Eureka3 Czech Republic: It's all Greek to me

From the very earliest stages today, the name Vasileios Kontogiannis has been testing the copy-paste skills of the bloggers here in Rozvadov, appearing on various websites among the chip leaders.

Although not quite a household name -- try spelling that out in fridge magnets -- Kontogiannis is certainly a familiar face on the European Poker Tour and beyond. Until recently, he wrote the Greek version of the PokerStars Blog, and he has promised to chisel in stone his thoughts from this tournament too -- as and when it is over for him.


CTRL+C "Vasileios Kontogiannis" CTRL+V

But that will not be for some time if things continue to go as well as they have so far today. He found kings in the opening level and had an opponent betting into him. They got it all in (Kontogiannis said he was prepared to go broke to aces) but found he was only up against ace-king and faded an ace.

He has since continued to grow his stack and now has the right side of 60,000 chips. His countryman Ioannis Triantafyllakis also started well and was up to about 50,000 too. But he has recently been pegged back to 22,000.

Kontogiannis is on the undisputed action table, alongside another of the early big stacks, Thomas Ollhoff. Alexander Lakhov and Hüseyin Arkun were two of the earliest players to bust today, and one gave his chips to Kontogiannis and the other to Ollhoff. Their table will not break today -- it's No 1 -- and so there is a chance that those two could yet come to blows. We would almost certainly have an overall chip-leader if that was the case; they have about 130,000 chips between them.


Thomas Ollhoff: another big stack

At the moment, the chip-leader mantle is held by Reinhard Foidl, from Austria. He knocked out Igor Pihela, of Estonia, with black queens against A♥[10d] on a ten-high board. Foidl was able to stack 110,000 chips after that one and is the first into six figures.

Petar Zografov, a winner in Bulgaria on season two of the Eureka Poker Tour, will not become its first two-time champion, at least not this week. He is among the latest casualties of a day that continues to be pretty brutal.

Latest eliminations: Stefano Locorotondo, Petar Zografov, Mikhail Marchenko, Gerhard Mair, Damyan Donchev, Manfred Hammer, Domenico D´onghia.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Eureka Poker Tour