Eureka3 Czech Republic: Stack attack

As promised, the tournament staff did a pretty comprehensive job of counting all the chips in the room during the last break, and we have done a pretty comprehensive job of filtering all their information to find a list of the big stacks and the big names. We've also transferred all that on to the chip-count page, and below for your delectation.

Giovanni Mazza - 268,000
Fabian Leib - 211,400
Marius Pospiech - 173,000
Vojtech Ruzicka - 167,800
Rinaldo Filho - 153,000
Ivan Herz - 149,000
Sinisa Teodorovic - 141,700
Thomas Erler - 138,900
Alexander Staenge - 124,000
Benjamin Bischoff - 130,000
Vladimir Geshkenbein - 116,000
Rosen Simeonov - 111,500
Mark Bech - 108,000
Chris De Meulder - 78,700
Kasparas Klezys - 70,000
Erich Kollmann - 67,000
Alain Medesan - 41,000

As you can see, it's been a pretty solid start to the day for yesterday's two biggest stacks. Giovanni Mazza and Fabian Leib have both picked up where they left off and are the only two players to burst through the 200,000 mark. Marius Pospiech, who was pipped for the Day 1A chip lead has also gone on a forward charge this afternoon.

The biggest mover, however, is Vojtech Ruzicka who started the day with only 36,900. He has more than quadrupled that stack and is now a serious contender, with the reputation, the tournament savvy and now, crucially, the stack to be a menace.


Vojtech Ruzicka

All of the following players, on the other hand, are only menacing the cash game tables. They are out.

Jan Horni, Danijel Sobota, Martin Mečiar, Raf De Wever, Irina Batorevich, Ingo Hackbarth, Johann Rösnick, Thomas Ludwig Froschauer, Armin Mette, Markus Heusinger, Dirk Oliver Recknagel, David Urban, Stanislav Koleno, Soysal Özkan, Enrico Rudelitz, Minh Viet Nguyen, Vincent Martino Bauer, Vasileios Kontogiannis, Artur Zmarzly, Krzysztof Jacyk, Martin Stausholm, Shakib Hamdam, Marko Nalis, Tobias Wagner.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Eureka Poker Tour