Eureka3 Czech Republic: Enter the big guns, Keiner and Geshkenbein

Players continue to arrive to Rozvadov, taking our tally for the day so far up to 118. The fashion in poker - in case you didn't know - is to arrive about as late as possible and keep your hourly rate high. It means that we won't know the identities of the full field until we're into level five, by which point many of them will already have gone broke.

That said, we are now getting close to determining the complexion of our field. As expected, there are a healthy number of local players, or folk best known around the card clubs of the Czech Republic and Germany, but they are certainly punctuated by a number of players who have a reputation that stretches even further.

Michael Keiner, the Team PokerStars Pro from Germany, arrived a short while ago, dressed in characteristic fashion. For Keiner that means a black blazer and a blue button down shirt, with a distinctive diamond stud in his left ear.


Michael Keiner at Eureka Czech Republic

Keiner won a World Series bracelet in seven-card stud in 2007 and has since established his reputation as one of the best known players in Germany; he is one of the old school there, who first cleared that path that the likes of Benny Spindler, Tobias Reinkemeier, Sebastian Ruthenberg, et al, now stomp across.

But if Keiner thought he would have it easy this afternoon, he clearly hadn't accounted for Vladimir Geshkenbein, the EPT Snowfest champion. Geshkenbein arrived at a similar time to Keiner and was seated three seats to his left--and he is also clearly keen to gamble.

Geskenbein got involved very early on with a Hungarian player, moving all in over the top of a four-bet. He first asked his adversary what language he would prefer the table talk to be spoken in -- the options were German, Russian or English -- and then, as his foe was pondering whether to call all in, began quizzing him on his hand. "I'm all in already, I don't think I can change my mind," Geskenbein said.


From EPT to Eureka: Vladimir Geshkenbein

This pot went to Geshkenbein, taking his stack to about 600 chips more than his starting stack of 20,000. Expect fluctuations there.

So long as he is in this tournament, Geskenbein will be one of the notable players whose counts we will track on the chip-counts page. That list is far from comprehensive, I'm afraid, but it will get more so as the tournament gets towards its business end.

For the moment it features notable stacks and notable names. There may be some crossover.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Eureka Poker Tour