Eureka5 Hamburg Day 1A: 103 in for today as Frost & von Halle bust

Registration closed after six levels of play and the final number of players for Eureka Hamburg Day 1A was confirmed at 103. That may seem low with the daily cap being at 200 but it's almost exactly on target for the organisers.

A total of 600 players across the four starting flights is hoped for and would represent a very successful first venture onto German soil for the tour. Days 1C and 1D are expected to sell out, meaning the first two flights needed to reach 100 apiece. Job done for today then. It was such a big day for city as well today with Hamburg SV (the number one football team) playing a big game and (most likely) taking custom away from the casino.

With the numbers expected to increase day-by-day, the tournament directors have confirmed each starting flight will consist of the full quota of 12 levels.

The eighth level of the day saw the first witnessed six-figure pot play out and ended with Stefan Husemann sat on 120,000 chips.

Eureka5_Hamburg _Stefan Husseman_1a.jpg

The big stack of Husemann

Ulrich Paul opened the pot to 2,400 from early position and picked up three callers before Stefan Husemann squeezed it up to 13,700. Paul took little time in getting his 47,400 stack in the middle and Husemann called after all others had folded.

Paul: A♣K♦
Husemann: K♣K♦

The board ran Q♥T♠Q♣6♦T♦ and after a countdown, Paul was confirmed out.

Players who busted in the three levels post dinner break included: Erik Rachow, Alex Von Halle, Alem Shah, Peter Jakob, Vedran Mandic, Dressler, Adriatik Agalliu, Dominik Breuker, Christian Stratmeyer, Stefan Nitsche, Max Tonne, Oral Ismet, Sven Clasen, Christoph Peper Reiner Packross, Thorsten Fleischhut, Marcel Lib, Nicolas Heinzel, Amon Bettina and Marc Haberthur.

Eurek5_Hamburg_1a_Alexander Von Halle.jpg

Von Halle Junior

Alex von Halle didn't manage to capitalise on last night's satellite success, here's hoping he had a swap with his father, Jan, who's still in on a slightly less than average 41,000. Alem Shah, who has made an EPT Grand Final table in the past wasn't happy when he busted. He was seen taking it out on a chair and then then headed to the Blackjack tables.

Maria von Perger, who went off to dinner with a very healthy stack of around 50,000, had a tough couple of levels when she came back. She quickly dropped to fewer than 20k and then was blinded down to around 7,000 when she made her move, an all in one from late position when the action folded around to her. Sven Freese was in the next seat and was the only player to call.

Von Perger: 8♠8♣
Freese: 5♠5♦

It was a great spot to be in and only improved through the Q♥6♥T♣Q♦8♥ board.

Lasse Frost was one of the better-known players in the field today. The Norwegian was in the Main Event at the recent EPT Grand Final when he was rushed to hospital with stomach pains, but ended up being okay and made it back before being blinded out and went on to cash for nearly €20,000.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Day1A_Lasse Frost.jpg

Lasse out in the Frost

His Eureka Main Event came to end near the end of level 9 when he moved all in for his last eight big blinds with A♦J♦ but failed to stay ahead of an opponent's K♣Q♠ - a queen coming on the turn.

With 58 players heading into the final three levels, here are a few chip counts:

Kay Di Stefano - 155,000
Andre United - 125,000
Walid Abdi Ali - 108,000
Stefan Husemann - 94,000
Behzad Zarnegar 86,000
Steven Abbey - 80,000
Norbert Krull - 75,000
Niko Koop - 71,000
Jan von Halle - 41,000
Alexander Jung - 28,500
Lothar Meier - 16,000

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
- Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4's 20,000)
- Blinds start at 25/50
- Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1A
- Registration closed for today

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in Eureka Poker Tour