Eureka4 Rozvadov: Level 17-20 updates (6,000/12,000 ante 2,000)

1.34am: Down to 24!
PokerStars Qualifier Michael Kerl is the last player to be eliminated today. He made a stand with pocket fives against Michael Passy's T♣9♣ but the latter hit the T♦ meaning the tournament is now done for the day. A full recap of today's action is here.


Thumbs up from Michael Passy

1.28am: And the hits just keep coming
Sascha Achim Ranzinger turbulent few minutes continue. Marko Mikovic had raised to 25,000 preflop with Jan Przysucha calling all in for 23,000. Ranzinger then shoved all in for 180,000 behind them and Mikovic made the call.

Ranzinger: K♦T♦
Mikovic: A♠Q♠
Przysucha: K♠3♠

The board ran out 4♥K♣7♠T♥9♣ and Ranzinger made two pair to double up and eliminate Przysucha at the same time. He's now over 400,000.

1.23am: Ranzinger's ups and downs
Sascha Achim Ranzinger is suffering some real swings. First he moved all in over the top of Tim Feulenbach's 25,000 raise with 9♣9♠. Feulenbach called with T♣T♠ and the board bricked, Feulenbach doubling to 370,000. Ranzinger was left with just 87,000 and moved all in a few hands later with Q♥9♠. He was called by Jan Przysucha's A♣K♦ but this time Ranzinger hit the Q♦9♥T♦2♦Q♠ board better and he doubled back up to 175,000. Przysucha was left with just 28,000 after the hand.

1.10am: Level up
Blinds are now 6,000/12,000 with a 2,000 ante. This is the final level of the day.

1.03am: Cowboys over ladies
Christian Jambor opened to 20,000 preflop, Grigore Boroica made it 47,000 behind him and Jambor moved all in for 273,000. Boroica tanked for about three minutes before calling with Q♣Q♠ and Jambor turned over K♥K♣. The board came 6♥T♠T♦2♣A♦ and Jambor doubled up to about 570,000. Boroica was left with 420,000.

12.47am: Fergiatakis found out
Athanasios Fergiatakis has just been knocked out, he'd bet most of his stack on a 3♦7♦4♦ flop with A♣8♣ and called off the rest against PokerStars qualifier Martin Meciar's K♦K♠. The 6♠ turn gave Fergiatakis a glimmer of hope but the 4♥ on the river ssealed the door shut. 28 players remain.

12.31am: Capital Geens
Another big pot for Bert Geens, he just won a 500,000 flip with A♥K♠ against István Briski's J♠J♦ to knock out the former chip leader from Hungary. Geens has almost a million in chips now - that's close to the average for the final table.


Bert Geens

12.24am: Updated chip counts
Bert Geens Belgium 693,000
Grigore Boroica Romania 642,000
Michael Eiler Germany  PokerStars Qualifier 600,000
Josef Gulas Czech Republic  530,000
Grzegorz Tryba Poland  476,000
Oliver Bosch Austria  468,000
Martin Meciar Slovakia PokerStars Qualifier 460,000
Ismail Kalkan Germany  456,000
Anna Karatassiou Greece 439,000
Gregorz Wyraz Poland  PokerStars Qualifier 415,000
Jan Przysucha Poland  PokerStars Qualifier 410,000
Mateusz Martewicz Poland  395,000
István Briski Hungary 353,000
Michael Passy Belgium 348,000
Tomasz Gluszko Poland  PokerStars Qualifier 303,000
Christian Jambor Germany  293,000
Marko Mikovic Serbia 270,000
Sascha Achim Ranzinger Germany  PokerStars Qualifier 255,000
Beatrix Wolfsberger Austria  PokerStars Qualifier 250,000
Petr Subik Czech Republic  240,000
Athanasios Fergiatakis Netherlands 227,000
Benjamin Rummler Germany  203,000
Michael Kerl Germany  PokerStars Qualifier 203,000
Dawid Mysiewicz Poland  PokerStars Qualifier 199,000
Milan Tomasz Rabsz Poland  PokerStars Qualifier 140,000
Tim Feulenbach Germany  120,000
Michael Palauschek Germany  88,000
Tomasz Klaczynski Poland  78,000
Raf De Wever Belgium  78,000
Kurt Herrmann Switzerland 76,000

12.10am: Restart
Blinds are now 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante.

