Eureka3 Czech Republic: The same as yesterday, only bigger

Hello once again and welcome back to Rozvadov for Eureka Czech Republic at the King's Casino. At time of writing we are in the calm before the storm. Day 1B of this €1,000 main event will begin at noon and it is likely to be a barnstormer, with players from across the continent jetting in in search of the €500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Yesterday's Day 1A attracted 123 players, of which 46 made it through the day. Today's field will likely be at least double that, taking us somewhere between 400-500 total runners for the week. All of these numbers will be known when registration closes at the end of level four.

If you're tempted, you can still buy in to this event until what will be about 4.15pm local time. If you can get here, you should. Because there's going to be a lot of cash up for grabs.


The staff is ready. Are you?

Of course, the title here will not come easily. There are going to be some of Europe's best players in the field. Sandra Naujoks, Jan Heitmann and Christoph De Meulder, at least, are expected from Team PokerStars Pro, while Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz will be here from Team Online.

There are also scores of PokerStars qualifiers already signed up, and a few other familiar faces who will no doubt make themselves apparent as the tables start to fill. We will wander the floor and get their names as they arrive.

As yesterday, players have a starting stack of 20,000 chips and we will follow the established Eureka Poker Tour structure. We will play eight one-hour levels, with a one-hour dinner break after five.

You can take a look back at yesterday's end-of-day wrap, detailing the exploits of Mark Bech, Vladimir Geshkenbein and Marius Pospiech, among others. And keep up to date on everything, by bookmarking the Eureka Czech Republic main page.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Eureka Poker Tour