Eureka3 Czech Republic: A bad day to be a Red Spade

Remember yesterday when we insisted you could speak German if you really tried, well you can have another go today, courtesy of this tweet by Jan Heitmann.

I'm no expert, but I'm saying he lost with kings to ace-queen, leaving him 1,300 chips, and soon lost those as well. I'm saying he's going to play a cash game next and "morgen vielleicht HR" means maybe the High Roller tomorrow. Like I say, I'm no expert.

What I can say with some confidence is that Heitmann is indeed out of this tournament. He is standing on the rail talking to some friends. And what with DaWarsaw also busting earlier today, this looks like being a pretty bad day to be a Red Spade. (It was such a good day yesterday.)


Jan Heitmann's chip tricks on Day 2 in Rozvadov

Even Christophe De Meulder is suffering. He began this morning with only a small blind less than a six-figure stack, but began his Twitter wall of misery soon after with the following:

...which he soon followed up with:

De Meulder, however, seems to be having fun, even if his table draw is a stinker. He is sitting directly to the right of Marius Pospiech, the second-biggest overnight stack from Day 1A, and across the table from Fabian Leib, the overall chip leader coming into today. At least there will be chips available on that table; everyone is getting heavily involved.


Christophe De Meulder on day two in Rozvadov

We are coming to the end of level 10, the second of the day. That will mean a 15-minute break and a quick chip count across the room. We will then get an indication of how the early carnage has affected stacks.

We are down to about 115 players at the moment, which means about 50 have bust already. I have just ear-wigged a conversation between tournament staff, who have indicated that the loose plan for today is to play to the money, and then possibly one more level.

That will facilitate a shorter day tomorrow, when the players' party is scheduled. Seems fair. Stand by for a stack attack and a list of latest eliminations.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Eureka Poker Tour