Eureka3 Prague, Day 1A: Money for nothing

It's not often you can finish outside the money in a poker tournament but still win nearly five times the buy-in. That's a scenario that may come to fruition this week for Alberto Fiorilla. The young Italian currently sits fifth in the Eureka3 Leader Board on 100.7 points. His lofty placing is mostly down to finishing fifth in the Eureka3 Croatia Main Event, although then finishing second in two pot-limit Omaha events has also played its part. As it stands Fiorilla trails Goran Mandic by 23.5 points. However neither Mandic nor those placed second to fourth are down to play in the Eureka Prague main event. And that is crucial...


Alberto Fiorilla

Simply by playing in his third Eureka Main Event of the season Fiorilla is going to pick up 30 points. 10 for participation and a bonus 20 for this being his third Main Event of the season. Those 30 points will be enough to send him into the lead before you even take into account his performance in the event. Should he hang onto top spot he'll win a seat worth €5,300 to the EPT10 Main Event of his choice. But of course, despite his good start (he's up to 29,000) it's not going to be that simple.


Lirian Machluf - Eureka3 Bulgaria champion

Whilst the rest of the top five might not be here a few of the top 10 are. Such as Borys Drabkin. He's currently seventh and, if Fiorilla doesn't cash, would have to make the final two tables to win the leader board, given all his success in Season 3 has come in side events then it's a big ask.

The same can't be said of Liran Machluf, the Israeli won Eureka3 Bulgaria back in July for € 93,000, he'd need at least a top 15 finish to claim top spot should Fiorilla fail to cash.

It's not all about top spot though as the top 10 in the leader board win a tournament entry of some kind, be it a Eureka Season 4 Main Event entry or a online tournament ticket worth €215 or €530.

Tournament Update:

- We're into level six which means the ante has kicked in, blinds are 200/400 ante 50
- Late registration is over, the final number of entrants for today is 366.
- Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov is one of the chip leaders, he's got around 50,000.
- There are 260 of those 366 players left making the average stack around 29,000. Too many exits to list individually but some of the notables who are out are: Petr Jelinek, Onrej Drozd, David Taborsky, Petr Vojistek and Parker Talbot.
- They'll be a 75 minute dinner break at the end of level 6, tournament staff and dealers will be getting a count of the top stack on each table during it, meaning I'll be able to give you an idea of the chip leaders.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Eureka Poker Tour