Eureka3 Croatia: No guts no glory, no chips no chance

There are many bubbles that aren't bubbles in poker tournaments, at least in a monetary sense and perhaps the biggest artificial bubble of them all is the Day 2 bubble.

We're now into the ninth and last level of Day 1A and players that are averagely stacked or below generally fall into one of two camps at this points. There are those that rock up, sit on their stack and protect what they've got. They're content to carry what they have through to Day 2, recuperate overnight and come back fighting on Day 2.

Then there are those that think that as that is the mindset of the majority that they should play the opposite way, put the pedal to the metal and try and motor their way to a big stack by running over the more timid elements of their table in the last level.

And lastly there are those who play poker as one long session and simply play their hand values not deviating from the strategy they've employed thus far to get them there. It creates a pretty good dynamic I can tell you and it's one in which the big stacks usually prosper.

eureka3 croatia_day 1A_daniel_ebersold.jpg

Four threes have boosted Daniel Ebersold to second

One such big stack is Daniel Ebersold, the German, who has 125,000 told me that I missed the hand of the day. He kindly told me about the pot that has vaulted him to second in the chip counts. "There was a raise, two callers and then I also called with pocket threes," he began. "The flop was 3-8-8, the small blind checked, the big blind bet 2,000, the under-the-gun player raises to 4,000 and I just call," sneaky. "The small blind then makes it 8,000, the big blind raises to 22,000, it folds to me, I move all-in, the small blind folds and the big blind thinks for ages and calls with A-9 which is the nut flush draw. The turn was an ace and the river a three!"

Despite that massive coup Ebersold still trails long time chip leader Georges Yazbeck who has 130,000.

Tournament update: There are now more people in the side event (48) than main event (44). And the satellite to the main event just wrapped up with six players punching their ticket to Day 1B of Eureka3 Croatia. There's roughly 30 minutes of the last level of the day to go.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Eureka Poker Tour