Eureka3 Prague, Day 1A: Home run?

At any poker tournament numbers play an integral part. Be it the pot odds of making a call, the number of big blinds you have or the number of players in the tournament. So try this number cruncher for size: 3rd, 12th, 36th, 15th, 11th, 20th and 4th.

Those numbers represent the highest finishing Czech player at previous Eureka Poker Tour events (there were two event where no Czech player made the money). It's a curious phenomenon but despite hosting more Eureka events than any other country there's yet to be a home win. In fact the first event, held here in Prague, was as good as it's got for the Czechs. There were three Czech players at the final table and Veronika Kokoceva, Petr Kralicek and Jaroslav Urban finished third, fourth and fifth respectively. Since then only Michal Vojtisek (4th, Eureka3 Bulgaria) and Petr Targa (11th, Eureka2 Prague) have made truly deep runs.


Veronika Kokoceva

So who might break this hoodoo this week here on home turf? A comb through the Day 1A player list reveals that Ondrej Drozd knows what it's like to win a tournament in Prague having taken down a Czech Poker Tour event in February of this year for $24,962. David Taborsky has pedigree, with five, five figure scores since March 2012. Jan Brandejs is another with a big win in Prague, a €500 side event win some two years ago.

Like Brandejs, Lukas Dydek is another with a win in the Czech Republic although his came at the venue which hosted Eureka3 Czech Republic, the Kings Casino in Rozadov. And, whilst Pavel Kellner doesn't yet have a title to his name he's had a couple of near misses. And lastly, for today at least, Ladislav Mika, he's got over $120,000 to his name in live earnings.

So a smorgasbord of Czech talent at the tables today, expect more top tournament titans from the host country to take part tomorrow.


Tournament director Teresa Nousiainen

Tournament Update:

- There are 324 of 340 players still left in, late registration is open for another two levels.
- Big name players in the field today include: Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov, Antoine Saout, Achilles Bozso (winner of Eureka3 Croatia), Zoltan Toth,Simeon Todorov, Jan Bendik, Ryan Spittles, Artur Wasek, Saveikis Algirdas, Alberto Fiorilla and Rumen Nanev
- Well known players who are on the player list to play today, but not necessarily in the field yet and who may in fact play tomorrow include: Team PokerStars Pro Christophe De Meulder, Parker Talbot, Martin Mulsow, Team PokerStars Online's Mickey Petersen, Thomas Hall, Thomas Ward, Jack Salter, Robbie Bull, EPT winner Kevin MacPhee, Simeon Naydenov and Michal Misterek.
- The players have just finished level two and are on a 15 minute break.
- A total of 16 players busted during the opening two levels, they were: Joe Mortimer, Jorg Koscher, Jose Besalduch, Petr Pashnov, Georgios Doumas, Paul Van Oort, Ricardas Vymeris, Sven Thormahlen, Mikael Nilsson, Victor Mishin, Elie El Feghali, Thomas Pettersson, Kriedieh Ord, Vasilii Kirichenko, Antoine Saad and Dany Kreidieh.

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Nick Wright
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