Eureka3 Croatia: Get qualifying for Dubrovnik

If you're sitting at home reading this thinking, "I wish that could be me" you need to buck your ideas up and change your attitude. You should be sitting a home reading this and saying, "I know that will be me."

Playing on the Eureka Poker Tour is easy, and you can set the ball rolling pretty much straight away. In less than 30 minutes on PokerStars, there's an $82 double chance satellite starting which promises to send at least one player (and probably more) to Dubrovnik for the Eureka Croatia event in May.


You could join the Eureka fun

To be more precise, that tournament, the second on season three of this tour, runs from May 26-29 at the glorious Golden Sun Casino. They wouldn't dare call a casino that unless golden sun was guaranteed*, so get yourself on the qualification path and get over to Croatia.

Even if tonight's satellite doesn't go according to plan, then you can try again every day. Some days there are even two. Take a look at the Eureka website for more details. Good luck, and see you in the Golden Sun.

*Neither the Eureka Poker Tour nor PokerStars Blog guarantees sun. Ah, what the heck. The PokerStars Blog does.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Eureka Poker Tour