Eureka3 Czech Republic: Table of champions

There is quite the table developing tonight in the corner of the tournament room nearest where us reporters sit. Eddy Scharf has been there throughout, Vladimir Geshkenbein has been there a little longer, one seat to Scharf's left, and now Erich Kollmann has appeared one seat further round the table.

Scharf has a World Series bracelet and Geshkenbein has an EPT title, but Kollmann can also hold his own in this company. He is rightly regarded as bit of a legend in Austrian poker, as his enormous string of tournament results, mostly from Austrian festivals, will attest.

He didn't get those results without having an enormous amount of discipline and an exceptional feel for the game. Just recently, he demonstrated exactly that kind of aptitude when he folded aces on a jack-high flop.

Five players had seen it, and it came [10c]9♠J♥, and then after a good deal of betting between Geshkenbein and Luka Grabar, Kollmann decided he had seen enough.

The turn of 6♥ prompted even more betting, then Grabar and Geshkenbein got it all in on the A♦ river. Geshkenbein's K♦Q♥ was the flopped nuts; Grabar's set (with pocket nines) were not enough. He's out.

We are now approaching the last level of the day, with 59 players remaining. That's fewer than half the starting field, and more are sure to be eliminated in the coming hour.

The chip leader at this stage still seems to be Reinhard Foidl. Our photographer Tomas Stacha grabbed a picture of him a few moment ago.


Reinhard Foidl: chip leader, until you read the next paragraph

Stop press! Marius Pospiech now has 170,000 chips, and if my rudimentary German can be trusted this is because he has had a straight flush and a full house (against a flush) among countless big hands today. "The other players are getting very annoyed with him," said a press room colleague.

Latest eliminations: Marco Müller, Petr Jelínek, Alper Köstem, Ronald Mielenski, Diyan Stanev, Matej Lorenčič, Ori Hasson, Theo Heinrich Schmitt, Narcis Cristian Olaru, Luka Grabar, Piotr Romanczukiewicz, Marcel Tóth, Dražen Kapusta, Tomáš Petrů, Andreas Bauer, Ed Shani.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Eureka Poker Tour