Eureka3 Czech Republic: Pre- and post-bubble skirmishes

9.45pm: Day ends on huge bluff gone awry
We have finished for the night here in Rozvadov, and Bart Lybaert will be the overnight leader, with 607,000. He might not have been. Kasparas Klezys had many more than him coming into the final hand, but the Latvian tried to push Ronald Szczerba off a hand on a [10c]7♣8♠A♣3♠ board - shoving on the river - but Szczerba called for his tournament life with A♦[10s] and was good.

That cost Klezys about 200,000 chips and the overnight lead. But he is still healthy going into the penultimate day. A full wrap of today, with final chip counts for the last 31, will be with you shortly.

9.25pm: Three at once
Things calmed down here for a matter of a few minutes, and then sure enough all hell broke loose. On table six, Artur Koren open shoved his 45,500 stack from the cut off and Ján Petráš reshoved from the button. Koren was live with [10h]8♥ versus Petráš's K♠Q♦. But the board of 6♦A♦J♥2♥A♠ changed nothing.

As this was going down, there was a massive pot brewing on table seven. Well, it didn't exactly just brew, it went straight to the boil as Alain Medesan, Jakub Romanowicz and Giovanni Mazza were all in.

Medesan: J♠J♦
Romanowicz: A♦Q♣
Mazza: A♠A♥

Not only did Mazza have the biggest hand, he had the biggest stack too. And when the board bricked, he was stacking up 542,000.

9pm: The race out of Rozvadov
Ever since the tournament organisers told players that there was only one more level to play, they have all started sticking their chips in to try to beat the rush to the car park. Or something. Here are the details of three eliminations.

  • Charalampos Papadopoulos had moved tables, away from Vladimir Geshkenbein. But he still only had a short stack of about 50,000 and there were plenty of others who fancied adding those to their stack. It was folded to Papadopoulos in the cut off and he shoved, but he ran right into Mario Bureš's reshove.

    Papadopoulos: J♣[10h]
    Bureš: A♦[10c]

    The board came 3♣6♥5♥2♠3♠, which only favoured Bureš. "Yes, champion," he said as Papadopoulos headed away.

  • Simeon Todorov opened to 10,000 and Mark Debler shipped for 67,500. The decision came back to Todorov and he called.

    Todorov: A♦[10h]
    Debler: K♥5♥

    The board ran [10d]3♥9♥J♠2♠ and that was that for Debler.

  • Fabian Leib limped from the button and Jan Dönges also completed the small blind. Something felt a little fishy about this, and it turned out that Goran Mandic was about to be snared in a trap. He shoved from the big blind, about 85,000. And although Leib folded, Mandic snap-called and tabled A♥K♣. Mandic was dominated with K♠9♠ and there was no help on the flop.

  • It seems that Milan Cicka has also now busted.

    8.40pm: One more level
    Teresa Nousiainen has decreed that we will play one more one-hour level and then call this a night. There are 44 players remaining going into level 16, the last of the day.

    8.35pm: We're a High Roller down
    Wojtech Ruzicka came into today with a medium-low stack, grew it to one of the biggest in the room, but was down to a short stack again as the bubble approached. Now, having got into the money, he has got it all in and has been knocked out by Jan Dönges.

    Ruzicka opened to 8,000 from under the gun from a total 71,000. It was folded to Dönges who moved in, comfortably covering Ruzicka. After doing some mathematics, Ruzicka called, but was in bad shape.

    Ruzicka: 4♠4♦
    Dönges: K♥K♣

    There were no miracles and the EPT Deauville High Roller champion bade farewell.

    The next man out was Thomas Wieland, who also takes €2,500.

    8.30pm: First winner
    Our first man out in the money places is Roman Foret. Keep an eye now on the payouts page to see who busts in what order. Everyone is now guaranteed at least €2,500.

    8.15pm: Burst
    Ha! It was an anti-bubble here in Rozvadov as two players bust at exactly the same time, negating the need to play hand-for-hand. Nihat Karyagdi went broke, in 50th, but just as the tournament officials were preparing for hand-for-hand, Sergiu Dascal was also all in and heading out.

    Dascal had defended his big blind with ace-six and made two pair. But the player he had defended against, Giovanni Mazza, had hit a straight and so Dascal hit the rail as well.

    So no bubble action here. We are down to our final 48. The plan is to play another level or two to get us a bit closer to the final table.

