Eureka3 Prague, Day 2: An orbit with Marcin Horecki and Christophe De Meulder

Two PokerStars Pros at the same table you say? More than enough of an excuse to spend an entire orbit at Table 2 watching proceedings then. The blinds during this orbit were 1,200/2,400 ante 300 and the chip counts are approximate eyes on counts. The button starts in seat three and this is how the table looked when I arrived:


Seat 1: Marcin Horecki, Poland, Team PokerStars Pro, 205,000
Seat 2: Wojciech Lozowski, Poland, PokerStars player, 112,000
Seat 3: Petr Bulir, Czech Republic, 87,000
Seat 4: Sunny Chattha, United Kingdom, 60,000
Seat 5: Mandus Ihnen, Germany, PokerStars player, 180,000
Seat 6: Christophe De Meulder, Belguim, Team PokerStars Pro, 39,000
Seat 7: Ryan Hall, Canada, PokerStars player, 23,000
Seat 8: Alexander Kostylev, Russia, 125,000
Seat 9: Christopher Andler, Sweden, PokerStars player, 175,000

Hand one: Alexander Kostylev raised to 5,100 and Mandus Ihnen called from the big blind. On the 2♣3♥Q♣ flop Kostylev c-bet 5,300 and Ihnen made the call. However, a second barrel of 11,500 on the 3♦ turn was enough to earn Kostylev the pot.

Hand two: From under-the-gun Ryan Hall moved all-in for 22,600 with Q♥J♥, next to act Alexander Kostylev made the call with pocket kings and the cowboys held as the board ran J♠8♣9♠6♥7♠.

Hand three
It folded to Mandus Ihnen on the button, he raised to 6,000 but folded after Christophe De Meulder moved all-in for roughly 36,000.


Christophe De Meulder

Hand four: It folded to Christophe De Meulder on the button, he raised it up to 4,800 and Christopher Andler smooth called from the big blind. The Team PokerStars Pro c-bet 6,000 on the A♠8♠J♦ flop and Andler made the call. The 7♦ turn was checked through, but De Meulder bet 16,500 (about half his stack) on the K♥ river and Andler gave it up.

Hand five: Petr Bulir opened to 5,000 from early position and both Mandus Ihnen and Marcin Horecki (big blind) made the call. No one bet the Q♠5♦2♣ flop but Bulir came out firing on the 4♣ turn, 12,000 to be precise, Ihnen was the only caller. On the A♦ river Bulir announced all-in and Ihnen turbo mucked. "I had a set on the flop," said Bulir as he took the pot.

Hand six: A simple raise and take for Christopher Andler, who made it 5,000 on the button and met no resistance.

Hand seven: Again it folded to Christopher Andler and again he made it 5,000 to go. This time he did meet some opposition though as Marcin Horecki called on the button. The two of them saw a 4♠9♦8♠ flop, when checked to Horecki bet 6,600 and Andler stuck around. The two of them checked the 2♥ turn and 3♣ river and at showdown both showed ace-queen to chop the pot.


Marcin Horecki

Hand eight: The final hand in the orbit then, it folded to Wojciech Lozowski on the button and he made it 5,200 to play. Next to act Sunny Chattha announced he was all-in and Lozowski folded.

Tournament Update:
- We're getting close to the money as just 252 players remain
- Notable bust outs include: Sergio Aido, Mick Graydon, Yury Gulyy, Seth Berger, Michael Tureniec, Robbie Bull, Joe Fulford, Louis Salter, Keith Johnson and last year's winner Menikos Panagiotou.
- As the money bubble is approaching I'll now be switching to more traditional tournament coverage.


Menikos Panagiotou

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Eureka Poker Tour