Eureka3 Czech Republic: No need to hang around

Poker tournaments vary in size and duration, in buy in, prize pool and variation. Tournaments take place in hundreds of countries around the globe and are played by people of all ages, genders and ability. But if there's one thing that unites them all - every single one* - it is that Day 1A will have fewer runners than Day 1B.

As I look at the tournament clock here in Rozvadov this afternoon, approaching the end of the first level of the first flight of the first day, the tally of players reads 102. It started at about 80, then moved steadily up into the 90s and then into three figures. And with registration open for another three hours, it will grow even more.


Plenty of space in the Eureka Rozvadov tournament room for late registrants

Yet by this time tomorrow, there will likely be twice as many people. Possibly many more than that. Plenty of potential players will be travelling to the Czech Republic today, with the intention of having a long weekend in the area and starting playing tomorrow. Many fewer will have come in yesterday knowing that success would mean a day off tomorrow. It's just one of those things.

Ondrey Drozd will be free tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after that. He has earned himself the unwanted accolade as the first player out of the tournament in Rozvadov, busting about half an hour into the day.

He found red tens and got all his chips in the middle after a raising war with Bui Chi Hou. Hou is a local player, well known in the casino, and he had A♥K♣. He hit two aces and that was that for Drozd.

Not long after that, Heseyin Arkon became the second man to fall. Tomas Ollhof was the man to profit. Remember, they started with stacks of 200 big blinds. At least two of them have none left.

"That's Rozvadov style!" said one of the tournament directors.

* Yes, yes, there are exceptions. Word reaches that in Dortmund a few weeks ago, Day 1A of a tournament fell on a Sunday and Day 1B on a Monday. That meant that Day 1A had more. But this is the general rule. And this is also artistic license.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Eureka Poker Tour