    8pm: Another man down
    Atanas Ardhasev shoved his short stack with A♠8♦ and was in about as good a shape as he could have hoped when his caller, Oleg Mandzjuk, showed up with 4♦4♣. But Ardhasev couldn't win this race. The board ran 9♣5♣K♥K♦6♠ to send him to the rail.

    There was better fortune for Charalampos Papadopoulos, who was also staring at elimination but got a fortunate reprieve. He shoved his 50,000 stack from the button after it was folded to him, and Vladimir Geshkenbein said that he called from the small blind. Geshkenbein had a hand: J♠J♦ and Papadopoulos had, at best, half a hand with his K♦5♥. But the board helped him a good deal, running 8♠K♣5♣3♥K♥.

    7.55pm: Two fall
    We are down to 53 here in Rozvadov as both Benjamin Bischoff and Dirk Wenkemann have gone broke. The former open jammed and ran into Ronald Szczerba's pocket jacks (not sure what Bischoff actually had; his hand was mucked by the time I arrived) and then Wenkemann got his chips in with A♠K♣ and couldn't beat Rinaldo Fihlo's 8♥8♦.

    Fihlo comes from Brazil, and I don't think there's a direct flight from Rio to Rozvadov. But however hard it was to get here, it is looking like being worth the effort. He's one of the top three stacks at the moment.

    7.35pm: Return from dinner
    Players have now returned from their dinner break, and most of them will have sat there thinking: "I'm about to make myself a bunch of money." However for seven of them, that would represent hubris. We must lose a distinctly unmagnificent septet before we burst the bubble.

    The full stacks of the players at dinner are now on the chip-count page, and also below. (Thanks to Christian for typing those in.) As you can see, Bart Lybaert, Kasparas Klezys and Rinaldo Filho are very comfortable indeed, but really no one else can be absolutely certain that all will be fine.


    Tense stuff as the bubble approaches

    As we approach the bubble, we'll get a little bit more forensic in our coverage. We'll cover the next stages in this post, so continue to refresh to get the latest.

    The payout structure can be seen on the payout structure page.

    Dinner break chip counts

    Bart Lybaert Belgium 710000
    Kasparas Klezys Latvia 429500
    Rinaldo Filho Brazil 356000
    Sinisa Teodorovic Serbia 295000
    Dmitry Trtyakov Russia 280000
    Jiri Golasowski Czech Republic 260000
    Jan Donges Germany 257000
    Vojtech Ruzicka Czech republic 256500
    Bulent Demirtas Germany 248000
    Giovanni Mazza Italy 246000
    Oleg Mandzjuk Germany 208000
    Dorde Jovanovic Serbia 207500
    Erich Kollmann Austria 200000
    Jorg Peisert Germany 200000
    Dirk Schwender Germany 180000
    Thomas Erler Germany 170000
    Fabian Leib Germany 170000
    Vladimir Geshkenbein Russia 163000
    Mark Bech Denmark 155000
    Artur Koren Germany 150000
    Charalampos Papadopoulos Germany 148000
    Ivan Herz Slovakia 144500
    Simeon Todorov Bulgaria 144000
    Roland Schuster Germany 142000
    Gerhard Bauer Germany 140000
    Thomas Ollhoff Germany 134000
    Koral Calisir Turkey 130000
    Frank Fechner Germany 112000
    Alain Medesan Romania 110000
    Goran Mandic Germany 110000
    Jakub Szczotka Poland 109000
    Milan Cicka Slovakia 100000
    Jan Petras Czech republic 98000
    Ronald Szczerba Germany 90000
    Roman Foret Czech Republic 87000
    Alexander Staengle Germany 86000
    Victor Mishin Russia 85000
    Kolja Locking Germany 85000
    Mark Debler Germany 84500
    David Engelhaler Czech Republic 80000
    Ivan Kruljac Croatia 80000
    Sergiu Dascal Romania 72500
    Jakub Romanowicz Poland 67000
    Thomas Wieland Germany 65500
    Dirk Wenkemann Germany 65000
    Dimitar Alexandrov Bulgaria 63000
    Vasil Georgiev Medarov Bulgaria 57000
    Nihat Karyagdi Germany 55000
    Vladimir Valek Czech Republic 52000
    Daniel Honig Germany 45500
    Jan Klein Germany 43500
    Benjamin Bischoff Germany 37000
    Dirk Oliver Recknagel Germany 35500
    Mario Bures Czech Republic 35000
    Atanas Ardhasev Bulgaria 25500

    Howard Swains
    @howardswains in Eureka Poker Tour