Eureka3 Czech Republic: Re-adjustments for Day 2

Day 2 of Eureka3 Czech Republic is now under way, with players posting blinds of 500-1,000 (100 ante) in level nine.

It's already been a pretty good day for Enrico Rudelitz. His stack was listed overnight at 32,000 but has been confirmed at 92,000. So in a way he's tripled up before even sitting down. That's the "benefit" of handwriting that the tournament staff cannot read.

In a similar vein, it wasn't so good for Vlad Voicu. He knew he was coming back with a short stack of 15,500, but we had to lop off that original "1". He had over-counted and actually had five big blinds instead of 15.

And spare a thought too for Tim Wolff. He had been listed with the wrong first name, meaning there were two Thomas Wolffs in the overnight list. There's actually only one - the other is Tim - and they can no doubt discuss this hilarious mix up among themselves today. They are seated on the same table.

That same table draw has landed Jan Heitmann next to Vladimir Geshkenbein, in the kind of table you'd likely find on the EPT. Heitmann is a Team PokerStars Pro from Germany, who went deep in the World Series Main Event last year. Geshkenbein is the EPT Snowfest champion.


Jan Heitmann, pictured on day one

The day is less than 15 minutes old at time of writing and already five players are out. They are:

407 - Gernot Kroiß
1106 - Eduard Alexandru Francú
406 - Zartosh Ali
1805 - Petr Haitman
1503 - Vlad Voicu

Poor old Vlad. He managed to cling on for a couple of hands, but he is now out. The same fate will befall many today. Oh, and there's Aurel Claudiu Roman out too. Let's get this post published before any more find their way into it.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Eureka Poker Tour