.05pm: Gheoarca takes one from Levy
Teodor Gheoarca now has more than 800,000 after winner a big pot from Ital Levy. I reached the table to see a complete board of Q♦A♣A♠3♥5♣ on the felt, there was around 200,000 in the pot and Gheoarca had bet 70,000 on the river. Action was on Levy, eventually he called, but mucked when Gheoarca showed K♦Q♠. "I had tens," said Levy.

2.55pm: Cooler sends Milen Ivanov out in 19th place (€3,030)
A real blind on blind cooler to tell you about now...

From the small blind Milen Ivanov opened to 24,000, Piotr Sowinski three-bet to 42,000 from the big blind, Ivanov then min four-bet to 60,000. After some thought Sowinski moved all-in and Ivanov snap called all-in for roughly 200,000.

Ivanov: K♥K♦
Sowinski: A♥A♠

An absolute brutal set-up for Ivanov and the [10h]Q♦[10d]7♥9♣ board kept Sowinski infront.

Moments earlier Ioannis Vogiatzoglou had busted in 20th place.

2.40pm: Chip counts
The floor staff did chip counts during the break, here's how the final 20 stack up, they'll be another redraw with 16 left. Chip leader as has been the case for a while is Tane Tanevski, although Ital Levy is hot on his heels. And Petar Zografov's title defence is still alive although he is the shortest stack of those remaining.

Tane Tanevski Macedonia 860,000
Ital Levy Israel 821,000
Michal Vojtisek Czech Republic PokerStars Qualifier 565,000
Teodor Gheoarca Romania PokerStars Qualifier 541,000

Stefan Ivanov Bulgaria 500,000
Richard Pfeffer Hungary 490,000
Piotr Mikolaj Sowinski Poland 485,000
Richard Larsen Norway PokerStars Qualifier 470,000
Papantoniou Stylianos Cyprus 425,000
Alexander Moiseev Russia PokerStars Qualifier 400,000
Alon Mor Israel PokerStars Qualifier 390,000

Milen Ivanov Bulgaria 370,000
Bogdan Kovacevic Serbia PokerStars Player 360,000
Ivo Donev Bulgaria/Austria 330,000
Georgios Phiniotis Cyprus 284,000
Othonas Katakis Greece PokerStars Qualifier 159,000
Liran Machluf Israel PokerStars Qualifier 153,000

Ioannis Vogiatzoglou Greece 138,000
Marjan Milanovic Serbia PokerStars Qualifier 115,000
Petar Zografov Bulgaria PokerStars Qualifier 100,000

eureka3 bulgaria_day 3_tane_tanevski2.jpg

Tanevski leads with 20 left

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000 ante 1,000

2.20pm: 20 for 20
The 20 remaining players are now on a 20 minute break.

2.15pm: Michal Vojtisek doubles through Tane Tanevski
The first dent in the armour of the chip leader has just been made as Michal Vojtisek just doubled through him.

The pot was opened to 22,000, Tane Tanevski then three-bet to 46,500, Vojtisek then moved all-in for 252,000 and when it folded back to Tanevski he made the call.

Vojtisek: A♣A♥
Tanevski: K♠Q♦

The board came 6♣8♥7♥7♦2♦ and Vojtisek doubled up to around 550,000, whilst Tanevski is down to around 1,000,000.

2.05pm: Down to 20
A couple more eliminations to tell you about, Full Tilt qualifier Vlad Lache was taken out in 22nd and Gheorghe Sandulescu is out in 21st. Just 20 remain.

2pm: Triple up! Triple up! Triple up!
Ioannis Vogiatzoglou was very happy about getting a triple up, so happy in fact that he made sure everyone else in the casino knew about it!

He was all-in for 49,500 with K♠J♥, Ital Levy then moved all-in over the top with pocket nines and Teodor Gheoarca then called all-in for 251,000 with A♣J♣.

The A♥Q♥[10s] flop gave Vogiatzoglou the nuts and Gheoarca the lead in the side pot. The 4♦ turn and Q♠ river changed nothing. So Vogiatzoglou trebled up to around 150,000 and Gheoarca also turned a profit, increasing his stack to over 400,000.

1.52pm: Damyan Donchev eliminated in 23rd place (€3,030)
From middle position Vlad Lache moved all-in for around 90,000 and from the button Damyan Donchev called all-in for his last 60,000 and everyone else folded.

Lache: A♣2♦
Donchev: Q♣4♣

The 7♣K♥[10s]A♦5♦ board kept the last remaining Full Tilt qualifier alive and sent Donchev to the rail.

