Eureka3 Czech Republic: The rush to the door (via the buffet)

Players have headed off towards the buffet for their dinner break, where they will find a fully stocked salad cart, soup, at least three choices of hot main courses then fruit and stodgy stuff for dessert. No one should go hungry here.

Registration closed an hour ago, and we have tallied up 123 runners for Day 1A. Forty of them lost all their chips before the dinner break even started, which at least will allow them the opportunity to examine every last dish at their leisure.


A plastic banana. Real version available at the buffet.

By any standards, that's a fairly rapid rate of elimination. Players began with 20,000 chips and even when they return to go into level six, they will still only be asked for blinds of 200-400 (50 ante). That's still 50 big blinds.

One of the more interesting aspects of the day so far is that we've only heard of a handful of real coolers - flopped flushes versus turned boats and the like. Most of the eliminations appear to have been the result of people overplaying top pair. I heard of one player getting his whole stack in during the first level with ace-ten on an ace-high board. He went bust to ace-seven, which had flopped two pair.

Of course, the likes of Vladimir Geshkenbein and Marius Pospiech are always likely to be willing to gamble in the early stages. They have both played tournaments bigger than this one with a high success rate, so are prepared to get a big stack or go broke. At the moment, they are both taking the former path and are in our dinner break top ten.

The top handful of chip counts are as follows:

Marius Pospiech, Germany, 72,875
Patrick Weifels, Germany, 70,500
Thomas Ollhoff, Germany, 69,000
Dmitry Trtyakov, Russian Federation, 66,000
Sascha Wilhelm, Germany, 60,000
Vasileios Kontogiannis, Greece, 60,000
Vladimir Geshkenbein, Russia, 59,800
Ioannis Triantafyllakis, Greece, 57,000
Artur Edward Zmarzly, Poland, 50,150
Michael Friedrich, Switzerland, 49,350

And here are another few eliminations: Vasil Panev, Mark Roovers, Ondřej Kučera, Marek Blaško.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Eureka Poker Tour