Eureka3 Croatia: The €64,000 question, who will win?

Hot off the press is the prize pool structure for the main event here in Croatia. A total of 283 players entered the main event of Eureka3 Crotia creating a prize pool of €274,510.

The winner, as you can see below will take home €64,000, whilst the loser of the final hand will have €43,300 with which to drown his sorrows with.

Just 52 players remain all of them will be hoping to lock up a min-cash of €1,770 whilst should a player finding himself in the final table photo tomorrow the pain of having to stand there and say 'cheese' will be cushioned by at least €6,500, that's a lot of cheddar.

eureka3 croatia_day 2_bart_lybaert.jpg

Bart Lybaert - winner of Eureka3 Czech Republic

Eureka3 Croatia Main Event Payout structure:

1st. €64,000
2nd. €43,300
3rd. €26,900
4th. €19,700
6th. €11,400
7th. €8,900
8th. €6,500
9th-10th. €5,100
11th-12th €4,215
13th-14th. €3,500
15th-16th €2,700
17th-24th €2,240
25th-32nd. €1,950
33rd-40th €1,770

Tournament Update: Since the last update a few more players have been eliminated including: Nemanja Bojović, Sergei Popov, Chris Walker, Simon Burri, Stephen Woodhead, Tuomas Antero Roppanen, Ronald Oomen, Alt Chandru and Andrei Mitsiuk.

eureka3 croatia_day 2_ivailo_kolarov2.jpg

Ivailo Kolarov

Whilst the three biggest stacks in the room belong to: Bozso Achilles (290,000), Asif Warris (240,000) and Georges Yazbeck (220,000). And both the players still left in the Full Tilt qualifier last longer for the €2,200 Eureka Bulgaria package are still alive. Triantafyllos Chadiroglou has 140,000 and Ivailo Kolarov is on 55,000. With the bubble so close I'll now be switching to more traditional hand for hand coverage from the start of level 14.

Earlier I reported that Adam Owen was out - I had the I.D card that corresponds to his name given to me - but he is in fact definitely still in as are 46 other players.

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Croatia: Nick Wright. Photos by Ivan Dabac.

Nick Wright
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