1.50pm: Big stacks on same table
The random re-draw has seen three of the four biggest stacks end up on the same table. Chip leader Tane Tanevski (1,200,000), Piotr Sowinski (580,000) and Milen Ivanov (500,000) are all seated at the same table.

1.40pm: Chuplan Garaev eliminated in 24th place (€3,030)
Down to just 50,500 Chuplan Garaev found A♥2♥ on the button and naturally moved all-in, Papantoniou Stylianos called from the big blind with 7♠4♥ to put Garaev at risk.

The Q♣K♥7♣8♠4♣ board gave Stylianos two pair and the pot.

1.30pm: Exits so far
The tournament has played at breakneck pace so far, here are the exits from the opening 75 minutes of play.

25th. George Cristian Malancu, Romania, €2,630
26th. Ferdi-Hakan Ciorabai, Romania, €2,630
27th. Martin Indekgaard, Norway, €2,630
28th. Goran Mandic, Croatia, PokerStars Player, €2,630
29th. Adam Sipos, Hungary, PokerStars Qualifier, €2,630

30th. Patrik Demus, Hungary, Full Tilt Qualifier, €2,630
31st. George Vranas, Greece, PokerStars Qualifier, €2,630

32nd. Rumen Rashkov, Bulgaria, €2,630
33rd. Sergei Popov, Russia , PokerStars Player, €2,320
34th. Valentino Konakchiev, Bulgaria, €2,320
35th. George Ene, Romania, €2,320

1.25pm: Down to 24
Martin Indekgaard was the 27th place finisher and shortly after his exit Ferdi-Hakan Ciorabai (26th) and George Malancu (25th) were also eliminated. The final 24 are now doing a complete redraw to the final three tables.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000 ante 1,000

1.20pm: Georgios Phiniotis doubles through Martin Indekgaard
After Martin Indekgaard opened Georgios Phiniotis three-bet all-in for 114,000 and back on Indekgaard he made the call.

Indekgaard: 7♥7♠
Phiniotis: Q♣Q♦

Indekgaard's friend called for a seven from heaven but the Q♥4♦5♦ board pretty much ended the hand and there was no miracle on the K♥ turn or 8♠ river. This left Indekgaard short on chips and he was seen at the payouts desk shortly afterwards.

1.10pm: Adam Sipos and Goran Mandic eliminated
I didn't catch either first hand but Adam Sipos got his last 150,000 in with pocket sevens and lost out to Ital Levy's ace-king when the Israeli rivered a straight, Levy now has about 600,000.

And surprisingly Goran Mandic is out he apparently three-bet shoved with [A][5] into the [A][K] of Tane Tanevski and didn't hit. The latter is definitely the chip leader as he has around 800,000.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 2_adam_sipos.jpg

Adam Sipos

1pm: Patrick Demus eliminated
I didn't see the Hungarian's exit but his elimination means that Vlad Lache is the last remaining Full Tilt qualifier and has won a package to Eureka Prague.

12.50pm: George Vranas eliminated
Another big hand to tell you about now...

Tane Tanevski opened to 16,000, George Vranas then three-bet to 33,000, Tanevski then re-raised to 67,000. Back on Vranas he tanked for so long that the clock was called. Eventually he moved all-in for around 140,000 and Tanevski made the call.

Vranas: A♥Q♠
Tanevski: Q♦Q♣

The 3♠[10c]K♣5♦[10h] board gave Tanevski a sweat but his hand held to send Vranas to the rail. The Macedonian may well be chip leader after that coup.

12.45pm: Donev ruins Rashkov
In a series of pre-flop raises Ivo Donev and Rumen Rashkov got all their chips in the middle, the latter at risk for around 160,000.

Donev: Q♣Q♠
Rashkov: A♠A♣

The [10h]5♦Q♥2♦[10s] board saw Donev outdraw Rashkov and send the latter to the rail, Donev is up to around 375,000.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 2_ivo_donev.jpg

Ivo Donev (right) and Maricn Horecki

12.30pm: Action table
Table 24 is the action table, here's three hands in a row that just happened.

Hand one: Down to just 24,000 Patrik Demus, who's one of the two remaining Full Tilt qualifiers, moved all-in with 9♣4♥, Damyan Donchev gave him a spin with K♣J♥. It looked all over on the J♠K♦6♥ flop, but the [10h] turn and Q♣ river gave Demus an unlikely straight.

Hand two: George Cristian Malancu moved all-in for around 70,000 with K♥T♥ and Demus called all-in for slightly less with pocket queens. The 7♣6♥A♥Q♠4♠ board gave Demus another double and left Malancu with just 10,500.

