Eureka3 Prague, Day 1A: Stacks of chips as players return from dinner

They say that you can't win a poker tournament on Day 1 you can only lose it. And whilst it's true that it's very rare for a player to go wire to wire, it should be. Only one person can win after all and the chip leader at the end of Day 1 rarely has a stack that'll be even average when the bubble, let alone the final table rolls around.

So whilst that's bad news for the following players, the good news is that they're the chip leaders and have put themselves in with a great shot of making Day 2 with a healthy stack. There's still four levels to play though so lots of poker before they can even think about Day 2, but these players are the top dogs as the players retake their seats. Blinds now 300/600 ante 75.


Diego Gomez - one of the chip leaders

Peter Ivancik, Slovakia, PokerStars qualifier, 173, 050 - No that's not a typo, the Slovakian PokerStars qualifier really does have over five times the average stack right now. He might not have many live results to his name but he's got over 125 big blinds more than his nearest rival right now.

Joseph Fulford, USA, PokerStars qualifier, 99,000 - Although he's trailing Ivancik by a long way Fulford has almost 100,000 in chips. The American has over $30,000 in lifetime tournament earnings with his biggest cash of $17,845 coming in Las Vegas in May 2012.

Pavel Meshkov, Belarus, PokerStars qualifier, 96,000 - Another player with a big stack but no notable live results to his name...yet.

Igor Gurskii, Russia, 92,000
- Like Meshkov, the Russian is in search of his first live cash.

Udo Erlei, Germany, 89,500 - The German has one live cash to his name, it came it Dortmund in February 2009 when he finished 26th in a € 165 event, cashing for € 641. Make the money here and he'll obliterate that achievement.

Other notables with notable stacks include: Diego Gomez (56,000), Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov (47,500), Gordon Huntly (72,000) and Patrik Demus (65,000). Whilst Achilles Bozso (18,000), Antoine Saout (16,500), Ryan Spittles (10,000), Simeon Todorov (22,000), Dany Parlafes (30,000), Dmitry Vitkind (30,000), Jack Salter (48,000), Louis Salter (56,000), Tobias Garp (17,500), Peter Barrable (16,000), Sean Prendiville (13,000), Tomas Cibak (52,000) and Roger Hairabedian (46,000) are all still in.

Of course poker is a zero sum game which means we've lost a lot of players too. Some of the notables to exit recently were: Jan Bendik and Rumen Nanev.


Bendik - bust on Day 1

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Eureka Poker Tour