Eureka3 Prague, Day 1A: An orbit with Eugene Katchalov

The only Team Pro in the field today is Eugene Katchalov and the Ukrainian is flying the red spade high as he's got an above average stack of 50,000. With that in mind I decided to stop by his table and take in an orbit with him. The blinds during the orbit were 400/800 ante 100, the starting chip counts are approximate and in the first hand the button is in seat two.

Seat one: Avi Cohen, Israel, PokerStars qualifier, 80,000
Seat two: Devron Hasselnook, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, 69,000
Seat three: Oleg Romanov, Russia, 14,150
Seat four: Eugene Katchalov, Ukraine, Team PokerStars Pro, 50,000
Seat five: Grzegorz Wyraz, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, 27,000
Seat six: Aleksandr Konstantinov, Russia, PokerStars qualifier, 28,000
Seat seven: David Mandiel, Israel, PokerStars qualifier, 37,000
Seat eight: Jack Salter, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 29,000
Seat nine: Jan Brandejs, Czech Republic, PokerStars qualifier, 19,200
Seat ten: Roman Gadjiev, Russia, PokerStars qualifier, 35,000


Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov

Hand One: David Mandiel limped, Jan Brandejs raised to 2,200, Oleg Romanov called only for Mandiel to moved all-in. His limp re-raise took the pot down.

Hand Two: Jack Salter opened to 1,750 from middle position but he folded after Gregorz Wyraz moved all-in from the big blind.

Hand Three: When it folded to him on the button Eugene Katchalov opened to 1,600, both blinds called and the three of them saw a 7♦K♠7♥ flop. When checked to Katchalov bet 1,200, Wyraz check-raised to 2,400 and Katchalov was the only caller.

The 5♣ turn was checked through and the 9♥ completed the board. First to act Gregorz Wyraz led for 3,200, Katchalov called but the Team PokerStars Pro mucked when Wyraz rolled over K♣J♠.

Hand Four:
There was to be no let up in the action, Jan Brandejs raised to 1,600 from early position with A♣A♠, David Mandiel set him all-in from the big blind for 15,700 total with 2♣2♥ and Brandejs made a swift call. The 7♠J♦8♠3♥Q♦ board kept Brandejs in front, he doubled to over 30,000 whilst Mandiel slipped back to roughly starting stack.

Hand Five: It would be two in a row for Jan Brandejs as he raised to 1,700 from early position and Aleksandr Konstantinov called on the button. The flop fell J♣A♠Q♥, Brandejs c-bet 1,900 and Konstantinov made the call. Neither player liked the look of the [10h] turn so they got a free look at the 7♥ river. First to act Brandejs fired out a bet of 3,400, Konstantinov called and Brandejs had A♦[10c] for the winner.

Hand Six: The power of position was evident in this hand as Oleg Romanov raised it up to 1,600 from middle position and was flat called by both David Mandiel (button) and Jan Brandejs (big blind). The Q♠4♥Q♦ flop was checked to Mandiel, he bet 2,600 and it was enough to win the pot.

Hand Seven: Four players took a flop in this one, it fell 2♠4♦8♦, the original raiser was Devron Hasslenook (under-the-gun+1), he bet 3,000 and Grzegorz Wyraz was the only caller. The two players then checked the J♠ turn and A♠ river, Wyraz showed Q♦J♦ which bested Hasselnook's 8♥6♥. Pot to Wyraz.

Hand Eight: Jack Salter bought it in for a raise, making it 1,750 to play, both Roman Gadjiev and Avi Cohen called from the blinds and the triumvirate took a J♣8♥4♣ flop, it was checked to Salter and his c-bet of 2,550 earned him the pot.

Hand Nine: From early position Eugene Katchalov raised to 1,500 and picked up three calls before it reached Roman Gadjiev on the button. He raised it up to 7,000 and one by one everyone else folded.

Hand Ten: Grzegorz Wyraz opened to 1,600 and called when Jan Brandejs three-bet to 3,900. On the Q♦A♥5♣ flop Brandejs c-bet 4,200 and won the pot.

So a good orbit for Brandejs who more than doubled up, our hero was relatively quiet but still has an above average stack.


Antoine Saout

Tournament Update:
- We're approaching the end of level eight and roughly 190 of 366 players remain meaning the average stack is 38,500.
- The chip leaders are Pavel Meshkov (240,000),Konsta, tin Streletskiy (115,100)Mathias Siljander (115,000), , Dmitrii Kopyl (110,000) and Michal Misterek (105,000).
- Antoine Saout bust in a brutal cooler. There was an open to 1,600, Vítězslav Čech went to 3-bet to 3,600, but made it 4,600 by accident. Next to act Saout shoved for about 13K with pocket kings. Back on Vítězslav he called with ace-ten, the [k][3][3] flop seemed to have killed the hand but running aces gave Vítězslav a superior full house.
- Antoine Saout isn't the only big name player to exit in the last level as Dany Parlafes, Saveikis Algirdas and Ryan Spittles are all out.

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

Nick Wright
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