Hand three: Malancu's chips went in the middle on the next hand, Ital Levy isolated to 20,500 on the button, but Donchev called from the big blind. On the 7♥8♥5♠ flop Levy put out a bet and Donchev folded. First to show was Levy who revealed pocket jacks, Malancu was in trouble with 4♥3♦ the Q♥ turn was a blank but the 6♥ river gave Malancu a straight and a treble up.

12.20pm: Down to four tables
Whilst I was writing up the Georgiev exit another two players were eliminated. With the exits of Valentino Konakchiev in 34th and Sergei Popov in 33rd there's been a short pause whilst a table is broken and the 32 remaining players take their places around the final four tables.

12.15pm: George Ene first to go
The shortest stack at the start of Day 3 was George Ene and he's the first player to be eliminated today. He moved all-in for 67,000 with K♣J♥ and Georgios Phiniotis called with A♦J♣. The Q♥4♦5♠A♥7♠ board ruling decisively in the Cypriot's favour.

12pm: Pfeffer leads with 35 left
Just 35 players remain in the Eureka3 Bulgaria main event and by the end of today that figure will be reduced to the final table of eight.

It's a close run thing at the top with Richard Pfeffer in the lead with 478,500 but there are three other players within two and a half big blinds of him. And last year's champion Petar Zografov is still in, although with 131,000 he's in 25th place as play gets underway. And two Full Tilt qualifiers are still in the hunt to win a package to Eureka3 Prague.

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1A_eureka_trophy.jpg

The Eureka3 Bulgaria trophy

Below is the complete Day 3 seat draw:

(Table, Seat, Name, Country, Status, Chips)

Table 21
21 1 Marjan Milanovic Serbia PokerStars Qualifier 123,000
21 2 Alon Mor Israel PokerStars Qualifier 213,000

21 3 Papantoniou Stylianos Cyprus 347,500
21 4 Othonas Katakis Greece PokerStars Qualifier 134,000
21 5 Michal Vojtisek Czech Republic PokerStars Qualifier 324,500
21 6 Petar Zografov Bulgaria PokerStars Qualifier 131,000

21 7 Milen Ivanov Bulgaria 470,500

Table 22
22 1 Liran Machluf Israel PokerStars Qualifier 248,500
22 2 Stefan Ivanov Bulgaria 251,000
22 3 Sergei Popov Russia PokerStars Player 158,000
22 4 Atanas Georgiev Bulgaria 76,500
22 5 Georgios Phiniotis Cyprus 82,000
22 6 Richard Pfeffer Hungary 478,500
22 7 Gheorghe Sandulescu Romania 303,000

Table 23
23 1 George Vranas Greece PokerStars Qualifier 166,500
23 2 Piotr Mikolaj Sowinski Poland 464,500
23 3 Tane Tanevski Macedonia 395,000
23 4 Ferdi-Hakan Ciorabai Romania 230,000
23 5 Ivo Donev Bulgaria 205,000
23 6 Teodor Gheoarca Romania PokerStars Qualifier 239,000
23 7 Valentino Konakchiev Bulgaria 80,500

Table 24
24 1 Patrik Demus Hungary Full Tilt Qualifier 124,500
24 2 Ital Levy Israel 458,000
24 3 Vlad Stefan Lache Romania Full Tilt Qualifier 95,000
24 4 Damyan Donchev Bulgaria PokerStars Qualifier 193,500
24 5 Adam Sipos Hungary PokerStars Qualifier 319,000
24 6 Richard Larsen Norway PokerStars Qualifier 251,500

24 7 George Cristian Malancu Romania 82,500

Table 25
25 1 Rumen Rashkov Bulgaria 187,500
25 2 Alexander Moiseev Russia PokerStars Qualifier 82,000
25 3 Bogdan Kovacevic Serbia PokerStars Player 154,500
25 4 Goran Mandic Croatia PokerStars Player 314,000

25 5 Martin Indekgaard Norway 371,000
25 6 Ioannis Vogiatzoglou Greece 116,000
25 7 Chuplan Garaev Russia 186,500

And here's what they're playing for:

1st. €93,000
2nd. €62,500
3rd. €38,400
4th. €29,800
5th. €22,750
6th. €16,180
7th. €12,160
8th. €9,200
9th-10th. €6,600
11th-12th. €5,560
13th-14th. €4,550
15-16th. €3,540
17th-24th. €3,030
25th-32nd. €2,630
33rd-35th. €2,320

Cards are in the air and play is underway.

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Eureka Poker Tour