11.53pm: Break time
Players are on their final 15-minute break of the day.

11.45pm: Flop top pair, get Haid
Tomasz Gluszko checked a 8♦K♠3♠ flop to Franz Haid and the latter moved all in for his last 50,000 or so. Gluszko made a quick call with K♣5♣ and Haid turned over J♠T♠ for a flush draw. The 4♣ turn changed nothing and the 9♦ on the river spelled the end for Haid. Gluszko moved up to roughly 500,000.

11.33pm: Game over for Frank
Eureka4 Rozvadov is finished for Christopher Frank, he pushed all in with pocket sixes but ran into Jan Przysucha who held pocket aces.


Christopher Frank

11.24pm: Left without Oleg to stand on
Oleg Cazac moved all in from middle position for his final 24,000, Kevin Barkow moved all in behind him for 33,000 and Gregorz Wyraz called them both.

Cazac: 9♣6♥
Barkow: 7♣7♥
Wyraz: K♣Q♥

The flop came 2♠K♦8♠ and Wyraz took the lead, the 5♠ on the turn meant Barkow was drawing dead for the main pot and the A♥ river ensured Wyraz was going to scoop the entire pot.

11.05pm: Dotsenko flattened by quads
Oxana Dotsenko was all in on the turn of a 5♣T♠A♠A♣ board with T♥T♣ against István Briski's A♥3♥ and just needed to avoid the case ace, a three or a five to double up. Straight away the dealer put out the A♦ on the river making Briski quads to eliminate Dotsenko. The Hungarian has around 500,000 now.

10.55pm: Level up!
Blinds are now 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante.

10.50pm: Przysucha winning and losing
Jan Przysucha just had some mixed emotions as he doubled up. His T♦T♣ held against Oleg Cazac's A♠J♦ on a 9♠4♥Q♦8♠K♦ board but at the same time, he looked like he just lost a crucial pot online at PokerStars on his tablet - which seemed to have him way more concerned.

10.30pm: Eiler going nowhere
Michael Eiler is probably one of the most experienced players left in the tournament and the German is ominously starting to chip up. Josef Gulas had opened to 13,000 from early position before Eiler made it 33,000 in the big blind. Gulas responded with a four-bet to 75,000 and Eiler tanked for about a minute before moving all in. Gulas asked for a count which looked to be another 150,000 or so and the Czech player opted to fold. Gulas was left with 275,000 and Eiler moved up to about 300,000.

10.11pm: Champ deposed
Jaroslaw Komorek is out, he ran A♦Q♣ into PokerStars Player Lukasz Jedrzejczyk's A♣A♠. Elsewhere Eureka4 Vienna winner Zoltan Gal, having previously been crippled, is out after calling all in with Q♣5♠ but running into PokerStars Qualifier Tomasz Gluszko's K♠Q♠.


Eureka4 Rozvadov winner Zoltan Gal is out

10.05pm: Frank eliminates two players in one hand
With a 90-minute bubble, the truth was that many players have come back very short from the break and everyone is now shoving in the hopes of staying alive. Christopher Frank has just dispatched two players in a single hand, despite having the worst of it. Friedrich Räz was all in with Q♥T♠ and Frank called before Karl Binder also moved all in with A♠K♦. Frank's 9♠6♠ was live and he managed to outflop the other players on a 3♣7♣6♥J♠6♣ board.

9.52pm: Back from break
The players are back after an hour dinner break and the grueling 90-minute bubble. Just 60 players remain and we'll be playing four more levels or down to the final 24 players.


Players are back in their seats

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